Neem concentration from a 20% magrosa content

by Richard Barber
(Guaro Spain)

I have recently purchased TECMEN which has a 20% magrosa extract content. What will be the concentration of neem oil in this product ? Would you agree that the application rate should be 2-3 cc/litre ?

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What kind of extract? What use?
by: Birgit

Hi Richard,

It depends what they mean by "Margosa extract". An extract could be anything. And what are the other 80%? Just an inert carrier?

It also depends on what you want to use the neem solution for. You don't say what concentration you are trying to achieve or for what purpose.

Let's assume you have a product with a 20% neem oil content, no other insecticides or similar added to it, and you want to make a 1% garden spray (reasonable concentration for an all round garden spray) then you'd need to mix 50 ml or cc to a liter.

The 50 ml would contain 10 ml neem oil (20% of the 50 ml), and 10 in 1000 gives you a 1% neem oil solution.

dos cuestiones
by: el robe del parke

a ver si os podeis currar un poquito mejor las traducciones al castellano y seƱalar claramente que es la magrosa, si una parte del arbol de neem, una planta de similares caracteristicas, de la misma familia botanica o por contra, la industria a que se debe la existencia de este engrudo... yo lo he empezado a probar esta tarde sobre patatas, lechugas y guisantes, ya os contare los resultados. Au.

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