Neem and HIV

by Cubittz Rando

Can you tell me how is it possible to use neem for fighting the AIDS/HIV virus? Can neem help in curing AIDS/HIV? Are there any suggestions in using it and how to use it?

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Neem and AIDS
by: Birgit

Hi Cubittz,

Thanks for asking the question. I've been meaning to make a page about that for a while...

Neem is being researched as a potential weapon in the fight against HIV. The results have been encouraging, so I dare say research will continue.

That does not mean that there is an effective way to use neem to treat or prevent HIV infections or that there are any instructions for use.

Neem is being researched, it is not being used against AIDS yet.

The most promising results show that possibly one day neem may be used to prevent future HIV infections.

However, some researchers suggest that ingesting neem leaf or bark, in raw form or as teas, might stimulate the body's cell-mediated immune response enough to assist in the fight against an existing HIV infection.

Many of the skin conditions associated with an HIV infection also benefit from treatment with neem products (like creams, pastes or bathing in water with added extracts).

As for the research studies, here's a quick rundown:

Neem bark killed the AIDS virus in a preliminary 1993 in vitro study (Larson, 1993). A study in test tubes and petri dishes, not in people!

Another 1993 in vitro study showed that neem bark and leaf extracts reduced the production of viral proteins in cells, indicating that neem may inhibit replication of the virus (Upadhyay et al, 1993).

Studies reported in 1992 and 1994 (Beardsley,1992 and Caldwell, 1994) showed that neem stimulates cell-mediated immune response. Researchers suggested this may be used to protect against vaginal contraction of AIDS. (A very promising follow up study was reported in 2008, see below.)

A 2003 in vitro study showed that an acetone-water neem leaf extract can protect lymphocytes against invasion by HIV. Note that the extract protected 75% of the lymphocytes, not 100%.

The same extract was used in 10 patients: 1000 mg neem leaf extract for 10 days improved the condition of patients, increasing hemoglobin concentrations, platelet count, CD4+ cell count and body weight. (Udeinya et al, 2003)

In 2008 India successfully completed the phase two trial of a neem-based microbicide gel for women. Researchers hope the gel will help protect against vaginal transmission of HIV/Aids. (A phase two trial studies possible side effects and negative reactions.)

The results of the next stage are expected in 18 months.

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by: Deepthi Nusha

Please continue your research about neem to fight against HIV and help to relieve many innocent patients suffering from the disease and we people will always encourage and support you.

Neem and HIV
by: Birgit

I am sorry. Please read what I already wrote above.

"That does not mean that there is an effective way to use neem to treat or prevent HIV infections or that there are any instructions for use.

Neem is being researched, it is not being used against AIDS yet."

Herpes type1
by: Anonymous

Please find a medicine for herpes too.

God grace.

Herpes solution
by: Anonymous

Dear Friend,

There is a solution for herpes and it is very effective to cure the herpes 1 at primary stage. It could also cure in next stage but takes time and more attention.

If you do want the solution you may write to me on


Neem's active compounds re HIV
by: Anonymous

Neem has these properties. Do we know the compounds responsible within neem so we can develop some sort of standardization?

by: christ

Thanks dear. It's incredible and I feel hope now, because I'm HIV positive. Every patient may be healed with neem in the future. If it works like you've said above, how could we use it? Tell me the amount of leaf I use for 1 liter of water. And please inform us about the new improved research about neem.


Neem can prevent the HIV infection
by: piyush

On the basis of my knowledge I research new molecule (AGNENT-89) which prevent HIV.

I found which increases CD4 cell counting in patient. But I am doing this trial on the rat, not on human yet, but I can do that on human earlier.

Rat show the positive response with AGNENT-89.
I am a pharmacy student. I was start research from my 11th standard.

Please help me about that.

Thank you.
Piyush Wagh.

