Neem Insect Repellent

by Anonymous Reader

Disappointed! This does not prevent midge bites as stated in the advertising information. I purchased a neem spray and have used it in various parts of Scotland where the midge is rife and have always ended up with bites. In a recent outing I had put Neem on in the car and when I got out I was swamped with midges, totally undeterred by Neem and they had a field day! Zero points from me!

(Note from the editor: as per my comments below, here is the page about Neem Insect Repellent.)

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Raw neem oil does work
by: Birgit

"This does not prevent midge bites as stated in the advertising information."

"This"? What is "this"?

Unfortunately you do not say what you used or what exactly it contained. It sounds as if you say neem does not work.

With that I have to disagree.
Let me clarify:

I don't know what you bought or where. Obviously a ready made spray with neem, but what exactly were the ingredients? Raw neem oil? A refined neem oil extract? Leaf extract? How much? Did it contain water?

I have not published a detailed page about personal neem insect repellent yet. (Update: I have. Here is the page about Neem Insect Repellent.)

But I do, on other pages, stress again and again that the best and most effective neem product to use against insects is raw, cold pressed neem oil.

I also repeatedly stress that processed neem extracts are not as effective, and that you should not expect too much from ready made sprays that have some neem extract added.

The most effective way to use neem oil as a personal insect repellent is to dilute raw neem oil in a carrier oil (e.g. 1% neem oil in soy bean oil or coconut oil).

Any other sprays, watery sprays, and especially the pre-made sprays you can purchase, repel insects somewhat and are adequate for a range of uses, but they are certainly not effective enough in a high insect pressure situation as you describe.

Your experience does not surprise me at all. It is exactly what I would expect from a ready made spray.

It is important to understand how neem works and how it needs to be used for different purposes. That's what this website is trying to help you do. Expecting miracles from any and every bottle that has some form of neem added to it will certainly lead to disappointment and I repeatedly warn about that.

I will try to get that detailed page about personal neem repellent online asap.

In the meantime please understand that this site is here to provide real information, both the good and the bad, to avoid experiences like yours. Advertising can be misleading, but so can criticism if it is dealt out without information and specifics.

Ready to Spray Insect Repellent and its Concentrate Form
by: Anonymous

Ready to use neem spray does work, but it depends on the formulation and the strength of active ingredient like neem oil and oil of Citronella. The best is the concentrate solution and use it with diluting one part concentrate and 4 parts of water. You can inquire with email

This small company carries organic neem oil and ready made spray and concentrate. I am a chemist and I can tell that concentrate is always the best option. You only have to dilute it to make the mixture ready to use. Good Luck!

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