Neem in the backyard breaks compound walls??

My gardener advised me NOT to plant neem in the backyard as it breaks the foundation of the house, compound walls, drains... Now I found that a bit ridiculous but would still like to know whether there is any element of truth in this?
Neem as we know is a robust tree but surely would roots cause problem to the drain and housing foundation?

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Growing neem near walls, foundations etc.
by: Birgit

I am afraid your gardener has a point. Neem is in the same family as mahogany, another tree known to cause problems to foundations, walls etc. If planted in small yards or close to such structures, then neem trees could very well cause problems years later.

Not Only The Neem Tree
by: Darrin

I can't say one way or the other concerning neem.

However, damage to foundations and or walls has been caused by trees of all sorts. Some just get big enough to do it. So, it's possible that the neem tree may be no exception.

Problematic neem tree
by: Anonymous

I had two big neem trees in my yard about 10 ft. from my house. I had to cut them down as they caused big cracks on the walls. Their roots were going under the foundation which gave big problems. The walls were cracked through from the outside to the inside.

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