Neem for Lyme Disease

I was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease 6 months ago. I've been on a ton of antibiotics and still very sick. Lyme disease is spreading right now faster than the aids virus, yet doctors are experimenting to find out how to cure it with different antibiotics.

The bacteria get deep into the system and is very hard to get rid of once it's in for a while. I was misdiagnosed for over 3 years. It's a disease that mimics alot of other diseases unfortunately. So it's very hard for doctors to diagnose.

But my question is, do you see this helping with fighting these various bacteria and co-infections associated with lyme disease?
Thanks so much for your help.

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Neem and Lyme Disease
by: Birgit

Thanks for educating us a bit about lyme disease. I have to admit that I am not familiar with it, I just know the name.

Please note that the following is not intended as medical advice. Just my thoughts and what I found on the subject. Do discuss this with your doctor.

I just did a search across existing medical literature and to date there has been no research into the effects of neem on lyme disease.

But I would think, given what we know about the effects of neem leaf on bacteria in general and on the immune system, that regular consumption of fresh or dried leaf or neem tea could very well have a very beneficial effect.

It is something that I would certainly try if I was battling this disease.

Since you don't know how you will react, or whether lyme disease changes the way your body reacts to this herb, it is important that you start carefully, by taking very little.

You should also discuss it with your doctor first.

by: Anonymous

In India, we take fresh neem leaves, make a paste of say a tea spoonful and down it with a glass of butter milk. If not drink it with water, then take a bit of yoghurt. A one month course should get rid of any bacteria infection and also act against certain virus. Fresh neem leaves are effective, dried leaves or oil can not be that potent.

Neem has been used for it's benefit for around 3000 years. It can cause gut irritation therefore butter milk, milk or ghee should be taken with it.

Anti MFP from Douglas-Anti fungal, Anti parasitic and Anti Microbial
by: Usha

If you have bacterial infection and if you want to take any herbal support, you can take Anti MFP from Douglas company. It is little costly but working great. I am facing bacteria overgrowth in my body, it effecting my lymphatic system. I am taking this medicine from online that my naturopath doctor prescribed me. Demonstrated anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti- microbial properties. This comprehensive formula provides therapeutic doses of Berberine, Goldenseal, Citrus seed extract, Burdock, Black Walnut, and Olive leaf providing an effective treatment for infectious and inflammatory conditions.
If you have leaky gut, you need to change your diet and should take probiotic and Digestive Enzymes to break down your food. I hope these information will help you.

Neem Works
by: Ms. Herb

Greetings Bridget:
I hope that you have decided to use Neem, it is very powerful, extremely bitter. Do not buy the powder, it's extremely concentrated. You can try the neem oil in warm water, shake 1/2 teaspoon in hot tea, shake it well. Then drink while the oil is broken up in the water. You can also drink black seed oil, start with a drop then 1/4 tsp eventually. Pau D'Arc is excellent to combine, always add finer, and cayenne as the circulatory and catalyst to take the medicine to its destination.
Peace and Research
You Can Beat Lyme Diseae
I know that it can be beat naturally? Ms. Herb Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Grandmother, and Vegan Baker, Nutritionist

Please explain
by: Peter

Hallo Ms. Herb,
you write "always add finer, and cayenne", what do you mean with "finer" or was it misspelling?

Ms Herb
by: Anonymous

It is stated at the very bottom (footer) that OIL is not to be taken internally.
Tea, extract, or capsules are fine to take. Oil is for external use only.

Neem and Lyme
by: Susan B.


Hello fellow Lyme disease sufferers. I thought I should share my own personal experience with Lyme disease and the hell I went through...but came out on the "other side", so there is hope!

I contracted Lyme disease many years ago, while on a trip to northern CA- before it became a well-known disease. Since I live in the northwest, where Lyme disease is very uncommon, it took quite a while for the diagnosis to be confirmed. I first had the bite looked at, before I had any real symptoms except fatigue. Naturally the doctor said don't worry- but I was worried! The bite was growing so big & I never saw anything like it- it was scary, not normal- but classic.

About a week went by, and by that time, all my joints were so swelled up and I was in so much pain all over my body. I had no strength to even pull the blanket up over myself. My head was foggy, I couldn't sleep, and felt helpless. First I was put on several runs of oral antibiotics. When that didn't help, I was put on intravenous antibiotics. Still nothing helped.