Neem to prevent HIV infection
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend is HIV positive and I am not. How do you use Neem to prevent HIV infection? Should it be used as a lubricant in addition to a condom? What is the best product to buy or company to buy from? Also where can I get neem to make into tea and how much should I make at a time for it to be effective in boosting both of our immunities?

Thanks. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the kind words.
Unfortunately, as per my previous comment:

"That does not mean that there is an effective way to use neem to treat or prevent HIV infections or that there are any instructions for use.

Neem is being researched, it is not being used against AIDS yet."

by: Anonymous

Yesterday I had a tattoo on my hand and soon after that I realized that it could be the reason of HIV. I am very much worried right now. I had dysentery from last 2 days. Don't know what to do.

I have 2 small children and am embarrassed to get tested.

Re: Aids/HIV and Cancer
by: Jack


There is something you people can do about
Aids/HIV problems most directly and expeditiously.
Use herbal mixture of Sutherlandia Frutescens
(cancer bush) and Nerium Oleander (look up
Oleander Soup). Check out "Rose Laurel OPC Plus"
if you reside in USA.

HIV is Cured (The wonders of Neem)
by: Jac

I come from Nigeria. Many Doctors here have claims of HIV cure but the truth came out when clinical trials was carried out in the University of Benin in Nigeria.

Out of 62 HIV 1 & 2 Patients subjected to the neem-cure-trial, 52 were reported to experience improvements in the CD4 count, Hemoglobin, and a drastic reduction in Viral load within 6(six) weeks. Many of them who recorded these improvement continued the usage of it and were later tested HIV Negative.

You can be cured too.

by: Anonymous

I am 18 years old and HIV positive. Can I eat neem for reducing HIV symptoms or cure? Please answer me my email id is

Neem and HIV
by: Anonymous

I live in Nigeria and am HIV positive. Where can I buy these stuff like neem oil and others?

Does Neem Cure HIV?
by: Ramesh

Does Neem Cures HIV completely? Please let me know at

Neem in Nigeria
by: Oyoingbo in Lagos

I'm working in Nigeria but not a Nigerian. I wanted to get neem to prevent malaria. Answering the above guy, you will find so many neem trees in Katsina, Nigeria, which are as cheap as taking it from the trees on the streets.

My question is if it's enough to chew and and swallow a couple of whased leaves or infusing is better? My leaves are now fresh, but not for too long. Should it be dried or fresh for my purpose?

Many thanks.

Neem and More
by: Anonymous

I started taking neem from today. I added it to my regimen of andrographis, red sea ur him (sulfated polysaccharides), olive leaf extract (oleuropein), and manganese. Look them all up and you'll see they all fight HIV one way or another.

The Neem Cure
by: Anonymous

Can HIV/Aids cure?

Yes! Aids can be cured.
HIV has a known cause contrary to what we are being told. HIV2 is more common than HIV1 in Eastern Africa. It is wrong to advise the sick that they will live forever with the virus when the cause of their illness is known and can be treated or removed with the accurate herbal treatment.


Agent or Firm:

Rajesh, Radhakrishnan (20 MORADO COURT, BRAMPTON, ON, L6S 4H7, US)


Neem Leaves are Very Helpful
by: Anonymous

Hello everybody, whoever is HIV positive, I recommended you to take neem leaves everyday with empty stomach. Here is how you can take it. Take dried or fresh neem leaves (about 50 gms), put in 1 litre water and leave them overnight. In the morning take one glass of this water to drink empty stomach, and add back that much water in container. This process can continue for 3 to 4 days. After that drain the water from container, and add new leaves to fresh water. You will see amazing results and this is my personal experience. It cured many other problems for me. I will post my next experience with neem oil.

Hopefully you will get benefits too and God bless every one.

Did You Get Cured?
by: Anonymous

Is there anyone who has actually been cured (turned HIV Negative) after this neem treatment? How did it go?

by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed on at least like a month and a half ago and immediately I sought help. This is something I never thought or imagined that I would have to go through, but it's real. I'm seeking help and I've read about the article that's been posted. So to you Mrs. Vera, 1st off congrats can and will you contact me via here. So I know what I need to do from now.

