Is neem oil treated marijuana safe to smoke?

by Bob
(Three Rivers MI, USA)

As you may know, Michigan has a new medical marijuana law. I am trying to grow my own, and we've had problems with spider mites on other plants in the past. Are the Neem oil products safe to use on plants that are to be smoked? Thank you.

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Smoking neem
by: Birgit

To start with, neem oil is not a toxic chemical. As a general rule, it's good for you. Traces sure don't hurt, or the EPA would not have exempted their typical requirement for maximum pesticide residues on agricultural products.

Neem safety, side effects and toxicity.

As for smoking it, how are we supposed to know that? Nobody has done studies (or would dream of funding studies) on smoking neem oil. Or on what kind of carcinogenic or otherwise harmful substances are created when it is burned.

Anything you burn will create substances that are harmful.

But even if traces of neem oil had a detrimental effect, it would be nowhere near as damaging to your lungs and overall health as smoking marijuana is in the first place. Even if lung cancer is not as much of an issue as it is with tobacco, smoking marijuana can still give you plenty of other respiratory and other health problems.

Adding traces of neem oil will not kill you any faster.

Neem + Marijuana
by: Anonymous

I would like to point out that A; Marijuana is not less likely then tobacco to give you lung cancer. It simply won't and may in fact lower your chances for contracting lung cancer(source: ""). And B; Recent marijuana research is continually finding that cannabinoids (the active ingredients in marijuana/cannabis)can stunt and/or fight many cancers. If you would like to do your own research instead of falling into prohibitionist propaganda, I suggest you start with NORML ( ). It has proven to be a great provider of legitimate information.

I apologize if this is off topic for this board but as I was interested in the neem plant after watching the movie (How High) I felt it necessary to point out the prejudice in the above answer to this question.

As for how, neem may affect marijuana when smoked. I have no idea, but if it is not something practiced by the people of India who have been around and understand this very versatile and useful plant then I would not bother with trying it myself as they probably know what they are doing.

Growing myths
by: Mythbuster

Those posts have to be some of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read.

Yes, smoking Neem is probably bad for you. Whether or not the other stuff in marijuana is bad for you also is irrelevant.

Yes, smoking enough of anything will probably give you cancer. Especially marijuana grown in Mexico or by someone who is trying to make money from doing it like medical marijuana growers.

Do yourself a favor. Grow you own and learn good cultivation techniques in order avoid pests in the first place. Then you won't need to use Neem.

If you do have to use it. NEVER use it during the flowering cycle and trim all the fan leaves away after harvest.

Vape it; don't smoke it!
by: Anonymous

Instead of smoking it, people should consider vaping it. I myself am curious about whether neem can be vaped and have decided to ask the mod.

Neem oil
by: Anonymous

Vaporizing bud with neem oil in it is fucking sickly gross.

by: Anonymous

I've been growing marijuana for over 40 years now and use neem oil all the time, even on BUDDING PLANTS. No, it wont hurt you if its on the buds.

If you're growing outdoor ad you're REALLY worried about it, remember that if you apply it properly it is water soluble. Rinse your plants a couple of days before harvest and you wont even know it ever HAD neem on it.

by: Anonymous

Why the hell would you have neem oil on your buds? If you can't control mites and powder mold before you flower your plant quit growing weed armature!!!

Pests on Cannibus
by: venice beach grower

I have been growing outdoors for quite a while now, and the only pests I have had issues with are the tiny worms that come from the eggs that the white moth like butterfly lays.

I suspect all butterflies ..they are extremely hard to see and require a lot of time to examine every bud daily. So, can I spray neem oil during the budding period?

by: Anonymous

I have a problem with the worms and it's only during flowering. I do agree it's the white butterfly doing the damage. It starts at the tops. You have to check them every day.

Neem Oil is Harmless
by: Anonymous

Many products made with the neem tree are used by humans in India like foods, cosmetics, medicines, etc. It would take large amounts to have a negative effect. It is probably medicinal in small doses.

Neemy Buds
by: capt neemo

My first grow was a winter grow with no bugs at all my second I got spider mites real bad and didn’t really figure it out until it was way too late; takes a week to get Ladybugs so I had to neem my budding plants. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEEM YOUR PLANTS IN FLOWERING STAGE YOU WILL RUIN YOUR BUDS. I am so mad at myself for being this stupid.

I keep trying a new one thinking maybe it’s not that bad. But all I taste is neem and I get a weird high and a splitting headache with bad sore throat. I have started rinsing my buds before I dry them and that seems to make it a little better.

