My dog and neem oil

by Kimberley Stott

I am thinking of purchasing some neem oil for my Shih Tzu who won't stop scratching and biting (not fleas). If the wounds are open (bleeding) can I still put the oil on her?

Can it also be used to clean her ears, I heard somewhere?

Please let me know.
Thank You

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Find the cause for the itching
by: Birgit

Hi Kimberley,

Usually it should be fine to use it for the ears and there should be no problem with skin lesions (open wounds), although this may be very unpleasant for the dog.

The problem I see is that you don't seem to know what causes the itching. If it's from mites then you should see a drastic improvement very quickly. But if it is some kind of allergy, then neem oil could actually worsen the symptoms, especially if you use it undiluted.

Skin that is already extremely sensitized is likely to react even more when you put new substances on it.

So do be very careful in the beginning and never use it undiluted in the ears (you don't want to trigger any allergic reaction there, that would be a nightmare for the poor thing).

Try it on another part of the body first and see how the dog reacts to it.

Neem Soap for Dog
by: Rajni

I know there is a Neem Soap for Dog available in the Indian market. Even you can use for whole body including ears, Dog will stop scratching & feel good.


Skin problems in dogs
by: Karen

I get concerned when I hear of people's dogs (and cats) having skin problems.
The first thing I would look into are allergies, and then their diet.

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