How much neem oil is safe to take internally?

Very important and urgent: how many drops of neem oil do you think is safe to take internally? I've been using neem for a year now, thanks to all the info on your lovely page. Thank you!

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Neem oil should not be taken internally
by: Birgit

Thank you for your kind words.

At the current stage of knowledge, the only responsible answer I can give is zero. It depends on how the neem oil has been processed, how it is taken (in combination with which other herbs or extracts), and it also depends on the person taking it.

I am a research scientist, not a doctor. And as such I can only tell you that there is not sufficient research data yet to give a general answer. There is enough experience in India to answer that question FOR YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION. However, only someone experienced in Ayurvedic medicine should answer it, and only after thoroughly examining you and your problem.

You may be fine, but I can not advise anyone to go self medicating with neem oil. Until we know a lot more about how all the ingredients work it would be highly irresponsible of me to say differently.

I know there are websites out there saying that you should take that many drops of oil to treat this and that, and I think that is scary. Some of the questions I have received are scary. That kind of misinformation and carelessness is what prompted me to start this website.

If you want to be safe, do not take neem oil internally.

I personally would not take anything but fresh or dried neem leaves or a watery neem leaf extract (tea) internally.

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neem oil
by: indar deo

How much neem oil can be taken internally?

Neem Oil
by: Rajni

I agree with Birgit, it is not advisable to take Neem Oil internally. Inspite of this why don't you get bunch of Neem Leaves and boil in a water and drink that water, which will be good for health.

taking neem oil internally?
by: Anonymous

I have read about neem oil and the one thing that really sticks with me is do not ingest pure neem oil, not even on your teeth cause you can accidentally consume it, There are other forms like the leafs, i think you can ingest or for your teeth there is neem powder. The best place to go and ask is a natural health store. Good luck with your research.

Neem Powder
by: M A

I have got neem powder with me and I have read people saying that one can eat 3-4 fresh neem leaves everyday.

How much neem leaf powder is equivalent to 3-4 fresh neem leaves?

by: Anonymous

If you wish to take neem internally, I'd suggest Safi as it contains 19.43mg neem.

Neem oil is not safe internally
by: Anonymous

A friend introduced me to Neem oil for internal bleeding haemorrhoid and each time I drink it I will have sharp pain around my kidney region as if there is wound. Neem oil is not good internally. It is toxic.

Don't ingest Neem oil
by: Anonymous

I put some Neem oil on my teeth a few hours ago only to sit down after and read on the bottle DO NOT INGEST EXTERNAL USE ONLY. I also take Neem leaves in capsule form but anyway so now here I am trying to recuperate from an episode on the toilet. Serious diarrhea. Stick to the leaves for internal.

Neem Oil
by: Shane Jacob

I take a few drops of Neem Oil internally daily. The better question is what else do you do for your health. I will make the assumption that people are looking at their health and the practice of using natural medicines in a holistic way. Neem is powerful and everyone is different. Maintaining healthy flora with Kombucha and other probiotics is important as well in concert with Neem.

Your mind is also the most powerful healer. Meditation and yoga in concert with plant medicine is most high.

by: Anonymous

Depending on where you sourced it. Some containers say one dropper of the tincture sublingually. Others clearly state to not take internally.

Internal use is for skin + liver support. In addition has been used for birth control.

Neem as a Vaginal spermicide
by: Anonymous

I've read that neem oil can be used as a vaginal spermicide, but with that being a mucous membrane, is there still the risk of toxicity? I don't usually put anything in my vagina I couldn't also put in my mouth so this has me concerned.

Eating cold press neem oil
by: Anonymous

Ive been taking cold press neem oil in a pill form 4 high blood pressure has level out "big time" .stress has bad teeth brothers me no more headaches have stop ..jyst an over all better well beings .. Awesomeness

Neem oil NEW
by: Rajesh

Can I take one tea spoon neem oil in a week

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