Don't Smoke Neem
by: Oregon Green

Neem is used in small quantities to kill insects, parasites, germs etc. Don't eat it or smoke it unless you are trying to do the same. With all meds/pesticides there is a benefit to harm ratio.

A lower temperature (<74 degrees) will control mites by slowing reproduction. This slows mite reproduction enough that the plants will outgrow them and you won't need chemicals.

Use Neem in the vegan while things correct and during hotter times of the year to keep things safely in balance. Use it exactly as recommended on the label.

Nobody wants to consume poisons on/in their food or medicine. Don't produce it unless you are committed to doing it right. Medical Cannibis has made it safer to produce it properly. Please do so. Residue is allowed on foods because the consumer is expected to wash their food for numerous reasons.

Black bug on marjuana plants a week before harvest

I want to put neem oil with dish soap and water to get rid of black bugs.

Wow! 4-15-2014
by: MMMP Grower, Twining, MI

Wish these posts were dated. I don't know how old this is.

Getting to THE ORIGINAL QUESTION "Are the Neem oil products safe to use on plants that are to be smoked?" I would say yes during growing, providing they are rinsed like "40 year grower" said. Neem Oil breaks down into it's natural elements within 7-10 days leaving no residual impact on the environment. But that doesn't mean those elements should remain on your plant. Rinse it well. Buds have a more intricate & impenetrable structure & even after the 7-10 days, you may not be able to totally wash away all residue.

FOR Derrrrr..... by: Anonymous
Why would you leave such unhelpful information? AMATEUR!

FOR Growing myths by: Mythbuster
I assume you are trying to grow a myth.
"smoking enough of ANYTHING will PROBABLY give you cancer." Unhelpful. "Especially marijuana grown... by someone... like medical marijuana growers." Where would you even get this idea?

by: Anonymous

use the neem oil all the way but do a 2 week flush before harvest--as with any pot plant--nothing but water

by: Anonymous

I dont even care who is right or wrong. This post was an interesting and kind of funny read.

First Hand Experience
by: JD

I can tell you from first hand experience that spraying cannabis with Neem oil during the bloom will render the crop completely worthless. Before I knew proper propagation, I grew a crop from homegrown seeds, and also made the mistake of spraying it with neem oil several times during bloom. The weed turned out really weak, so I hashed it out, and after I took a couple hits off the hash, I got good and stoned, but also felt really sick. I continued feeling sick for three days!-- weak all over, no appetite, a funny smell in my mouth, and a constant need for pain killers for a splitting head ache.

As a former hippy from 1968
by: Anonymous

We used to just smoke the bugs.

this is funny
by: Anonymous

I was just cruising the web seeing if anybody's done any research around further on neem or if it has grown in popularity for the new generation of growers because I am constantly asked what is that funky, hippy shit you use to keep your plants happy and healthy around such bug attracting other plants in your garden. In my oppinion if you smoke a little neem that's the least of your worries, there's folks out there bug bombing during bud, chemical spraying during bud and not flushing the last bit of the cycle before harvest. Neem has been every gardeners natural bug repellant from the beginning of crop style growing. As a rule of thumb I always only neem during veg, it gives the plant that little extra protection to get it big and strong. Honestly y'all need to try just planting some marigolds around the base of your plants and if you're really concerned about the worms and the moths that lay the larvae, throw some netting type material over the main part of the plant so the pesky moths arent able to land and lay.

What people should be concerned about, too, is folks that don't know how to neem properly or those that overly spray near bee hives, turns out there's studies showing high quantities near to bee hives may be having adverse effects on the hives health and the honey.

by: Anonymous

I, too, have to say this whole blog has been an enjoyable read. I also am leaning toward it NOT being harmful, the Neem Oil that is. :)

To all professionals
by: Anonymous

Neighbor put plants outside with aphids, now I got them on my out door flowering plants. What the hell do I do now?

Hurting unit
by: Anonymous

Anybody ever use fertilome triple action with neem during flower?

more lost than ever
by: discouraged

I'm pretty sure I put the neem on too late. Now I think this crop is lost. I too seem to get a headache after smoking my outdoor.

