Love Neem Oil!

I made a neem oil mix: 500ml warm water,10ml detergent, 10ml pure neem oil. Have been spraying this in the evenings on my vegie garden. It has taken a week or two, but I swear the cycle of the leaf eating pests is being broken. Much less grasshopper and fruit fly activity, also the fungal damage on the cucumber leaves is significantly less!

So then I put a mix of 1 part neem oil, 5 parts olive oil on my dogs. After a week or so, no fleas! This stuff really works, you just have to be a bit patient, and dilligent. And the smell is really not that bad. I'm going to always have this stuff in my cupboard.

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Neem oil in garden and on pets
by: Birgit

Hi, thanks for sharing! You are right, a bit of patience and regular application are the key, especially in the garden.

What type of detergent?
by: Anonymous

What kind of detergent did you use with the Neem oil?

Alternative to Dish Soap
by: Davilyn

Most dish soaps, even eco friendly ones, have stuff in them I'd rather not spray on my organic plants. I use Co-Co Wet. It goes a long way - 1/8 tsp to a gallon. Plus it isn't sudsy and you don't have to keep shaking the sprayer all the time.

cat with fleas and possible kindney problems and some kind of cyst
by: Anonymous

Will the 5 to 1 mix of olive oil and neem be harmful to my cat since she cleans herself constantly. Don't dogs clean themselves?

I was also trying to figure a way to get the benefits of neem oil internally for my cat and not poison her.
I put neem leaf powder in her fur where she can't lick and neem oil for cats from as directed.
She used to sleep on me all the time but hadn't for months when she got fleas. Within 2 hours of the oil behind her head, between the ears and above her tail and she was all over me again. I also sprinkled the neem leaf powder on the carpet and the vinegar in a bowl with a night light above it got no more fleas in it.

I am afraid to vacuum the carpet, this powder cost 30 dollars.
Are there any other sites with testimonials? They are too few and far between I have resorted to reviews on Amazon.
I am hoping to find stories about kidneys and liver being helped with neem and also hearing loss.
My cat has a sack on her skin that fills with fluid then drains. I would like to make a lotion that can be applied externally one that she can lick without harm. Don't know if the leaf powder will penetrate the skin or help for that matter.

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