Neem as treatment for demodex mites?

by Msry Louise

For eight years I have suffered from what appear to be mites that live on my scalp and have spread all over my body. In one stage they burrow into my skin. Worse, they have gone into my eyes, nose, and mouth. I am a retired college professor, live alone, and am trying to get some writing done before I die. Doctors of course think I'm that proverbial woman who imagines insects. But I have bites to prove my condition. Would Neem oil give me any way to control these mites (for they are spreading)? And would it be safe to use it on my scalp and all over my body?

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It won't hurt you to try neem oil
by: Birgit

Unfortunately I don't know much about demodex mites. Only that about half of the population carry them, that they live in hair follicles and that apparently an overgrowth and problems with them are a sign of a weakened immune system.

Yes, using diluted neem oil (e.g.1:10 in olive oil or another carrier oil) and neem soaps, lotions and similar on your body and scalp is regarded as totally safe. Neem leaf if you can get hold of it is even safer. Just stay away from using undiluted neem oil directly on your skin as some people have a sensitivity reaction to it.

You could also consider taking neem leaf internally to support your immune system. It's available in capsule and tea form, or as fresh or dried leaf.

I would encourage you to read through everything you can find on this site about neem and scabies mites. Some readers have submitted very detailed treatment protocols that worked for them. No, they are of course not the same mites, but they are persistent little critters nevertheless.

You can also look for inspiration in the neem oil for head lice section. No, head lice are also not the same, but the problems when using neem oil in your hair are the same :-) (oily hair and a horrible smell).

I think that the neem should help with the symptoms, but I can't promise it.

Treatment for Demodex
by: Anonymous

This guy is the one in my country who sells the toner which treats demodex, rosacea, acnes.... and it's the best thing I’ve ever tried , and now I feel so good with my skin. It’s a natural product.

Just want to share:

Neem oil for Demodex
by: Anonymous

Neem oil works very good but in combination with lemon grass and tea tree oils. Google Ovante Skin Care products, these guys have everything made with the oils for demodex mites.

Testing for demodex mites
by: Ray Putney

To test for demodex mites you need a microscope with interchangeable condensers. With the dark field condenser the mites show up easily against the dark back ground. The bright field condenser will come with the microscope and the dark field condenser will be an optional accessory but it is essential.

(The condenser is the lens under the stage that focuses light on the specimen.)

To take the samples pluck hairs and place them in a drop of oil on the slide and cover with a cover slip. Examine the root end.

My best pictures came from eye lashes.

Adults have eight legs and a thick tail.

Nymphs have six legs and a thinner tail

Larva looks like worms and seem to eat their siblings

Hatchlings are very small larva.

demodex mites
by: Anonymous

I also have demodex mites and can't tolerate the itching any longer which has spread from the eyelids to the inner and outer ears and to the scalp. Most itching happens evenings. I have used pure organic neem oil directly on the eye brows and eye lids, forehead and ears. After using the neem just 2 evenings, I am finally finding relief. Visit to the dermatologist had been useless. His cream did not help. Have used oil of oregano in the past which burns terribly when accidentally gets into eyes. I read somewhere neem is toxic to the eyes.
Hope, it may help you as well without negative side effects.

Hair & body parasites.
by: Anonymous

Dear Mary Louise from Dallas. You have demodex mites. Not dangerous but will drive you crazy. I do, too. White vinegar rinse and tea tree oil calm them down, but only for few days. Do this:

Check out ...they guarantee to kill head lice in one day. Children or adults. There is a video giving proof. Hundreds of five star reviews. Call their no. or email and ask if it works the same for demodex mites. Am sure it does.

I am about to call them right after the holiday. Good luck!

You can get this under control
by: Dolly C.A

Hi guys, I am sorry that we all have to go through the pains of having these mites, however, God is great and expects us to assist each other at all times.

I am a wife and a mother of 2 small girls. I know we all have mites but I am starting to believe that they go out of control when we acquire the mites of others. Mites are extremely contagious but it seems to affect those with a compromised immune system.

I have been treating them since August and praise I seem to finally getting them under control.

Neem oil will work but not alone. I had them on my scalp, eyes, nose, ears, and everywhere else on my body. If you want to know what I did to get them under control email me at, and I will give you the steps to eradicating these pest.

Clove oi!
by: Anonymous

Clove oil kills eggs and mites.
Hot baths with bleach, scrub skin with skin brush to penetrate layers.
Warm salt water baths.
Olive oil on skin, in ears etc.
Treat environment, soak cloves in alcohol, make a spray.
Heat kills, throw out a lot of unwanted materials.
Steam clean etc. Bug bomb.
Leave home for a while.
It will work, hit it all at once, clove oil is the winner.
Treat body for candida, eat coconut oil, use acidophilous (sb kind is amazing kind) strepto b something.
Sunlight kills bugs.
Deal with pets, put them outside (sorry).
Do the neck treatments, bayer kills mites.
I consider doing myself or wearing flea collar (jokes).
Find Jesus before you die, he is real.
Pray for angels. :) Pray over self and house.
These bugs are evil and nasty, bleach and water, they don't get resistant to it, or clove I'd say. H2O2 also
John 9:31 :D God will hear you.
God bless.
Anointing with oil was originally to kill mites, haha, go figure. :) It's a crazy world. I am also a weird cat lady hypochondriac status but only 32, :) lol. Most doctors aren't that intelligent / interested these days until it bugs you. :D

by: Anonymous

Please do your research and realize that a LOT of people have demodex and it's only an issue if your immune system is compromised. Work on that first, and use tea tree oil and ivermectin based products. The research is out there. Tea tree oil needs to be diluted. Cliradex wipes are good even for eyes (tea tree oil diluted based). The new drug, Soolantra (Rosiver in Canada), is ivermectin based and works! You can make your own--dilute common horse dewormer with coconut or olive oil (use 1 tsp of dewormer which has 1.87 percent ivermectin in 7/8th tsp of olive oil or Cetaphil moisturizer--you can get the dewormer on Amazon), and apply AT NIGHT before you go to bed.

Clean your sheets and pillow cases at least once a week. Cleanse with tea tree oil based cleanser in the morning, and moisturize with a hypoallergenic formula of your favourite moisturizer.

And then concentrate on building up your immune system--Glyconutrients, no sugar, no dairy, reduce gluten, increase green and colored veggies and fruits, clean proteins (lean meats/eggs/organically raised chickens/wild meat with no fat,lentils, quinoa). Dump the 'white foods--flour, sugar, pasta' and eat nuts and seeds and supplement with natural omega fish oils...clean up your diet and your face and body will follow.

My mix just in case my itchy swollen eyes are mites
by: Beryl

I read through this and made up a 1/2 oz mixture of olive oil and Vaseline. Mixed it well and added one or two drops of each clove bud oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, and used a small paint brush to line my eye lashes and brows. Then as an after thought added essential oil of ginger and vitamin C oil. It has given me relief immediately. Email me for any updates or let me know if this helps you.

Can you see demodex mites with 20X magnifying mirror?
by: Anonymous

I use a 20X magnifying mirror to tweeze my eyebrows. This is how I discovered tiny white gross stuff coming out of my pores and scalp. I've been doing tons of research and believe I may have demodex. Is it possible to see these nasties with a 20X magnifying mirror? Thanks in advance. Need answers desperately.

Immune system NEW
by: Anonymous

You have to make sure that you get enough vitamin D. That will help your immune system to keep the mites under control. Vitamin D deficiency is very common.

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