Love living in a legal state!!!
by: Anonymous

Loved reading this thread was educational for sure :-) Neem oil is a very commonly used and accepted "pesticide" here in Washington 85% of growers use it.
They are required to state it on their packaging because, like anything else it may cause adverse effects in some people .
Have faith... growers know what they're doing and wouldn't use it if they weren't comfortable smoking whatever residual amounts remain after rinse.

watered with neem?
by: Anonymous

Has anyone ever watered the plants with water mixed with neem?

The truth has been said.
by: Green giant

Consumption of need is a effect unwanted. Through inhalation oral of compound and by burning. Each having a different effect. Exposure would be similar in effect as to what insects would be having.
Plants will absorb the chemical as application rate continues. As for why specific side effect occurs such as headaches it has not been determined. This is actually and is advised not to use been when in flowering phase of growing.

Prevention is key
by: CoHippyChick

I'm blown away by many of the comments on this site, especially the ignorant unhelpful, uneducated comments from people who haven't bothered to update their information on marijuana since reefer madness. Research has debunked so much and proven so many health benefits so you should consider reeducating yourself before posting on marijuana sites. I use temperature in both veg and bloom and a neem oil in veg and then root drench as I go into bloom to fight the bug issue before it happens. This has been very helpful for my style of growing. It's better to prevent them BEFORE they happen than to fight those tiny pests in bloom.

neem oil on cannabis
by: Lisab

After reading all of the comments, I think I'll stick to only using neem, if necessary, during veg. I wouldn't want to add anything to my buds. The purer the better. After all, that's why we grow right? Thanks for the fun read. :-)

by: Happy grower

Some say the neem has taste issues, some say health problems, some say no problems. I feel when used properly it is a good product and if really necessary at flower time just go easy.
Personally I have had my BEST bug control from using lady bugs. Read up on them. Cheap, can add some only when you see a shortage of them on your plants.
I grow outdoors but if you don't mind them in your house they will do good inside too.

Neem Oil
by: Jeremy

Hey Folks:
If you could really see who was commenting on any of the issues here it would make you think twice before taking anything to heart.
Just look at the syntax and grammar and you will realize that those poster(s) barely made it out of the eight grade, probably have hair growing out of their noses and wouldn't know the difference between secondary and primary research.
Don't believe anything you read here. Put on your reading glasses, engage your clear, uncluttered and NOT stoned mind and do your own research.
Its fun not to be a loser.

Why is all the Medical Identical
by: Bill Landreth

Well, it is all very, very similar. And strange. One common note is a strong neem smell in every single strain. The product holds its green color and some TCH is had via my series 7 but it is almost none. We need a new generation of TRUE legal growers who don't need their product to register like 0.0% THC.
Anytime I find it "stronger" that means real heavy hashy -- even narcotic -- kind of thing.
I am convinced I am doing chemical meds and do not get my needed Tetra-Hydra stimulis.

It might not be good...
by: Thisguy

I'm fast becoming a believer through research and personal experience that while azadirachtin and the other components of neem are generally non toxic, regular low doses cause permanent metabolic and cerebral damage due to removal of beneficial bacteria as well as causing metabolic acidosis. This is based on many neem and azadirachtin poisoning articles and the suspicious CHS which is slowly being linked to only neem treated cannibis grows. I'm currently suffering from CHS symptoms, and have quit consumption entirely pending an investigation on the growing methods at my local dispensary. It could be hogwash, but I'd rather have 3 lies and a fact than no info at all.

To Mr Anonymous
by: Anonymous

You think you know everything and to tell someone to stop growing because they have a few bugs in vege. You must be the king of carrots and very unhelpful to this site, I think you should think before you speak.

Try Orange Oil and boric acid
by: Anonymous

Very beneficial to the plants, the neem tastes like sewer and does make it more difficult to get your nutrients, but Medina Orange Oil alone works, or add the necessary nutrient boron, about 1 cup a gallon as boric acid powder, and you have a world-class foliar spray with benefits to the plant and smoker.

What to use on buds with tiny grubs and webbing
by: Anonymous

My buds have about 2 weeks till harvest and I've just noticed a couple of buds with webbing from tiny grubs, what can I spray with?
To the tosser telling people to stop growing because they have pests in their plants, you can't stop nature doing its thing. You must be growing in a lab.

Some interesting posts
by: Brock

I use neem oil right before harvest, right before I cut and then I dab a little right on top of my bong hit. And then I put some on my fruit loops and a little behind the ear for good measure.

