Neem for hair loss

by Cathy
(Almeria, Spain)

I have always had fine healthy hair and I've been blonde (out of a bottle) for a lot of years. These past few months I have lost a lot of hair and it is going very thin. No traumas, change of diet or upsets of any kind has triggered it off.

Now, would neem oil grow my hair back and what dilution would I use? It's upsetting when you start losing your hair so any help please.
Catherine Walker

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Neem oil for hair loss
by: Birgit

Hi Cathy,

I am sure that your hair loss is very upsetting, but I can't answer your question.

Neem oil does not grow hair. Nothing grows hair. What neem oil can do is fix some of the underlying causes that lead to hair loss.

Neem improves the health of your scalp: it restores skin balance, soothes irritated skin, moisturizes dry skin, helps with any kind of bacterial, fungal or viral infections and parasites. And due to those effects some people have seen impressive improvements in hair growth.

But without knowing what has caused your sudden shedding I can't say if neem oil treatments would make a difference or not. For example your hair loss could be related to hormonal changes in your body. Putting neem on your scalp won't affect that much, though it may still improve your overall hair and scalp condition somewhat.

All I can say is that neem oil won't hurt. (I'd use it as a 1 in 10 dilution in a light carrier oil.)

From India

Growing new hair is a slow process.

There are some natural methods like using mustard oil warmed with Henna leaves

Better use that before going to sleep because you would certainly not display your head with thick oil.

Also, you can have egg with lemon juices as your shampoo.

There are loads of other methods and natural oils, you may search on Google for "natural treatment for hair growth" etc.

There is an asana in Yoga to promote better blood circulation in scalp.

Cheers :)

Hair loss
by: saroj

Hormonal imbalance is definitely one reason people lose hair. Also stress is another major reason. The third (see in the western countries is the hot water from the shower head with water treatment chemicals in it.

Mustard oil mixed with neem oil will help to gain hair if you apply it on the scalp and massage it.

Avoid using shampoo every day when you take shower in the morning, skip a day and apply shampoo the other day.

Practice Yoga posture with your feet up in the air and head on the ground (use wall as support while doing this asana). People with joint and back problems should avoid doing this.

Thanks guys.

Need did help
by: Safron

Dear Kathy,

Sorry to hear about your sudden hair loss. I understand how upsetting it is. People used to associate me with big hair and now it has gotten so thin I've taken to wearing a wig sometimes.

Just learned a few tricks that seem to be really helping and one of them is neem. I buy it as a powder in a Tibetan store, mix it with rose water or regular water and a little shampoo, and then apply it to scalp in the shower. Let it sit. It creates thick slurry. When you rinse it out, the hair will immediately seem thicker because it is coated with?grit", but doesn't look dirty if you mix it with shampoo.

There are some medications that will make your hair fall out, aleve, asthma medications and many others. If you've been taking them a long time and suddenly have hair loss, you could have reached a tipping point.

Try adding proteins into the diet, salmon, nuts, and take a very good multivitamin. There are Chinese herbs for hair loss too. It will take about 3 months to see a difference. Try to avoid all chemicals on the hair, esp. hair dye. Try henna instead, it thickens the hair up too. Also avoid pulling on the hair with clips, pins, barrettes, or rubber bands. Just let it hang down for awhile without any stress or pressure. These things have made a difference for me. I do recommend the neem.

Good luck and you are not alone.


Neem Use for Hairloss
by: Smiley

Sorry to hear about your hairloss Cathy.

I suffered from Dengue fever three months ago. None told me about he large amount of hair I would lose afterward. It was an awful fever and just when I thought I beat the damn thing. I strayed losing so much hair. As you say it is very very depressing. I have started using neem oil too. I still don't know whether it grows hair. However the hair-fall has reduced a bit.

Perhaps with regular use I am hopeful I shall see a difference. Try using it mixed with another oil like coconut or olive. I try not to mind the smell and us it on weekend so it doesn't offend anyone at work. Was it out after a good hour or so with a light shampoo. This website offers so much info so you will know what to do.

Perhaps you should color you hair anymore. There is no doubt that coloring agents will act adversely on already thinning hair. Just try to use Henna or better still for a while keep it the normal color. Easier said than done though as you have been so used to being blond. I shall be hopeful for the two of us and would be happy if you kept posting your success or failures using neem. Nonetheless there is always room for hope using natural products from mother earth.

Happy smiles

Men and Women Hair Loss
by: Alishia Mason (Tampa, Florida)

Hello everybody! After reading all your comments, and learning a few new tricks myself, I was very surprised to see no one mentioned what I think are the two most important topicals for the head and hair loss.

For Men and women: If your scalp is warm or irritated, you can also use the insides of an Aloe Vera Leaf. Just rub it all over and leave it on (preferably on a clean head). I noticed that this treatment helped me a lot during hair loss.

Also, I have found that coconut oil is very good for your scalp and helping new hair growth. Under extreme stress and as a result of many chemical pollutants, my hair started showing bald spots. I rubbed the oil in real good quantity to the scalp but a small portion goes a long way. I also did not wash my hair daily. I washed it only if it looked oily to me.

Neem oil is my new venture, and I look forward to trying it.

From India (again)
by: Anonymous

Any natural thing that increases the blood circulation on your scalp can promote new hair growth. For instance, ginger.

Leave ginger juice and extract ( made at home) on scalp for 15 -20 min. Do this daily for 2 years. Yes, new follicle growth is a very slow process.

Stay away from polllution as much you can. Wash your head (with water only) after coming home; I mean when your head has accumulated a lot of dust.

Use a mild shampoo once or twice a week. Remain stress free. Sleep well. Drink loads of water and fruit juice and you'll be there. : )

Well, sleeping well and drinking loads of water and fruit juice will also improve natural beauty of your face!

Hair growth
by: Anonymous

Hi Cathy,

Use Castor oil with olive oil as it helps in growth of hair.


Use neem leaves
by: teena

Hey Cathy..

I will suggest, go for neem leaves instead .. Boil them and use that water to mix henna (pure henna).. You can use like some drops of olive oil and lemon too...

This has worked perfectly for my friends.. Good luck..

hair loss
by: Renuka

I am from South India. I had curly split end hair for years but later because of elderly advises I applied coconut oil over my scalp and my down parts also. Seriously I saw drastic improvement in growing. So I started maintaining my hair more and to get rid of dandruff I searched in net and applied the boiled green neem water also. I got results but this Friday and also Thursday I could see my abnormality and from Friday there was sudden loss of hair and contiues till date. I don't know what to do.

hair loss
by: Enrique Miller

Thank you.

hair loss
by: Kenneth Belcher

Yes neem oil is always equally important as coconut oil or other hair care products.For hair growth and scalp problems neem oil is used.It has various benefits like promotes hair growth, helps for dandruff and itching, keeps our scalp healthy etc. Try to use as like coconut oil or else mix both oil. I have some of the products as similar to neem products. Do visit the site once and share your views.

Itchy sclap
by: Brenda W.

Hey!! To you that have itchy scalp! I have had this for over 20 years, nothing works. The Neem oil I'll try and see. If anyone know of anything that will help me with this problem let me know. I need your help! I pray that something works.

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