Fools jump in ...

by Sidney
(Wales, UK)

I sell Neem products. A customer bought a bottle of Pure Neem Oil on the internet and emptied the bottle on his head.

He wrote me an irate email saying that I sold disgusting products. He could not wash the oil off his head and the oil stained his bed clothes.

Had he asked for advice he would have received it before using the product.

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by: Birgit

That sounds familiar.
I get irate e-mails about my products, and I don't even have or sell any!

The information is here for people to read, but as they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink...

Thanks for writing.

Dawn removes oil
by: Oil-removal

I've read in several sites that Dawn dish-washing liquid is helpful for removal of oil from head after a too heavy application of oil, be it Neem oil, Moroccon oil, etc.

Dawn was recommended as a bath ingredient by my veterinarian to remove yeast/seborrheic detritus (and thus the smell of yeast) from my dog's fur until I could pick up the prescribed treatment. It worked, wouldn't recommend it often b/c it also removes natural oils (drying effect).

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