NASA scientists find a smell worse than Neem oil

by Katie

My boyfriend recently purchased Neem oil online, hence we never had the opportunity to experience it's glorious smell before he acquired a litre of this wonderful product. When it arrived I tested a small patch on the back of my arm to check I wasn't allergic to the product.

Fortuntately I was fine however it only took around 2 seconds for the smell I can only compare to that of salty vomit to reach my nostrils. I can't understand how this product has ever been used to treat acne! I would rather have red blotchy skin all over my body than rub this ointment into my face.

Needless to say my boyfriend is not allowed to use this item in the house and has been banished to the garden with it, where he has begun to spray it all over the flowers etc. Presumably he wishes to deter guests from ever visiting our property (possibly my mother who lives 2 doors away) and likes the smell of rotting Chinese food.

As for its effectiveness I am unsure and really don't wish to find out, but hopefully benefits will outway the rancid aroma.

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Thanks for the laugh
by: Birgit

Haha, love both the headline and your humorous take on neem.

If you are won over by its effectiveness and consider getting another batch (not that I hold my breath), try a different supplier. Every oil smells different and some aren't that bad.

by: Katie

The stench is still lingering!

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