How can I make neem oil from neem plant parts?

by Mae Poblete

Please provide me with a procedure on how to get neem oil from the neem plant. Thank you very much.

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Neem oil extraction is already covered on this website
by: Birgit

Hi Mae,

Neem oil is pressed from crushed neem seed kernels.

There is already a whole page on this website about how you can make neem oil yourself at home.

Please see:

Making Neem Seed Oil and Extracts

You may also be interested in making your own Neem Leaf Extracts

Hope this helps.

How Can I Make Neem Oil From Neem Plant.
by: dr myominsoe

Hello, We are farmers from Myanmar. Please help us make neem oil. Thanks a lot.

neem seed from neem oil
by: Anonymous

I am studying chemical engineering. I want to know how to manufacture neem oil from neem seeds.

Neem oil
by: Ghanshyaam

There has been a youtube video where several options of ayurvedic medicine for acne was shown. One of them was neem oil. And to make this neem oil, heat some mustard oil or some vegetable oil, and when almost boiling, add an amount of neem leaves into pot. Boil until leaves get black. Wait until it cools and then strain it into a bottle. The oil gets dark and does not get rancid.

neem oil extraction
by: harish

I want to create employment in my village people.
There is lot of neem tree in my village,
How can they extract oil, the process, plant, cost, use of neem oil.

by: Ann Kamaunonymous

How do l make neem oil from neem plant parts? And something to drink?

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