Ed.: I removed Vera's comments. I understand you are desperate, but please don't fall for this nonsense. It's spam for crying out loud. The same comments get posted on this site all the time, under different names, for different name doctors, at different email addresses... Emailing some Nigerian temple doctor to cure you via a spell... Come on!

Ed.: And I removed another dozen similar comments since! Driving me mad this is... Wish I could close comments on individual pages but I can't.

Neem the hope of today and tomorrow
by: Anonymous

Hi everybody,
Yes neem cured AIDS, here are some testimonies on youtube.


HIV CURE ( Father testifies about his HIV cured son )‎

prevention cure
by: Anonymous

Can daily routine of drinking neem leaf water cure aids?? Besides will the medicine curing work after everyday neem water consumption?

Neem does cure HIV
by: Anonymous

Hi everybody,
A friend of mine got healed just by taking 10 fresh leaves of neem for three months.
He took three cups of tea of neem leaves boiled in one litre of water for 15 min.
The HIV is nowhere to be found.

Neem may have side effects
by: Anonymous

As suggested above that HIV positive people drink neem water with empty stomach as I started it after 5 days my chest was paining too much.
I think neem also has some side effects.

No disease can withstand the neem
by: Marius

Hi everybody,
The neem tree is a given gift of God.

A friend of mine got healed just by taking 10 fresh neem leaves of for three months.
He took three cups of tea of neem leaves, boiled in one liter of water for 15 min.

You do not have to search any longer. The neem is the solution.
People are getting healed, while I am writing to you now.

Everybody is to have a neem tree in his house or planted in his garden.
If you do not have seeds, you can buy some on the internet.

This tree is wonderful; it can cure all the diseases causes by; viruses, bacteria, fungus.

I have been healed from herpes 1 thanks to it.

Believe you me; I am talking about things I know.
I take It every day.

God bless you.

Neem Sure Cure For HIV
by: Anonymous

Its feels good to see the belief of people over the neem .I am sure one day final cure to hiv will come to the world and people living with hiv need not to worry as jsut think that u want to live for 100 years .
No matter what ever virus have attacked the body it aatacks only the body and not the soul .
No virus can ruin our life .Just be positive .
Positive attitude towards life easily kills any type of virus .
I just want to know is eating 10 neem leafs directly can cure the hiv or just either control the virus activity and kill it ?

healing disease
by: Anonymous

I've "cured" my ****** through herbal medicine AND spiritualhealing. You cannot fully be "cured" unless you understand your "illness" / life lesson in all facets. Spiritual distress causes mental distress, then causes illness of the body. A product I used is from dhealthstoredotcom, the anti-viral cleanse. It contains neem. You must follow a raw vegan diet and do positive healing affirmations for the duration of the cleanse. It's for your health, the sooner u try, the better!

Neem as No1 herb. Gods poor man's gift.
by: Anonymous

Neem is the most common plant in the North of Nigeria. Anywhere is free and people are using it as shades. It is considered as non economical tree in my place (Maiduguri, Nigeria). Get anybody in the northern Nigeria and he will give you a truck load free.
I have been eating neem leaves for almost 4 weeks now and it really work wonders.

by: Anonymous

Do the neem pills work also from hymalia? I'm using them with my daily antiviral pills.

by: Anonymous

Hi there ,

I think Neem Tree is the cure of Aids but only if we understand the chemical compound to help us in getting the right kind of mixing standards to increase CD4 plus count.

The tree analysis can give us the right focus to break up the chemical compound that is in the NEEM Tree.

Buying Neen
by: Anonymous

Please where can I buy Neen with urgency?
Me, my husband and 2 kids have been infected for 6 years already. It is damaging my organs.
I need help fast. Thank you

I am HIV Positive
by: Rahul

Does neem really kill HIV Virus? Please help me.

