Miracle "cure" for dog with pemphigus foliaceus, an autoimmune disease

by Karen Clemons
(Lehigh Acres, FL)

Our dog, Sassy developed pemphigus foliaceus in 2005 with a an extremely bad, secondary yeast infection. After 1 year of prednisone and Malaseb medicated shampoo as well as the diagnosis of heart worms, despite Revolution applications, we were placed on notice that Sassy was terminally ill and would die soon. The hair on her coat was patchy, she itched constantly despite medicated shampoo and Prednisone, and she was depressed.

After researching Neem on the Internet, I started placing 20 drops of neem oil into the Malaseb and washing her with it. She also was treated with Heartguard. Four years later, the vet called me with her blood test results, stating he had to double check that it was the right 12 year old dog. ALL of her blood tests were completely normal. All of them. I credit the Neem, "supplemented" by the prednisone and Malaseb. Her coat is beautiful and she is a very happy dog. THANK YOU NEEM!!!!!

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Miracle cure through neem
by: Birgit

Thank you Karen, for sharing Sassy's story :-).

My dog is in a similar situation!!
by: Minnie


My dog also suffers from pemphigus foliaceus! We've been to numerous vets, and none of the medication is working. My dog Muffin is experiencing all the bad side effects from long-term steroid usage. Can you please explain in detail your method of curing your dog? I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!!

I too would like to know more details
by: Stephanie

I too ask please describe a little more in detail what you did to cure her. 20 drops into the small amount of shampoo? Thank you!

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