Neem birth control question

by Tess C
(Houston, tx)

If there are reports floating around out there are that Neem is effective for birth control and there are actual products available out of India, etc in a capsule or oil form, why all the negative talk?

Just b/c something is natural but has shown to be effective shouldn't be poo-pooed just b/c it's not "FDA approved". I've tried asking around to see if anyone's actually used it and how to apply it in this way, but I can't get any answers.
What's the deal?


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Neem for birth control
by: Birgit

The deal you are asking for is already explained on the site. There are no neem contraception products in oil form or capsules. The products supposedly available in India are creams, suppositories for vaginal use.

If you can get hold of them, great. If you can't, then you have to experiment yourself, and the stuff is smelly, messy, and there are no guarantees that your home made attempts will work.

The only danger in trying is that you get pregnant anyway, depending on what you use and how you use it. According to available research there are no health risks, provided you use pure neem oil. And that is the ONLY option available to you if you want to use neem oil for contraception.

If you think "reports floating around out there" are all anyone would need to use neem oil internally...

Children have died after ingesting neem oil. There is no scientific information available about what prolonged, internal use of neem oil does to people. It is not considered safe.

Guinea pigs and rabbits in studies regarding contraception ingested larger amounts of neem extract doses for a longer period (6 weeks). Most of them also died.

I'm not poo-pooing it just because it's natural and not FDA approved. I suggest you rethink that comment.

Whether you take neem oil in a controlled fashion under the supervision of a bunch of doctors during a scientific experiment, or whether you experiment at home with god knows what bottle you picked up (especially in the US "neem oil" may contain neem oil extracts and have additives and who knows what else...) is a VERY different issue!!

Using normal neem capsules, as in neem leaf, may interfere with conception or a pregnancy. In which way that may happen is anyone's guess.

No studies have evaluated how taking neem capsules affect a human pregnancy. But we know from animal studies that neem leaf can interfere. Researchers often used extracts, not necessarily fresh leaf, and both injected and fed it to the rats. That is very different, both in application and in amounts used, to what a human would experience if taking a couple of neem capsules daily. Hence the warnings. To be safe, stay way from it.

There is no reason whatsoever to believe that a few neem leaf capsules or neem tea would be a reliable contraceptive.

Neem Oil for Birth Control

You can't get any answers because until the required work is done by the researchers, there are no answers!!


Attention Birgit
by: Ren

Birgit: Will you please reference the information that you have pertaining to animals and children dying from neem ingestion.

Thank you!

Neem as a Birth Control
by: Anonymous

I have searched for natural methods of birth control, and when I came across neem I decided to try. My boyfriend began taking 1000 of neem a day, for 5 weeks, (recommended by and we used neem oil as lubricant and spermicide. It has worked 100% and although there aren't many scientific studies on it and many doctors don't seem to know about it, in my experience it was a reliable source for birth control.

Somewhat True
by: Anonymous

You can't get any answers because until the required work is done by the researchers, there are no answers!

I don't know if that's true. One could always just hunt down testimonials by people using it in this way to get answers right? Sure there are a variety of factors involved that could "taint" results, but even in controlled environments that could happen (or something could be missed).

How Come?
by: Karo


You've mentioned how there is no currently funded research on neem as birth control. Gosh, that really makes me wish I had the science brain juice to study this fascinating and so promising stuff. But as I do not, how to get this into the open arena of awareness? Are there any foundations/labs/anything that can be pressed to delve into this? Of course, they're most probably aware of neem's potential, but if that is so why haven't these studies been expanded?

I understand that there is so much I don't understand on this topic, but I'm sure would like to. It's just so painful that something which has the possibility to cause so much goodness the world over, has to lie dormant. Any knowledge you could share would be enlightening and and much appreciated. Thank you.

What complacent, brainwashed asshat wrote this article; it's worthless!
by: Fuck Obamacare

Whoever wrote this article is most likely totally prescribed to or taught by mainstream chemical, sterile government run curriculum.

You are simply rattling off theory, poo-pooing & giving no real quotes, examples or research. I HAVE read articles that do this & in comparison - this article could be most related to mainstream TV brainwash & propaganda.

As if the hormones and steroids available through us are much safer? Have you taken those and made your half witted, ill researched shit-talk about those?

Look up wild carrot seed (Queen Anne's Lace) extract for women and papaya seed extrect for men; both also reportedly effective methods, by other countries who are far ahead of us in natural medical discoveries and use.

Worked for me
by: Anonymous

I use organic neem oil as a contraceptive and it works...... I am very fertile and so is the father of my first child, after her we decided to try the neem oil. It worked, every time I used it, I would experience abortion like symptoms, I was having my period twice a month because of how much I was using the neem oil. Then we ran out and I got another kind, this was not 100% nor was it organic, I fell pregnant. Anyway the pregnancy was terminated and then I made a point of using the 100% neem oil..... Not pregnant since then.

Published research
by: Michelle

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Neem Leaf capsules
by: Anonymous

I have used the Neem Leaf Capsules for 5 years. An I love that it helps me out in so many ways. But since I have been taking it. It has been a birth control for me for the 5 years I been taking the capsules. It works but that's not all I take it for either. But the Neem Leaf capsules are the best.

Birth control
by: Anonymous

Hello, I want to use the capsules as a birth control. Can anyone tell me how much I should take or maybe how much my husband should? Could I take a pill every day and if so what's the dosage? I really hate the smell of the oil so I want to stay away from using it.

Neem Through Sperm
by: Anonymous

I’m pregnant If my husband was taking neem leaf could it come through the sperm and harm the baby

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