I've tried it all, but only Margo Soap with Neem Oil helped my acne

by Annika

I'm 28 and since early teenage years I've been fighting acne. I've tried all sorts of products, but nothing ever helped my skin - only cost a lot of money.

Then I've tried Neem oil, and YES - it worked!

My skin has never been clearer... On a trip to India I discovered MARGO, a Bar Soap brand that has Neem Oil as main ingredient. I'm now using Margo Bar Soap since years. It works fantastic, my skin is clear and it comes very handy in a soap bar (not as messy as oil or powder...). Great - I just love it!

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Please help me with my acne!
by: Anonymous


I am thinking of ordering the neem products to help my acne. I have recently paid £400 for peels and they have not worked. Will this really work?

Which product/s will help?

Thank you.

I agree, Margo is great!
by: Raychel

I agree, Margo neem soap was AMAZING!

I had been using different salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products on my acne for weeks. I stopped using it because of the dryness it caused to my skin, not to mention the benzoyl product left my skin feeling filmy.

I tried the neem soap just out of curiosity, and quite skeptically if I might add, and when I woke up today my acne was literally 90% gone.

I had made more progress overnight with the neem than I had in weeks with doctor recommended products. I just really wish it didn't smell so bad!!

Margo face and body wash
by: kime

I have been using Margo soap from a long time but I travel very often and can't keep Margo soap every time in my bag. So why can't you introduce Margo face wash and body wash too. It's a great idea.

My email id is kime.astute@gmail.com

I wish you guys come up wit this idea.


Great product, Inexpensive and Excellent in quality.
by: Ayesha

My skin is really prone to pimples, and I tried a lot of things but they didn't work well at all. But Margo is excellent.

The acne just started to go away and now even though I get acne sometimes, it is very restrained. I use Margo twice a day and even they are gone.

Great Product.
by: Anonymous

The moment I get attracted to some other soap or face wash and use it for some days, I find my face full of painful and scar leaving acne.

Also I do find a lot of oil accumulation that makes my skin look shiny, dull, dusty and pores get closed. We must remember that India is a tropical country and we should choose products accordingly.

Oily face washes and beauty soaps deliver artificial fragrance, color & lot of oil that is not good for most of the Indian skin.

Margo is a product that is made after completely understanding the Indian tropical climate and skin need. Margo keeps my skin clear and reduces excess oil. I will request Margo manufacturers to never change the quality of soap that it inherits from generations.

Thank you Margo.

Margo is the best
by: vennela

Margo with neem oil is the best produt, and nothing can replace it.
I'm using it from last 15years, and I certify it as the best for normal to oily skin.
Best to fight against pimples or acne

Wash your face before going to bed with margo and just leave skin without applying any other thing. find your skin healthy in morning.

It works, it's the best soap.

Margo really really works
by: Anonymous

I've tried everything under the sun for my acne. I even used fresh neem paste but nothing worked. Margo is the only soap that has worked. And now all my acne is gone and I don't get any new ones.

Really Magical
by: busybug

I am of 32 and my skin is oily. It was prone to acne. I tried lots of things like face washes, creams, masks, but nothing really worked.

Then I thought of using margo as it contains neem. And wow!!! It had a magical effect. Now my skin is acne free and that too in just one month. I wanna share this with everyone whose skin is prone to pimples.

Try this. You will be really surprised. It's a cheap and effective remedy for pimples.

Thanks Margo!

Margo soap and face wash, waiting for a complete package here after
by: Anonymous

After Margo face wash and Margo soap that are taking care in cleaning of face and skin, I am eagerly waiting for margo shampoo, body lotion and face cream too for that complete package because neem products are extremely beneficial.

Looking forward for such products.

Margo is great
by: Mangi

This soap is really great. I had used all products on earth for my acne and then scar. This soap is great. Some may not like the smell but you can top it up with good smelling lotion or serum. This product is great!

by: Anonymous

I love this soap so much that I named my son Margo.

Amazing Margo
by: Margo girl

Soap is fantastic. Skin glows like anything but can't use it on my face as my facial skin is really sensitive to soap. I'm trying to find this Margo face wash for me in Pune but just can't. Does anyone know where can I buy/order it in Maharashtra??

Garnier Pure Active Facewash Helped Me a Lot
by: poonam


I have also been troubled with pimples for many years. I tried different products; some worked some didn’t. This Garnier pure active face wash and its blackhead uprooting scrub has helped me too. You can check their Facebook page for info. It’s GarnierPureActive.

Hope it helps someone too; after all you gotta use what suits your skin.

Margo helped me a lot!
by: The King Of SWAGS

From 2 years I was Prone of acne. I tried so many homeopathic medicines but nothing happened. Then I found Margo soap and it helped me a lot. I think Margo soap is the best soap in this world for acne.

margo is jewel of my life
by: haritha

please introduce margo fachwash n body wash please

by: sugulali

Margo works wonders on skin.pls dont change the quality we need it always

Margo - Perfect soap
by: Anonymous

This soap is truly amazing!

neem loading
by: Anonymous

Margo soap is a fantastic soap. It cleared my eczema, scabies in just 1 week. It also cleared my scars caused by it.

margo margo than (tamil)
by: pooja

Im staying in my college hostel.we used salt water for bathing and there was no other go.I had black marks on my face because of that.i tried a lot of cosmetics .. nothing helped.. went to parlour ,for few days it was k. Again in few days it came back. i was like OMG. Then i went to a doctor and she gave me an onitment. But Margo gave me a permanent solution.CHEAP AND BEST.It suits all types of water and my skin is so moisture . i have started suggesting everyone.

by: sharon

Hi I can say Margo is good soap, it made me toget rid of itching, but the thing is it made ma skin so dry, n black sometimes I really wanna get rid of Margo the moment when I start other soap itching starts, little confused in this but quiet satisfied

margo soap
by: Anonymous

Margo sucks it increased my acne

by: Anonymous

margo made me pregnant

wonderful margo
by: Anonymous

I am 36 since am suffering from acne and scars I have tried all things which everyone suggest but no change. At last one friend suggest me to use margo now am using it works wonder on acne and make the skin soft and bright.

thank you margo

magic soap margo
by: sneha

Few months before I was really suffers from lots of pimples. I used many products to get rid from pimples but all in vain. After a while I use Margo neem soap and it act like magic from till and now there is not even a single pimple on my face and not even black spot of pimple my face is clear like anything. I am very happy of this product and now am also suggesting my friends to use this.


Hai Friends,
I working as Laboratory chemist in Shree Renuka sugars Gulbaga.
I am use Margo soap from last two months. It was very useful for skin, it also cure my skin allergy and give me skin glowing.
thanking you,
Vijaykumar M

Margo is exellent soap for skin care
by: Navjot Singh

I've tried it all the things, soaps, face washes. But only Margo soap with neem oil helped my acne. I love this soap. My skin have very rough, oily, pimples. But this Margo soap was exellent result. You have don't choose other soap.

neem really works
by: Ankita

Margo is awesome.

by: Spoorthi

Hey, I have been using margo for 8 years. Whenever I am applying margo soap I feel like more comfortable. I always think like margo is born for me. In this 8 years I have tried some costly soaps too but none of the soaps beats margo. While applying margo feels like bright, clean and more comfortable. ..best soap..

by: Anonymous

This soap clears acne caused by heat and for small allergie pimples within 2-3 days. I really love this product. I recommend others.

please say it's helpful or not
by: Anonymous

Hey, please say this Margo soap is helpful to reduce skin allergy in face?

Pimple marks
by: Liviya

Does it help even with the pimple marks? If so how long does it take?

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