Is neem use for skin care safe? What about becoming pregnant??

I ordered Neem Guard capsules from the Goodcare brand and was wondering if there is any difference between the Neem oil and the Neem leaf extract. I have not taken any yet and wanted to know if it is safe to take for skin problems. I had no idea that Neem oil was used as a contraceptive. Do these capsules also affect becoming pregnant?

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Neem oil vs neem leaf internal use
by: Birgit

Yes, there is a difference between neem oil and neem leaf. Neem oil is not considered safe to take internally. Neem leaf capsules are common and are considered safe to ingest as long as you are healthy and aren't trying to become pregnant.

If you want to conceive it is recommended to not ingest any neem products as they have shown in animal studies to possibly interfere with conception and early pregnancy.

More details about this can be found on my neem and pregnancy page and there are also many related reader questions linked from that page that contain similar answers, maybe with slightly different or additional details. If you want to know more feel free to browse those as well.

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