Neem Neem every road has Neem

by Jameela Mohanna
(Madinat Hamad , Kingdom of Bahrain)

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Here a report from the Kingdom of Bahrain

Neem is a tree that is found in almost every neighbourhood however it seems that only the older people here know about the benefits.

It's the perfect tree to grow here but over the years was replaced by the conocarpus, which is such a waste.
However many are uprooting these also now as they literally grow into the water mains.

The roots are huge and like the eucalyptus drain the water from everything around.

My eucalyptus killed my 10 year old mature Neem tree.
I have however replaced them with young neem trees and use the leaves daily for general health. The oil for my son who skinned himself falling of his bike. Like you said the smell is off-putting but the benefits outweigh that. His skin is healing beautifully and hopefully no scars.

So I am trying to educate my friends one by one on the miracle tree in our garden.

I simply love your website, it has such a wealth of information. And I will be sharing it with all here in the Middle East, through my free info website on where to recycle in Bahrain.
I am adding some pages about complementary health where it will be posted.

Jameela Mohanna
Kingdom of Bahrain

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Thank You
by: Birgit

Thank you, Jameela, for your kind words.
I am glad you like the website and information, and thank you for helping to spread the word about neem.

by: Sidney Vincent

On a visit to my daughter, who has recently moved to Bahrain, I was surprised to see that she was not re-cycling as she used to do when in the UK. She explained that there was no organized system in the Kingdom. I will now forward your website to her.

By the way, we are passionate about promoting Neem and are called The Neem People. Look it up.

Carry on the good work.

great minds think alike
by: Jameela Mohanna

That's so great to hear. I recently was a guest speaker at the Bahrain Garden Society, about Neem.

Most ladies who were avid gardeners were stunned to hear how many benefits it has.

A lady with MRSA has healed her wound that wouldn't heal for weeks, she could see the difference in 24hrs.
Cracked heels are smooth in 3 days.

About the recycling: its finally taking up speed after all the years of wasting precious resources.

And there are many places (50+) you can drop off your materials, with many places coming up.

And supermarkets are also slowly coming around, now we only need them to start charging for plastic bags, which to years ago cause a public outcry.

by: Sidney Vincent

My wife and I spent Christmas with my daughter and son-in-law who live in Saar. I was delighted to see the re-cycling bins that my son-in-law visits every other day.
Full marks to all who campaigned.

We look forward to our next visit.

Sidney Vincent

by: Dr Nirrmala Kotharii

Dear J M,

It's nice to know that Neem has it presence in Bahrain. Please find here brief introduction of our organisation which is an international organisation for the promotion of Neem.

On the suggestion of Neem fraternity at the First GLOBAL NEEM TRADE FAIR (GNTF) 2016, in Mumbai an idea of a World Neem Organisation (WNO) was floated and conceptualized.

World Neem Organisation was incorporated on 12th May 2017, as ‘Non Profit Organisation’ under Section 8 Company of India. Mumbai is the head quarter of World Neem Organisation (WNO). Members of Governing Council represents the different geographies, namely, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Americas, Europe and Middle East.

World Neem Organisation is a common forum of all interested Neem enthusiasts, investigators, partners, and workers with a view to pool and synergizes their expertise, knowledge, and resources. World Neem Organisation is coordinating among all stakeholders for the promotion of Neem. World Neem Organisation therefore working as a highly collaborative, flexible, and open-ended action group for the benefit of mankind and posterity. For all the Neem associates and coalition partners, World Neem Organisation is providing a platform to share the experience and knowledge resources to mobilize people and promoting Neem activities across the Globe.

Since 16th November 2017 World Neem Organisation has became Participant of the United Nations Global Compact. It has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Vision & Mission of the World Neem Organisation:
-Build greater awareness and promote the potential of Neem tree (Azadirachta Indica A. Juss.) for better Plant health, Human health, Animal health and the Environmental health.
-Promote large-scale planting of Neem in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the World as well as temperate (south Spain and Portugal) and desert regions. (Saudi Arabia, UAE etc).
-Promote research on Neem’s potential for a better world in coming decades.
-Promote production and commercialization of Neem products worldwide.
-Pursue and persuade policy makers.
-Create a Neem database and Neem mapping to build greater awareness of the potential of Neem.
- Conceptualize Neem Co-operative Societies and bringing it to reality.
Thanks and NEEM Regards!
Dr Nirrmala Kotharii
General Secretary
World Neem Organisation

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