Start drinking neem
by: Phil_Joey


I start drinking neem tea. I'll comment here once I have a good result. I hope this will be the cure. (March 2015)

God bless us.

by: Rahul

Phil_Joey are you HIV Positive?

Neem for HIV
by: Phil_Joey

Hi Rahul.

Yes. I am HIV Positive.
Recently diagnosed.

Neem Juice.
by: Rahul

Phil_Joey, what I am doing is grinding the neem leaves in mixi with water and putting two tablespoon of honey into this liquid mixture to make it more tasty and drinking this mixture. I think u should also do the same thing because u make neem tea and for that u heat the neem leaves which may destroy its components. I am not sure about it but best take it raw.

Neem for HIV
by: Phil_Joey

Hi there Rahul,

Thanks for that idea! I will try that. How oftern do you take that mixture in a day?

Neem for HIV
by: Rahul

Hi Phil_ Joey, how are you buddy?
I take in morning after emptying my stomach (going for nature's call) and before having my breakfast and exercise. In a day only 1 time i take. I don't know if we can take 2 times in a day.

Neem for HIV
by: Rahul

Phil_ Joey, Have you read in any site or book that neem destroys hiv 1 and 2 completely other than this site. I have read in this site and also watched the two youtube videos which were mentioned and what else are you doing to kill this virus.

Neem for HIV
by: Phil_Joey


Please send me an e-mail.

by: Anonymous

Please are you sure neem can cure hiv completely, because I have spent a lot in looking for the cure and I have a neem tree in my compound, please help me and give me the dose, too.

Need help
by: Anonymous

Hi guys,
I need your help guys can anyone email me as soon as possible : logenraghavan@gmail

Just Diagnosed - Started neem water 2 spoons daily
by: Meghansh

Just diagnosed - Started neem water, 2 spoons daily, let's see what happens. I would be looking for comments from all and their experience.

HIV can be cured
by: Anonymous

Neem is the solution, thank GOD. The white can cause all sorts of viruses but GOD had already provided a remedy for that which is neem and other undiscovered plants.

need help gent
by: Anonymous

Hi gent,
I am HIV positive, please help me. I have never seen the neem tree, how I can receive it in Mozambique?

by: Anonymous

Using it at the moment and have got a change at least.

by: Anonymous

I have HIV, and I have greatly relied on neem all this while. I cannot say it cures HIV, but what I'm certain of is the relief it offers. I usually experience very painful gum pains, mouth sores, weight loss, skin infections and migraine( headache) when I routinely stop taking the neem shortly, which are similar to symptoms I experienced during my initial stage of infection. But the surprise is when I am taking the neem, every pain and sore in my mouth vanishes. Headache vanishes. Skin infections decline. But with weight loss, I cannot tell for now. But it seems to me that my weight stabilizes, and I don't grow further lean. I'll update you guys about my weight state later... So that's my experience with neem. Whether the improvement in my health by the neem has to do with the neem tackling the HIV virus, or whether it only tackles the secondary infection/symptoms, for that I cannot tell. Maybe time will tell... And as to how I take the neem, at first, I used to infuse fresh leaves in (hot) water then drink. It works well. But I got lazy preparing the infusion with time, and so I resorted to plucking (a few leaves) and (partially) chewing and swallowing them on spot. (Partially chewing, because it was so bitter to thoroughly chew). But, I think this method did not quite work well. Probably because of how I chewed the leaves, or maybe because I took in very few leaves. Then I got a third method (of which I still use), which is chewing the fresh stick (together with the outermost green skin) and swallowing the 'juice' or liquid, but not the chewed wood. Just about 2-3 inches long, for a day, and it works good, if not the best. Thanks.

Thank you
by: Birgit

Thank YOU for taking the time to share your experience.

What is the latest finding neem hiv cure
by: Anonymous

Since the discovery of neem, what is the latest findings on neem HIV cure? Is it that no one is supporting the findings?

