Neem oil and ear mites in cats

by Chasity Chapman
(Springfield,Va USA)

I have neem oil (raw) and I make creams for myself as skin care and I am still amazed on all the things it can do.

I have an old cat that suffers from ear mites and matted hair. Can I use this for her? And how? We have done everything so far.
Thanks so much for your help

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Neem oil for ear mites
by: Birgit

In my experience neem oil works really well against all kinds of mites.

However, skin inside the ears is very sensitive, so I certainly would not apply it in concentrated form. It also should not be necessary.

One option would be to add it to a lotion or a carrier oil that you use to clean the ears, if the cat allows you to do that.

An easier option may be to prepare a spray. That would also penetrate deeper into the ear.

The matted hair is not so easy to fix with oil.

See Neem Oil for Cats

You could try adding neem oil to a shampoo. That is if you can bathe your cat...

Thanks so much Another question
by: Chasity

Okay, I understand now. But one more thing. How do I mix a spray and also will neem oil help with Dander? She has a lot of that.

Thanks so much

Neem on cats
by: Birgit

It depends what the cause of the dander is. Usually neem oil, soap, shampoo, lotions, any neem products, do help with that kind of skin problem, but there is no guarantee since it could have several causes.

It's certainly worth a try. Just do heed the warnings on the page Neem Oil for Cats

For spray recipes see the page Making Neem Spray. Whether you use the spray in the garden, on pets or on yourself, the method is always the same. Only the concentration varies with the purpose. I would try a 2% solution and use it daily.

What Carrier?
by: Maddie

I have a kitty who has very bad ear mites. All other options have failed. Even taking her to the vet has done nothing. What 'carrier' can I use to get the neem oil into her ears?


I have hope again.

My Input
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't use neem oil for hair mats; it’s unnecessary. Just use a safe detangler like a dab of olive oil or buy an organic natural fur detangler from a specialty pet store or natural market. As for cleaning the ear mites, I would dip a cotton swab in organic apple cider vinegar, witch hazel or calendula gel, then dip in neem oil, then swab around to clean the ears :)

Cats ear mites
by: Anonymous

I used coconut oil to mix with neem oil, to put in cats ears.

Neem usage?
by: Linda

I used some neem oil on my cat to help keep ear mites away. I put some on my finger and rubbed it around the ear area. My cat is acting very weird. I am afraid it may be harmful to her.
Last time I used it on her I had to take her to emergency a couple of days later. I ask them if that could have caused the reaction, they said no. But, I am watching her today and thinking, I am not so sure.
I have tried to wash it off with baby shampoo, not so sure it's off good.
I can only hope I have not done something to hurt her.

Neem Oil is poisonous to cats.
by: Anonymous

Neem Oil is poisonous to cats. Please do not use it at any strength. It can cause seizures and then death. Further, my holistic vet told me she doesn't use any essential oils on cats. Their livers function differently from other animals. She said that, unfortunately, her experience was that for cats she had to go with the prescription meds.

To the poster above me... NEW
by: Anonymous

Fuck off, you don't know shit. What a loser.

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