How neem worked for my acne marks

by Roma
(United kingdom, England)

I went to Bangladesh for a holiday. When I first left the UK I had lots of marks on my face from acne. I used to always think to myself it's impossible to get rid of my acne marks unless I get some kind of operation or something.

In Bangladesh my aunty introduced me to neem leaf powder and its face mask. In month my skin changed completely! Not only the marks going but the skin turning brighter as well.

I stayed for 7-8 months and was using this product. Now my face doesn't need a foundation. It looks naturally flawless with that glow I always wanted. It's like my dream skin I wanted!

You can also try sandalwood and (halud) turmeric paste. These help as well and also lightens your skin. :)

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Neem for acne scars
by: Birgit

Wow Roma, that's quite a success story!

I don't have any acne scars, but after reading your experience with neem leaf face masks I feel like using them daily myself and get my dream skin :-).

Using Neem for Acne Cure
by: Anonymous

Hi Roma ,

I am 25 and just 1 month back got this acne problem all of a sudden. As per my doctor, it happened due to hormonal imbalance. I am taking allopathy treatment for this. The situation is now much better than before. All my acne problems are settling down. But for marks, I've started using need powder with water daily in the evening. I keep it for 20-25 min and then wash it out. It seems to be good but I'm not sure how much time it will take for the marks to go off completely.

by: Pavan

I have many acne scars and lots of holes, is neem safe to use?

by: Anonymous

Also use acne soap, it's very good for acne and glowing skin.

Stubborn pimples
by: Anonymous

I am having black marks on my forehead and cheeks. I am fed up of pimples. They are so stubborn. I have started using neem leaves. I hope it works. I am actually fed up :(

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