Is neem oil harmful to the bees or to butterflies?

I have a great bee population that I don't want to jeopardize. Is neem oil safe for them?

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Neem oil and beneficial insects
by: Birgit

Hi there,
Your question is already covered in detail on the site.
Please see:
Effects of Neem Oil on Honey Bees and Beneficial Insects

I have also addressed the topic of bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects on the main page about Neem Insecticide and on the page Is Neem Spray Safe?
Hope it helps.

Falsified "nature": another glorious example of species centrism
by: Frank Fendebender

Butterfly larvae DO eat plant matter, so, by definition, it will "politely" (so responsibility is avoided) kill butterflies, right? Ecology and permaculture are not "tv dinner affairs"; overcoming our hierarchically-induced species centrism will not go away by buying from the same machine which also kills any life form which it cannot eat, wear, tax, license, or for which it cannot collect admission fees (as in a "nature “sale (e.g., pretending that selling or buying some book, DVD, membership, or magazine labelled "natural" actually IS natural at all), zoo, "natural" museum, ad finitum, ad nauseam. Buying a stuffed animal "bear" continued whilst California slaughtered every one of its state animal bears, so how natural is that?! Idiots continue to sell cedar squirrel and butterfly and ladybug houses even though the cedar oil kills baby squirrels and bugs exploitable by self-anointed divinities calling themselves the center of the solar system, the sole focus of God, the top of the John D. Rockefeller biologist-anthropologists pseudo-truth justifying social hierarchy known and absolutized by science-whores as "the food chain", etc. How narcissistically moronic!

by: Anonymous

I use neem oil to spray roses to prevent black spot. I also keep honey bees. As long as I do not spray when it is in flower, when bees are taking pollen, it prevents the fungus without harming the bees. There are no butterfly larvae on my roses. People need to be able to find products that allow them to manage problems as carefully as they can.

Please provide documentation
by: Anonymous

There are a lot of claims on this website with no footnotes referencing the scientific studies. I'd like to see for myself the studies. Thank you.

Neem oil vs Butterfly Chrysalis
by: Robert Porter

I sprayed a chrysalis before I saw it. What harm have I caused the butterfly?

Thank you for your time!


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