My husband and I both started researching. We both were interested in natural medicine and particularly oriental medicine and the ancient Science of Ayurveda (from India) We read about a well-known herb called NEEM that has been used for thousands of years for many different diseases and symptoms- often working like an antibiotic, without all the harmful side effects. Knowing that herbal medicine can often take a while to get the full effects, unlike western medicine-

I decided to try this Neem- what did I have to lose?! I started taking about 2,000 mg. a day. It took 3-4 months, but gradually my symptoms started going away. After 6 months, I reduced my dose to 1,000 mg. a day- by that time I had just some swelling in some of my joints- but nothing like before.

Since that time, I have put it to the test by taking breaks from it, and after a week or two of being off the Neem my symptoms will return. I know I have this bug in my body and will for my whole life- but I also have a way of controlling it so I can lead a normal life.

The one side effect from taking the neem is that it can dry out my skin (which is a small price to pay) So I also found out recently that oil of oregano can be taken for a week or two when I want to take a break from the Neem. There are also some great Ayurvedic oils that I use for dryness. It is also essential to have a good quality product. Neem extract is more powerful than the whole herb and it should be organic.

For many years, I have been taking the products sold by Tattva's Herbs, which are very pure, potent and dependably good quality. But a good high quality neem extract is carried by many reputable companies. Be sure to get an extract not just the whole herb. It is 20x the potency.

I also found that I have to keep my immune system strong in order to fight off the nasty attacks. The neem helps with that, but another product I found to keep my strength up is called Chyawanprash. I haven't even caught a cold, flu or anything else that is contagious since I've been on these.

I hope this information can be of help for some of you who are suffering from Lyme disease. Patience is important, as it does take a while to take effect- but it's worked for me for over 2 decades, and I know it has helped other people as well. Don't give up hopeā€¦ there is help!

Neem powder for Lyme disease
by: Anonymous

This is not a medical advice.
I took a detail blood test and just asked my doctor to check for lyme. I was tested positive in first test and negative in second. I have had no sign of lyme disease on my body ever per my recollection or any fever. I never took antibiotics but Neem powder in morning and at night and after 6 months when got the blood test then the first test was negative so never had to do the second test. I do not know if I had the lyme disease but maybe by eating Neem powder considered multipurpose for all insect bites cured it. Hope it helps.

Susan B
by: KAnonymous

Susan, did you take anything else other than what you mention in your comment??

Bug killer, I have ME, possibly lyme
by: Anonymous

Hi, just reacted badly to 2 capsules as recommended. But will defiinitely try again in a lot smaller dosage.

to K Anonymous NEW
by: Joe

I really hope that worked but it wouldn't hurt to know the main Lyme bacteria, Borrelia Burdorferi,can change its shape. Often, it bores into lymph, cartilage or even nerve tissue to hide for a month before returning to the blood system. So a 3 month dosing might be better but I don't know if neem can be tolerated that long.
Good Luck.

mysterious borrelia / lymes
by: constantine

My experience with lymes is that it is notoriously hard to get rid of after 6 months from infection as it can travel ouyside the bloodstream and into endothelial tissues. There it cleaves to a lipoprotein called bbk32, this allows it to travel throughout the body and what makes it a multiple level infection disease syndrome. Because the plasmids in the bacteria are different than most bacteria if not all it allows it to be somewhat antibiotic resistant. It also allows it to manipulate C1 compliment complex in the inborn immunity, inborn immunity being 60% neutrophils. You will probably experience neutropenia mixed with a heightened state of lymphocyte dominance. If this persists for a while it can excite so to speak proinflammatory cytokines that increase inflammation in the body, mainly joints but also other collagen tissues. It manipulates fibronectin a healing collagen making it difficult for the body to heal. It also being a spirochete can turn into a round body making it hard for antibiotics to target. Doses of azlocillian 40 units iv for 2 weeks with 2grams ceftrioxone for 2 weeks im injection have been shown to be helpful, possibly clear both spirochets and roundbodies. It can also get into the nervous system by activating the microglia, this will elevate the protein in the spinal cord. Plant wise a mixture of equal parts neem leaf andrographis herb, coptis root, may help with some of the infection along with strong ppm of colloidal silver and 8000mg fish oil twice a day. I hope all this helps, the above antibiotic combination is one of the few things that have been most effective. Also taking shizandra berry powder 2 tablespoons in orange juice with help with you atp production and strengthen your hpa axis, basically help with fatigue...Best of luck

by: Anonymous

Constantine. Great message. Did you actually get help or know someone who did with those intravenous antibiotics?

Azlocillin availability
by: Anonymous

I was told that azlocillin is not available! Hygromicin A ( spelling?) is not available yet either so how did the one person here get that treatment of Azlocillin ?

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