Female contraceptives other than neem

by Manisha

The detailed description of neem is really fascinating. But as it's recommended, not to use it!! Right?

So as I do not want to take any chemical contraceptives, to avoid taking on weight and other side effects, I'd like to know what herbs or herbal medcines could be used to prevent pregnancy; and the dosage as well.

Thanks so much.

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Herbal contraceptives
by: Birgit

Hi Manisha,

I agree it is fascinating. And it is a shame that nobody is funding further research as there is so much promise.

As it stands, taking neem oil internally is not recommended. It is not considered safe.

Taking neem leaf or neem bark is not unsafe, it is good for many things, but it may interfere with conception.

However, it is not a reliable means to prevent a pregnancy. We really don't know yet if and how a few neem capsules, fresh leaves or some neem tea would affect conception and pregnancy in humans.

Unfortunately I am not aware of any herbal remedies that would reliably prevent a pregnancy.

Chemicals inside your body
by: Winnie

Birth control pills contain hormones that are naturally found and produced in your body; so, they are not chemicals that will harm you. Being on birth control has many benefits; it will prevent pregnancy, help with weight gain/loss a bit, cure acne, balance hormones and your cycle, reduce menstrual cramps, and most of all, keeps you in control. Neem can be toxic in extreme doses; so, don't try to do something that isn't medically approved; get yourself a prescription for birth control pills instead, but remember birth control pills do not protect against STIs and STDs, so practice safe sex. Use neem for curing skin blemishes and for its antiseptic properties in the right concentration.

birth control pills
by: Anonymous

I don't see how it could be assumed that birth control pills are perfectly safe; there is a small book's worth of tiny printed paper that comes with the package, detailing possible side effects, some of them very serious indeed.

In my own case, back in the 60's, I was diagnosed as having experienced a violent and permanent multiple metabolic shift throughout my body, starting with the overproduction of insulin that has made life difficult for me ever since; and the research/medical team that tried to get to the bottom of my problems concluded after all the tests were complete, that it was the birth control pill I was using that triggered the catastrophic change.

3/4 Cup of Neem for Contraception?
by: confused


I have bought some neem leaf oil but am wondering how much to apply when using as a contraception aid?

250g translates roughly to 3/4 of a cup!! That is a lot to use as a suppository right!?

Can't I just squirt, say 10 mg up there (sorry for the crudeness) before intercourse?

Birth control pills are deadly
by: Appiah

i think the pharmaceutical companies do not want to hear about these unbelievable facts about neem for it may do them a great harm. Many will kick against it but the truth still stands that neem is both save and effective against many alments including birth control.

by: Anonymous

How much Neem Oil have ladies used vaginally before intercourse?

by: Anonymous

What quantity of neem tea can I use daily?

Neem Oil for Birth Control : Sites
by: Anonymous

Some sites about research using neem oil for birth control:



i imagine the US says its toxic, and doesn't have research on it, so the contraceptive companies don't go out of business.

Neem birth contol
by: Anon

I decided that pumping my body with chemicals for more than 10 years was enough for me. After 3 kids I decided I want something natural.
I chose neem. First few months I took a capsule everyday and one squirt of oil around ovulation into my vagina, about 3ml or so. To hedge my bets :)

Now I just take a capsule a day for a week after my periods (including the three days of ovulation). 7 days out of 29 with no side effects and two years in, I won't change it for the world.
I guess it all comes down to if I trust the pharmaceuticals and their disclaimer leaflet inside the pack or take a chance with a neem plant. As the sole authority on the vessel I reside in, I chose a neem plant.
I'm not an expert in anything, I am not giving medical advice, just reporting on what works for me.

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