What about powder?
by: Sammy

I am wondering if anyone takes neem in powder form? Does it have the same effect as the actual leaves?

On knock kneels, k leg, bow leg
by: Anonymous

Please what herbal remedy can be used to correct knock kneels, k leg, bow leg in children and adult. Please help, my son has knock kneels.

The cure is here, Neem helps.
by: Anonymous

Please go to this website wwwdothivcuredotin/hivcuredcases.html
The cure is here and it is sure.

by: Anonymous


spirulina cure hiv
by: Anonymous

What about spirulina, it also cure HIV.

for ended hiv virus
by: young singh

Kya leaf of neem khanese hiv virus ko khatm kiya ja skta hai

It's been helping me
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am HIV positive and I was told I don't need to be on HIV medication. However, I was in search of something to help me stay healthy, neem came up and I started taking neem capsules. From my experience it gave me a better appetite 100%. I bought the Nature Ways Brand and took 2 daily after meals so that's 6 capsules a day. It has your overall body feeling great. However, if you start taking neem take it one month as I said: daily 2 after meal, total 6 capsules daily, then ease up on it to 2 times daily after meals, total 4 capsules daily, and it's 475mg, so again, 2 after breakfast, 2 after lunch and 2 at night. Oh it also keeps me heathy from all colds and flus so if you are HIV positive like me you better get neem fast, it works.

Add it to your daily routine
by: Anonymous

I am lucky enough to be living in West Africa where a lot of these healing plants grow all over the place naturally. I found out that I have all that I need to heal myself right here in my own garden!

I am European but have been living here for a few years, and found that a local professor has been healing local people of HIV.

Basically you should take the following for a 6 month period:

- 1 teaspoon of Nigella Seeds mixed with 1 teaspoon of raw honey twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening (the seeds should be heated on medium heat to help prevent upsetting your tummy) Chew the honey and seed mix - its actually very tasty
- 200mg Selenium once a day
- 1 Multivitamin daily
- Olive leaf extract must be at least 20% Oleuropein taken three times a day. you will want to take 180mg of oleuropein in total a day split into 3 doses (60mg per dose)
-Get 15 mins of sun between the hours of 11 and 2pm each day (you will need to expose 40% of your body to the sun (UVB rays) for those 15 mins) to get a strong dose of Vit D3. Maybe if you don't have much sun where you live or that you can't get into the sun you should look for a vitamin D supplement but the dose should be reasonably strong as vitamin D is an important factor.
- Drink plenty of water and green tea
- Try and do some exercise/activity
- 1/2 cup of bitter leaf and aloe vera juice (wash fresh bitter leaf and then soak in fresh mineral water pressing the leaves every now and then and drain when water is infused, cold press fresh aloe vera leaves skin and all and mix together with the water) - You may like to mix this with some honey to help cut through the intense bitterness.
- 1/2 cup Neem Leaf extract drink prepared as per the bitter leaf above

Try and do as much as the above as you can for 6 months, if you can not find the bitter leaf then do all the other things listed, and the same with the neem leaf.

The above might sound like a lot to do but try and stick with it and eat and live healthy throughout the 6 months and I wish you the best with your healing process.

Neem cured my hiv
by: Anonymous

Am from Zambia. I was taking dry neem tea for one year and now am HIV free. Try it.

neem is the cure
by: Anonymous

I started taking neem. Wish me luck.

HIV/AIDS can be cured by neem powder?
by: GIFT

Hi, I am HIV positive. Can neem powder cure the virus?
Please reply on my
and tell me how to use it.

