Neem Oil and Periodontal Disease

I suffer from periodontal disease. I have had it since I was in my teens. I have seen neem toothpaste but would rather use pure neem.

I bought neem oil yesterday. Can I apply it to my gums? What would you suggest? Should I dilute it and make a moutwash or should I dilute with another oil and rub on gums?

Also I have read that continued use of neem may cause kidney problems. Any comments?

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Neem bark or leaf are recommended for oral care purposes
by: Birgit

From the page about Neem toothpaste:

"The researchers used mainly neem leaf powders and extracts in their research. Interestingly the neem leaf is not even the most effective neem product for dental care purposes, it's the neem bark (hence the chewing of neem twigs)."

I don't know where you heard or read the recommendation to use neem oil for dental or gum problems. I am afraid it is misinformation. After the traditional chewing of neem twigs neem leaf or bark extracts are most commonly used.

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