Gum Dis-ease and Neem Toothpaste

by R. De La Pena
(Sedro Woolley, WA)

During the first week of February 2011 I visited my dentist for an annual checkup and the possibility of having partial dentures. My mouth was x-rayed as usual and it was diagnosed that my gums are receding and one of my upper frontal tooth is slightly mobile as a result of weak ligaments. The dentist conducted a cold test on my upper frontal teeth and concluded that the ligaments is weak including high mobility numbers ranging rom 4 to 6.

The dentist suggested that my lower end teeth both need root canals to save them and to secure the upper frontal tooth with wire.

On that same day after the dentist visit I went to a health show as I am also a natural health practitioner and a volunteer exhibitor, and there in front of my group's booth, a display on Neem products caught my attention. I grabbed a leaflet, read, and purchased a Neem toothpaste.

I tried using the same for five weeks and visited another dentist yesterday for a second opinion.

The second dentist's hygienist cleaned my teeth both conducted a checkup, other testing and mobility testing and I was surprised to hear mobility numbers 3 to 4 to both upper and lower teeth and nothing about the condition of my frontal upper tooth as being slightly mobile as claimed by the first dentist.

The second dentist will have my partial dentures ordered today and further told me that I only need 3 cleanings a year plus checkup to maintain my teeth. I have not told to the secod dentist that I am currently using Neem toothpaste. The above information came from me a Naturotherapist.

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Neem and Gum Disease
by: Birgit

Thanks for writing. That sounds encouraging. I hope the neem toothpaste will continue to help in maintaining your oral health.

Inflamed Gums
by: Alex

I had a crack in a molar which had an inlay on it (partial crown.) Below the crack, the gum was inflamed and would bleed. I had a cleaning appointment in 6 weeks & knew there would be hell to pay so I started using neem toothpaste. The hygienist didn't notice anything wrong because the swelling subsided and has not been a problem for over a year. Now they tell me I'm doing a great job maintaining my teeth which is all due to the neem toothpaste. Some people complain about the taste but if it works this well, it's worth it! I can't use regular tooth paste anymore, only neem.

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