Homemade neem oil in the Caribbean

by Carolyn Leach
(St.Croix, U S Virgin Islands)

I live on St. Croix and have been planting neem for years. We have just started using the leaves.

I have arm muscle cysts and some slight aches. My husband has severe callouses and bunions. I have noni oils (purchased), noni Leaves (FYI Morinda citrifolia) aloes and neem leaves that are applied during soaks and massages (very soothing).

I would like to make our own neem and noni seed oils. When I squeeze the neem fruit, white "juice" squirts out -- how is this used and would you provide recipes for the oil?

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Homemade neem oil
by: Birgit

Hi Carolyn,

Please see this page for some suggestions for extracting neem oil at home:Making neem seed oil and extracts

I am not aware of any specific uses for neem fruit juice. (I am sure there are some. Maybe some readers know more and will let us know.)

Neem Soap
by: Anonymous

I am in St. Croix for a few weeks and really need some Neem soap for my little dog to help his itching. Where can I find it here on St. Croix?

Neem Soap
by: Anonymous

Sunny Isle shopping center has a computer repair store. They also sell soaps and essential oils. Down near radio shack

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