Margo Brand Neem Soap

by Raychel
(New Hampshire, USA)

Neem Soap Image

Neem Soap Image

Truly amazing! I really didn't think I would like this neem soap because most herbal or "alternative" remedies don't work as well as other things. I used Margo neem soap on my face (despite the smell, which reminds me of an airplane lavatory).

My skin felt cleaner than any other soap had ever made it feel. Ever. I felt like my face was as light as air, not to mention silky soft. And even better, it also treated my acne faster and better than any benzoyl peroxide product! The neem soap bar left no icky sort of build up at all. Its only down side is the smell!

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Margo Neem Soap
by: Birgit

Thank you for writing, Raychel.
I had other comments where people found this neem soap a bit harsh. I am glad to hear it's working for you!

Neem Soap
by: Anonymous

The best ever treatment for my skin ever! I actually love the smell too. A bar has lasted me over six weeks and I have used it on my face daily. I had bad scars due to monthly spots and those scars have faded drastically. I absolutely love this product and need to buy lots more!

Margo Neem Soap
by: Anonymous

I'm a 14 year old teenage girl who has oily skin. I have struggled a lot with my skin because I get lots of pimples, spots and blackheads on my skin.
I also feel jealous because all my friends have beautiful skin so why not me. I have tried lots of products and they have done nothing for my skin and I'm desperate for clear skin.

Today I was on the internet researching skin care advice from Indian celebrities and I came across Malaika Arora who like me has oily skin too and she uses this soap that is cheap and has worked wonders on other people skin and it's called 'Margo Neem Soap.'

I live in the UK and will ask my mum to find it for me and hopefully it will work for me. Wish me luck!

Margo Neem Soap
by: jade

I would like to know if this soap is available in the Philippines?

Mange treatment
by: Anonymous

My dog has ear mange. Can I use Margo neem soap as a dip treatment after bathing him with a sulfur based shampoo?

My Experience
by: baral

Margo treats acne leaving pigmented spots, that my experience.

I am 14 years old. Can I use Margo?
by: mudassir ahmed


Day before yesterday my sister told me that margo soap is good for oily skin and my face has lot of pimples. Can I use margo?

Please reply on my e-mail

It Works
by: kirk

I was looking online (YOUTUBE) and came across NEEM oil why it came up in the side boxes I’m not sure. But I use oregano oil to CURE my dog’s eye problem and thought what is neem oil? In 39 yrs I’ve never even heard the name?

So after 3 hrs I informed myself on the BASIC neem products...

It does so much and it works great on acne...I mean in one treatment the pimples seals up and the red spots start fading away...leaving the skin soft and you don't have a dry spot, moisture spot, dry’s all the same clean and dry oil free and you can feel the difference in 1 face washing(the margo soap).

Stuff is awesome and you will love it....

Not for dry skin people
by: Anu Goel

I tried Margo Neem soap in Oct. I have dry/combination skin which is prone to acne. Though it cleans d skin very well but it does dry out my skin makes it feel stretchy. Also it smells of 555 washing soap that my grandmother used to use 15 - 20 yrs ago :).
It’s certainly not suitable for winters. Though I’ll try it in summers again but I doubt it will suit my skin. I think it is meant for oily skin people with acne/ pimples. I am looking for its other variants, Margo Glycerin Nutricare, but m unable to find it anywhere.

the magical spell
by: Pooja

This soap works wonder for my skin, I saw the results within a week, my acne is gone, and now the scars are fading away gradually.

Excellent Skin Disinfectant
by: Anonymous

Love this soap. Very cleansing and purifying without breakouts. It leaves my skin silky, smooth and blemish free.
I use this in conjunction with the Neem herb capsules that I take twice a day. My skin is lovely. I don't mind the medicinal smell of this soap- it only reminds me that it's doing its job keeping my skin pure and free of bacterias.

asking question
by: Mohammed Tayab m.n

I am Mohammed Tayab m.n from India, Bangalore.
I'm 17 years old.
Can I use margo soap? My skin is little oil and dry skin.
Tell me can I use this soap?

crying of pimples and scars
by: Anonymous

From the review that had made by many people for the benefits of margo soap I am very much interested. So I will start using this product from today. After a week I will also post my comment. Wish me all the very best please.
I am 28 year old lady who had a very bad acne and lots of scar on the face. I was not like this even when I attend the age of 25 years. After that pimples are coming out I felt very worried and try a lots of remedies. I even tries lots of natural remedies. But nothing works for me. I'm suffering this problem for the last three years. I even felt shame to show my face to other so I did not prefer to go out. When ever I see my face on the mirror I felt disgusted and tears come out from my eyes. I cried a lot whenever I think of my face and I felt regreated of my clear skin that I had before. I don't know how this pimples come out and how my skin becomes oily from very dry skin. I am praying to God to work for my skin this time by using this margo soap. Please pray for me. I am helpless.

For face only
by: Sagar

Does this soap dry the face?

In summer
by: Sagar

Does this soap dry the skin?

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