Got Japanese Beetles? Neem oil will decimate them.

by Jimmy Coleman
(Hanceville, ALabama)

I had Japanese beetles attack my fruit trees especially the plum trees. A weak mixture of neem oil and water will decimate the beetles. The neem oil may not be good for apple trees as mine were sickly for awhile but it is great for plums and peaches.

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Japenese beetles
by: Jimmy Coleman

It's strange but the neem oil did NOT work this year. I sprayed and it just stirred them up, I mixed another batch and made it stronger. It didn't work either. My apple trees smelled really strong like neem oil and it started dying. It is a full grown tree and now about half the limbs are dead. Still has that smell.

neem oil
by: Birgit

Silly question maybe, but the neem oil you used, was it the same bottle you used last year?

Did you buy fresh stuff? From the same source? Do you have any information on the azadirachtin content?

Got Japanese Beetles?
by: Jimmy Coleman

Yes same bottle

Neem oil doesn't last forever
by: Birgit

That could be your answer.

If neem oil is stored in a cool dark place like the fridge then it should last for 12 months. But if it is sitting outside, like in a garden shed that gets hot in the sun, then it can break down a lot faster.

Heat, moisture and UV light all cause the oil to deteriorate.

What breaks down are of course the active ingredients. The oil might still look and smell the same as the year before, but it loses its effectiveness as an insecticide.

Unfortunately its physical properties as an oil are still much the same, and your apple tree already showed some sensitivity last year. (Some plants react more sensitive than others to having their leaves coated with oils.)

If I understand you right then you subjected it to an additional and even stronger treatment this year, on top of the initial one that already would have made it look sickly as it did last year. No wonder it is suffering.

I am sorry that I am a bit too late telling you all this. I hope the tree survives.

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