The use of this product is questionable even during veg. You must like the smell of this disgusting liquid. A club in Santa Cruz just passed me a half of blue haze con neem. Im so fuc*** pissed. My buddy picked it up and and it didn't take but a wiff to tell this shit is loaded. Have seen this before but not from a medical club who was dumping it on special. Special is right. Take your bud you grew with the neem on it. Take it out of the jar and insert directly in toilet. There are newer techniques for combating spider mites. Don't veg for longer than two months and nuke the room each cycle and for the power mold, identify strains which have and major issue, kush, northern lights and if you need there are products like leef which are 99% water which has been electrified and seems to work. Only Donkeys still use neem oil.

by: Anonymous

Far out, I've soaked buds in neem after finding aphids during harvest, let them sit over night soaked in neem then in the morning wash with bicarb and lemon in hot water then cold clean water before drying. This will clean all the aphids out and clean the bud. Got a much cleaner smoke out of it and everybody that's smoked it thought it was great no headaches lol.

Neem bud smells like peanuts and taste like garlic?
by: 5thSenseISmellDeadPeople

Hahaha Ive seen reviews online about buds at local dispensaries. When I go check em out, it's a 33% chance its neem bud. The other 66% is scented "sweetener" products, and chlorophyll.

I swear, most people don't even know what bud smells like because of dispensaries. Top shelf bud taste like tree nuts? It didn't on the black market..

Dispensary growers are mutants!

How I use neem oil.
by: Anonymous

I've tried a few different grow techniques and neem oil always does the trick with pests. If you're worried about flowering plants, I've always sprayed the soil (if you're using soil) and this has killed the eggs etc. Just remember to give it a good old flush. As for harmful when smoking maybe in high quantities but I've smoked one or two with neem oil that hasn't been flushed (my first crop) and I was fine. Bit of a headache. But that's about it.

Neem Oil is Harmful
by: Anonymous

I used cannabis regularly for years with no issues. After re-introducing cannabis to my life one year ago after a 20 year break, I have had Neem Oil Toxicity from Smoking and Vaping. Vaping seems to be a little safer, but not by much, as a diet of almost all vaping wax and shatter rather than smoking has also produced the sickness twice in the last week, just 3 months after last episode from flower. Neem Oil and/or Azadirachtin, its active compound, damages your gall bladder, your liver, does give the headache, and makes you nauseous for days or even 2 weeks. "Ondansetron" is the only medicine (prescription necessary) I found strong enough to combat the nausea and prevent vomiting, but in severe cases the vomiting can still continue for two weeks. The only solution is to stop smoking or find a safe supply. You probably won't find safe product in any dispensary. Not everyone is affected by this, apparently, but it is very harmful to you, and a review of scholarly articles can enlighten you as to the effects of Neem Oil Toxicity and Azadirachtin poisoning. There are so many people on the internet who respond to discussions such as this with no true knowledge of the issue or without doing real research. This cavalier attitude some have toward putting an "organic" pesticide into your body is foolish. If it kills bugs, it's slowly (or not so slowly) killing you. They need to regulate the industry more, sadly, because there are so many ignorant people determined to stay ignorant who confidently spread misinformation like in this post. There are growers everywhere, motivated by money alone, who would rather poison you than have more expensive and demanding cultivation products that might allow them to lose some product. For those of you who have experienced this horrible, debilitating condition mislabeled as "CHS," you know what I am talking about. I hope this changes.

Neem in your lungs is poison.
by: Dispensary Victim

Damn look at all the mongoloids who smoke Neem weed. Same people who smoke unflushed bud, moldy bud, fake bud, and think it's "dank". Same people who say hydro is better than organic. Placebo people with no taste buds or sense of smell. Same people who smoked Coq shit and potting soil in high school and think it was brick weed. To be honest these people's opinions should be outlawed. There must be some sort of test for these people. The presence of neem on Cannabis buds literally leaves the bud useless. It's trash!

Don't smoke Neem. I don't care how many Budweiser drinking Marlboro smoking weirdos say it's okay. You don't ask these people to detect gas leaks or judge a food competition either. Their reality is thin and formed by peddled ideas, not actuality. Again, their opinion is not that of a full human. They are tares, not wheat. Don't spray Neem in flower.

Neem sickness.
by: Anonymous

I hate neem. I have been sick 6 times until a doctor told to look up CHS. I was amazed. All of my symptoms are now explained. I have smoked weed for 45 years and never had any problems until weed was legal. it seems that the dispensaries are poisoning us by not following the directions. I will fix this if I have to grow my own. I will spread the knowledge.

