Neem for Dog Lice

I've read here that Neem is effective on biting and chewing insects, so that may apply to dog lice. I have in the past made a neem shampoo using regular dog shampoo with 1 ounce per gallon of Neem oil. I would think the shampoo would emulsify the Neem oil, but I also use a bit of dish detergent to mix first before adding to the shampoo.

Is Neem oil also effective as a wash for baseboards or concrete where lice might hide in corners. If so, what percentage?

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Neem for Dog Lice
by: Birgit

Hi Fain,

Yes, neem oil is most certainly effective on dog lice.

Just remember that the insecticidal ingredients in neem oil are not stable in water. Shampoos usually contain water...

The most effective shampoo is always mixed freshly, with a few drops in your hand rather than adding the lot to a bottle. (And there is no need to add extra detergent. Shampoo is a detergent.)

As for a wash for the surrounds, sure, you can do that. A 1-2% solution should be strong enough. You can also just spray the area regularly.

by: Anonymous

It is effective for fleas too?

by: Anonymous

Lice only live a few days of the host. They are not like fleas that hibernate and hatch later.

Do lice hibernate
by: Anonymous

I don't think lice hibernate forever like fleas, then spring to life! However, my vet says the almost invisible eggs hatch after two weeks and nothing kills the eggs.

You have to treat again after two weeks, then after 2 weeks once more - that is 3 treatments at 2 week intervals. Then 2 days after each treatment, shampoo with flea shampoo. Meanwhile wash ALL bedding with hot water and a little bleach, and dry in hot dryer.

I even saw one instruction to wash a second time the same way. They seem to me to be hard to get rid of, since all 4 dogs and the cat are still itchy.

What a relief they don't like humans!!!

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