It's real...!!
by: 1988

Neem really helps though it's not clear that it cures, it's now three years of myself using neem leaves extract as my personal ARVs, I'm not saying stop using your drugs. I left taking medication because after only few months the medicines back fired on me more than the virus itself. My doctor advised me to change my medication but I just gave up and said to myself there is no need to waste time anymore let me die and I STOP even coming to the hospital. I started being transparent to my friends about my condition and one of my friends told me about the neem, that I should boil the leaves and take the extract twice a day. I entered that path and started taking the neem, guys, it was after two weeks that I realise my battle with the virus was a serious one because I had gained momentum. Everything about me started changing drastically, I had gained all the weight I had lost after two months. I advise this virus (HIV) you can't easily kill, you have a lot to do to completely keep the virus dormant, only my doctor knows of what I do in my town. I'm now three years living like any body else free and free indeed. There you are...

by: Anonymous

I readd much about neem, but how to prepare it for best result?

Nothing is impossible, believe in it
by: Anonymous

Last couple of comments of Dr. xyz is bullshit. Dear all, kindly read about kalonji and honey mixture to cure disease. Also read about urine therapy for cure. Don't pay for any such idiots who are just waiting for such people to make full of them.

Good luck
Can also search for Bhaktamar strota.

seeking for help
by: any hiv positive

Really I need help from this killer disease. And how neem be used, please answer me. When I get the answer try to find it out to help this poor woman who stay in the southern part of African continent.

Does neem oil also effective
by: Anonymous

Can neem oil work exactly the same thing as neem tea or leaf? Can the the oil be taken on empty stomach to cure HIV?

Miracle plant
by: Anonymous

I believed that neem is a miracle plant.

by: Abdul

Please, can one boil the leaves and be drinking or chew the leaves and drink, it also helps treatment?

by: marian cooker

Am Marian, I contracted HIV in 2009 and i was diagonised in 2015..i were told by my doctor that there's no possible cure for HIV. I started taking my ARV's, my CD4 was 77 and viral load was 112,450. SO i came in contact with DR.UWENBO, I saw a lot of testimonials about him on how he uses herbal medicine to cure HIV. I contacted him and told him my problems, He sent me the herbal medicine and i took it for 21days. after taking the herbal medication for that 21 days as prescribed by dr.uwenbo,i went for check-up I was surprised to see that I was NEGATIVE.. Am short of words, indeed this herb is a miracle herb. The medicine has NO SIDE EFFECT, there's no special diet when taking the medicine.only the doctors directives i follow . You can reach him via his Instagram page: (@dr.uwenboherbalhome), there is no harm in trying herbs.

Cure hiv with neem
by: Kushan

I would like to say tannin is the main compound of neem it contains 11% tannin that stop the viral replication of hiv and it absorbs the virus by killing the protine wall of hiv
But need bark has tannin 16% so I recommend you to take 100 leaves of need and take 1l of bottles and the and 200 ml to leaves and grind it and add it water take 200 ml twice a day for 30 days because you need to take higher does of tannin for kill hiv and also take vitamin D3 10000

Cure hiv with neem NEW
by: Kushan

I would like to say tannin is the main compound of neem it contains 11% tannin that stop the viral replication of hiv and it absorbs the virus by killing the protine wall of hiv
But need bark has tannin 16% so I recommend you to take 100 leaves of need and take 1l of bottles and the and 200 ml to leaves and grind it and add it water take 200 ml twice a day for 30 days because you need to take higher does of tannin for kill hiv and also take vitamin D3 10000

Neem for cure HIV NEW
by: Anonymous

Neem is working I had unprotected sex so that I started take neem my pimples are getting cured I think it's working

by: Anonymous

There is a drug in ghana that when combined with ARTs immensely reduce the viral loads of aids patients and there there those who took it alone where able to clear the virus and were undetectable, its called COA mixture i think its on can visit their website
made by Dr ato duncan below AE RESEARCH CONDUCTED on the drug

by: Anonymous

There is a drug in ghana that when combined with ARTs immensely reduce the viral loads of aids patients and there there those who took it alone where able to clear the virus and were undetectable, its called COA mixture i think its on can visit their website
made by Dr ato duncan below AE RESEARCH CONDUCTED on the drug

Neem NEW
by: Anonymous

Yh seen the COA mixture medicine it has azadirachta indica(Neem) as one of its ingredients

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