Neem oil and bed bugs

I read all about the neem oil on this website and what it can be used for. I also did a search on this web site for bed bugs to see if anything will answer my question and I have found nothing. But I was told by a friend that neem oil will help to eradicate the bed bugs (an ever-expanding problem across the United States).

I also read that neem oil can be used as a pesticide against all sucking bugs. Bed bugs are sucking bugs and to me neem oil would be effective against them. My question is would neem oil help eradicate the bed bugs in the manner described on this web site?

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There is a whole page on neem oil and bed bugs
by: Birgit

Please see Neem oil and bed bugs.

(I also just entered bed bugs in the search box and it found it just fine... Not sure why it didn't work for you.)

Neem Oil Spray for Bed Bugs
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Can you please let me know which neem oil should I purchase in India; Bangalore?

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