Neem Oil - A Miracle Cure

by Maria Paterson
(Exeter England)

About 6-7 years ago I had a strange itchy red rash develop on my knee and I thought it was Ring Worm. The Doctor's treated me for Ring Worm but the cream made no difference at all, and the rash started to get bigger.

I was sent to my local hospital for further tests at the Dermatology Unit, where it was discovered I had a rare skin disease called Granuloma Anulari, which has no known cause or cure. I was given a steroid cream to help alleviate the redness and itching, but this only aggravated the symptoms.

Two years ago I was in Goa and visited a spice plantation where I bought a small bottle of Neem Oil for a friend who suffers with bad Eczema, but I never got to give him the Oil, so it sat in my kitchen for over a year!

Recently I thought I would try the Neem Oil on the Granuloma which had re-appeared on my knee again after three years of being abscent, and to my very pleasant surprise, the symptoms calmed down within 24 hours of the first application! I now apply the oil to the rash daily and it has all but dissapeared, taking away the redness and the itching!

I am truly amazed at how quickly the Neem Oil took effect and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering with a skin condition! I am going to also tell my GP that they should be advising any of their patients to go and buy Neem Oil instead of applying a steroid cream which doesn't even work and probably costs the NHS a lot of money!

Maria, UK

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Neem oil on skin
by: Birgit

Thanks, Maria, for sharing your experience.

Good on you for trying to educate your GP. Some doctors are open for such information. Many unfortunately aren't. I hope yours is one of the good ones.

(P.S.: The fact that this costs a lot of money means the pharmaceutical industry earns a lot of money, and unfortunately that is what health care is all about :-(.)

Redness and Itching
by: Anonymous

I had severe itching and the redness had started spreading. I started applying neem oil for 3 days only. I never felt itching from the day I started applying it. Previously I applied cream that the doctor had given me but it just didnt work.

Thanks to neem, I am feeling better and recommend it to everybody out there.

Miracle cure
by: May

Apart from knee rash did you have rash on other part of skin? Is neem oil still working, I mean no return of rash?

by: Krsity

It is a miracle for real. It worked in 2 days to relieve a carbuncle. WOW! Usually takes weeks for them to go away trying everything under the sun. Wow.

by: Anonymous

Good luck with telling your doctor what to prescribe. He'll soon be out of a job not selling his steroid cream.

What exact bottle / brand did you use?
by: Anonymous

Exactly which product did you use? Can you attach a picture of the product? There are soo many to choose from.

Neem oil & GA NEW
by: Anonymous

I too started using a neem oil & grapeseed oil mix I purchased in Cape Verde for mosquitoe bites, I suffer from
Quite bad GA and have done since my early 20’s and to my surprise my GA has reduced dramatically!!

I have been on a waiting list to see a dermatologist which has now been arranged for Jan 24……I’ll be sure to tell them the same as you told your GP

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