Neem for my pets, for my hair and my garden, IT IS THE BEST!!

by Rhonda

I LOVE NEEM OIL - never intend to be without it - I use it for myself, my pets and my garden.

I purchased pure neem oil several years ago for my one Beagle that had demodetic mange, which is not contagious (not sarcoptice mange which is contagious and not curable).

Long story short, after all the treaments and medications the vet gave it came to the point where the veterinarian said he couldn't take any more treatments, and if he continued to get flare ups he could lose all of his hair, and eventually have to be put down.

I did hours upon hours of research, and started a holistic treatment along with neem oil mixed in his shampoo, and mixed neem as a topical treatment. All of this helped to keep it under control and he lived happily for many more years. The veterinarian kept my treatment in his file for future reference.

Next I had three cats that were my dad's and after he passed away I brought them to my house. They were allergic to something or had stress related skin problem, itchy oozie spots, not hotspots, they all at different tabs got this skin condition.

I checked in to safety for cats and found that they shouldn't eat it because some cats can have adverse reaction but since the breakouts were in an area they couldn't reach I mixed it with some jojoba oil which is safe for cats, and rubbed in on the affected areas every other day, along with vitamin supplements they took.

Now the skin problems are all cleared up, and my one cat that I have had for years, who was abused by some other people before we took her in, has the most beautiful shiny fur. She always had drab, dry dull coat.

Next after a very stressful year, with one trauma after another and surgery, it affected my hair. My hair was not growing as it should. Some areas went into the talogen stage, and although there was hair it had practically stopped growing in a couple of areas. Also my hair had become dull and dry etc. I've always had healthy, shiny hair even though it is baby fine. So I thought neem oil.

I mixed it with a couple drops of neem oil and a couple drops of jojoba oil and rubbed into my scalp about twice a week. I leave it in during the day or during the night and wash out afterward. My hair is growing better in the affected areas and it's not dry or damaged looking. Of course, I know the damage will have to grow out as new healthier hair grows in. I'm going this week for a new cut, so that some of the damaged hair will be gone.

P.S. I also use this in my garden for insects and as a fungicide on my rose.

What a great product.

I've never tried the products that are made specifically for each, I just use the neem oil and mix it for what I need it for. NEEM OIL'S BIGGEST FAN.

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Neem oil is the best indeed :-)
by: Birgit

Thank you, Rhonda, for your detailed and enthusiastic account of your experiences!

You are using what is in my opinion the very best approach. Get yourself a big bottle of pure, organic neem oil. Get yourself an education about neem. And then just mix it with oils, shampoos, lotions or soap and water as needed.

You are a smart and resourceful woman :-). No wonder you are having such great results.

By the way, I have moved your page to the pets and animals section for now, but I will also link it from the hair page since people with hair problems will also be very interested in your methods and results.

by: Anna

I discovered Neem when a very special cutting of Cestrum got red spider mite.
On trying to eradicate fleas on my dogs after a holiday stay and to reduce rust on my fuchsias.
I am impressed with this really safe and versatile vegetable oil.Not to be confused with an essential oil.
Would never be with out it.

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