Neem Meal? 4-9-2018
by: Anonymous

This is not about the oil as a foliar, but im wondering about the validity of it as a soil amendment as in neem meal/cake.
I've seen this in a lot of super soil recipes currently and have been questioning it. The benefits seem great, fighting bad bugs, preventing outbreaks (fungus knats), but aren't I taking away a food source away from the beneficials?
It does sound like a good amendment for the soil macros (coots mix) and bad bug prevention naturally.

I fell into spraying it with peppermint Bronners on my outdoor veggie garden because I was battling aphids and cabbage moths, after finding BT is in GMO corn.
Now years later I read it's a health food in other countries for a long time, toothpaste, hair and skin. 1-2tsp max internally for adults, none for children, so I assume animals can't have it as well, would be great for fleas.

It seems like a solution, but at the same time, shouldn't my garden be able to fight it off naturally? Messing with hormones (DNA) and disrupting life cycles doesn't seem worth the risk of true living organics.

What are your thoughts...?

Neem Oil
by: Anonymous

Sorry to tell you but neem oil build up in your system to the point of toxicity and should not be used in a MJ grow. It may even be the cause of CHS.

3 words - Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome
by: Anonymous

I am here to tell you there’s a HUGE chance that although neem oil is natural, "certified organic", and FDA approved does not make it non toxic nor safe for human consumption. Most products that have neem oil applied are suggested to be washed off and are typically used on produce in early stages and end up getting washed off plenty of times throughout the growing stages as well as before people ingest the produce. Growers are frequently over using this pesticide due to its claim of how natural and safe it is. They also over use other pesticides and chemicals but so far the research is pointing to the neem oil and the chemical breakdown process combined with hw the body stores and uses cannabis. Cannabis has the tendency to absorb the neem oil and chemicals like a sponge and allow it to build up in the body’s fat cells to be utilized for long periods of time. Azadirachtin is the chemical researchers find to be causing the most noticeable toxicity to some people. Heavy medical marijuana users, such as myself, can become very sensetive to this chemical causing it to be toxic, or poisonous, in large doses. It causes severe nausea along with vomiting. One strange phenomenon amongst this newly found condition called Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome, or CHS, that seems to help distinguish it from other conditions is the need for long, hot showers or baths. This symptom seems to alleviate the nausea. It took me three and a half years, loss of 20-30 lbs and a handful of trips to the emergency room for IV fluids, CT scans, blood work, UAs, X-RAYS, and more, before beginning to believe that maybe my condition was in fact related to my marijuana use. Although I don’t believe my condition is a newfound phenomenon caused by marijuana alone but actually the product of the pesticides used while growing the product. With amazing and true intentions we are trusting our government to approve only safe and effective products. We are fooled by the broad stamps of approval, misleading labeling, and false advertising claiming products are "all natural" and "certified organic" I believe growers like you are being mislead and unfortunately people like me are sensetive to the outcomes. Please get feedback from your users and trial and since we are all so limited in our research we will have to rely on trial and error. From my experience neem oil is not safe to be used on marijuana!

Researching CHS and Neem 1/26/18
by: Deb

I'm researching the possible relationship between cannabis hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) and the use of pesticides at various stages of plant growth. I'm especially interested in neem oil which is thought by many growers to be a non-toxic pest deterrent. If you are a grower who uses neem oil (or a product containing Azadirachtin), or a cannabis smoker who has suffered from CHS, I would love to talk with you. I am also interested in hearing from people who may have experienced milder forms of CHS (abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting) to learn how you managed your symptoms. My goal is to help users share what they know to make cannabis use safer for all. I live in Northern California and can be reached at Thank you. Deb

Neem vs Spinosad
by: bD

Been using Spinosad for worms, caterpillars and larva, leaf miners, cabbage worms and most bugs. Generally speaking, it says it will kill invertebrates which eat the foliage. Got stumped by mites, spider mites and some fungi. Just received a spray bottle of Neem.

by: Drgonzolsd25

The very best thing to do about the budworms to prevent them is get mosquito/bug netting and keep flying bugs from landing on your ladies in the first place. They won't lay eggs if they can't "nettle" in and lay them. Off to the neighbors garden...

