Great Results From Neem

by Jerry Newton

I live in the Bahamas and have a friend who owns an organic Neem farm. I have been buying the neem cake from him for the last two years and have started a pesticide buisness.

THANKS TO ABACO NEEM AND YOUR WEBSITES THE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE! The yards and gardens I have been spraying are showing great improvements, from deterring the pest and insects to the rich intense colors of the flowers and deep green glossy sheen on the orchids.

MAN-O-WAR CAY has had some problems with white flies and aphid and scale not to mention the sooty molds (black death) that have invaded the citrus trees here and through out the other islands. These problems have almost totally reversed from the steady scheduled sprayed .. I'm very pleased with this product.

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Intestitial cystitis
by: Anonymous

I have a severe case interstitial cystitis. Would using neem product work? Please let me know.
Thank you.

Neem for IC NEW
by: Anonymous

Neem made my Interstitial cystitis worse.

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