Neem insecticide for ants

by Vanessa

I have a neem tree in my garden and I want to make an insecticide for inside the house against aunts.

Can I boil the leaves and use the liquid into a spray?

I don't have oil, and the city where I live doesn't carry already made sprays.

Thanks for this great site!

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Neem leaf for ants
by: Birgit

Hi Vanessa,
Thanks for your kind words.

Well, you can use neem in the way you describe, though boiling greatly reduces the activity. It's better to crush and then steep the leaves in cold water as described here:

Making Neem Leaf Extracts

Also, neem is not necessarily the most effective agent against ants. (I assume you meant ants and don't really want to get rid of your aunts, right? :-))

If you want to repel ants try tea tree oil:

Effects of neem oil on house ants.

Hope that helps!


We all are having a very bad time at home due to these ants. Wherever we go, there are ants, ants and ants everywhere; in our kitchen room, in our toilet , in our bed room , on our bed , in our cupboards , in our electrical items. Please help! We are just fed up. These are all small biting ants.

How to get rid of ants
by: Syed Ali Zaidi

Sir/Madame- the best way to get rid of ants, as we do it here in Pakistan, is as following:

(1) Take 1/2 Kilo of diced extra hot green chillies.
(2) Mix with 1 liter of cold water and leave it for 24 hours.
(3) Strain with a cheese cloth and spray directly at the affected areas.

We also use it as an organic spray mixed with garlic and soap over our veggies & fruits. Patience is advised, spray has to be done atleast thrice weekly.

Try and do inform others also.
Please do post your comments over the results you get.
Thank you all for reading.

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