Neem Oil
by: Anonymous

I used neem oil on a lemon tree and it is systemic and you could taste it in the lemons. Honestly. Yuck. Did help with bugs. But so will gnatrol and it doesn't taste in the fruit.

by: Anonymous

Keep in mind there has been no testing of the effect of processing into extract products or the heating/burning of any products used on the production of marijuana. Much like the producers of tobacco and alcohol, denial does not make problems go away. It will take years of studies of users and months of testing of products used on growing and flowering plants.
As others have written, many products deemed safe for use on food crops have days before harvest or washing requirements.
Now, it's well known the heating or burning of elements allow compounding into other elements, basic chemistry. It's known burning of oils and even chlorinating water with traces of wood compound into various forms of benzene. I do not know the effect of compounding of the various products used on marijuana and would encourage anyone using to avoid any product that may contain applied agents.

Neem Oil almost killed me
by: Katie Jones

If any of you think using neem oil on your cannabis is okay, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!! You are poisoning your consumers and yourself. I have had 4 episodes of extreme vomiting for 6 days straight, had to get a blood transfusion because by day 2 it was just vomiting blood. My liver and kidneys started failing, my heart was having issues, I got pneumonia while there and was in the hospital for a total of 4 weeks.
When you ignite neem oil (just because it's "organic" ) it becomes extremely unsafe to your body. I literally almost died and almost lost my unborn child due to neem oil poisoning. Ever heard of CHS? Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, it's not real, it's our growers slowly poisoning us.
All you need is predatory mites, citric acid and rosemary. If you're using harmful pesticides, you are obviously in the industry for the money, not to help the consumers who don't know what's in their cannabis.
Think about it, educate, learn and care about when it comes to clean cannabis.

No need for neem.
by: Grower in the foothills

I've been growing in my backyard for a number of years now. The only material I apply to plants is Monterey BT. I live in the foothills of N/E L.A. The only ongoing problem I have is dealing with the caterpillars. Monterey BT is an all natural product that can be used right up to the day of harvest (according to the instructions). I typically stop spraying a week or so prior to harvest if I'm still seeing caterpillars. I have learned that good plant husbandry is the safest way to avoid pests. I typically spend an hour or two a day going over each and every part of my plants, (usually 6 fairly large ones each season) looking for caterpillars and their tell tale signs and any other pests that don't belong there. I've been fortunate enough to find a few preying mantis each season in my girls lending a helping hand. I usually grab the stem about mid way up and gently shake the plant to see what shakes out and flies off.

Neem or not
by: Anonymous

For flying insects, whiteflies and such, yellow stickies are the bomb. If you place them early enough, before moths are present, the moths will be stuck on glue - not laying eggs.

Neem/ only half the problem
by: A grower

Neem is probably not safe in any real amount. But consider the fact that neem is only half the issue. Neem is an oil. It's never sprayed as is. It is mixed with water and a surfacant. So neem may well be detrimental but I am willing to bet smoking the dish soap that some are using to cut it with is not exactly healthy either.

No neem is good neem
by: Pleasedontuseneem

As a avid smoker and legal grower, with personal experience PLEASE DON'T USE IT!!! I HAVE BEEN SICK FROM NEEM MANY TIMES. Not everyone will have a reaction, but I sure do. Heart palpation, horrible heart pain, head aches, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, all over feel like death... dehydrating yourself as your body tries to pump out the shit. Many hospital trips with no answers. Until I stopped smoking plants with neem...
Recently I got some from the dispensary thinking nobody is stupid enough to continue using that shit. 3 days later sick again for another 3 weeks. Not worth it! People need clean medicine! If you use it, tell people! Ladybugs! Rosemary and lemon oil! Smoking something that KILLS bugs is no good!

by: Anonymous

Wow, there are SO many dumb people in here... saying smoking marijuana will help keep you from getting lung cancer???? How dumb do you have to be to say something like that???
I love marijuana, but putting ANY smoke in your lungs is bad for you dumbass.
Telling this guy that he shouldn't b allowed to grow because he got mildew?? Grow up you moron, shit happens sometimes, Jesus Christ it's like they told every idiot out there to get on here and give your opinions and most of you have LITERALLY no idea what the hell your talking about. The only thing you have to worry about when putting neem oil on your buds, or pretty much any liquids that's not a chemical, is mold. Make sure and put every fan you have on them if you do spray bugs with any liquid. Don't listen to these idiots...

The fugg NEW
by: Anonymous

There are a lot of cannabis cup (non) winners throwing their fragile egos at each other. In short, light solution, once every 3 days. Couple with diatomaceous earth sprinkled on the soil - pests clear in 7 days. Get green fingers and don’t listen to self righteous egomaniacs.

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