Neem oil and powdered leaves for malaria while pregnant

by Elizabeth Flynn

I am due to travel to southern central africa in about a month. I lived there before and used neem powders all the way through and only had one bout of malaria. It's brilliant stuff.

I go back in a month's time and will be four months pregnant by the time I go. I have read on your site that it is not advisable to take the powders while pregnant. Is this really the case?
Is it safe to use neem oil?
I would really appreciate you advise.

Kindest Regards

Elizabeth Flynn

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Malaria, neem leaves, neem oil and pregnancy...
by: Birgit

Hi Elizabeth,

I have to get one thing out of the way first: I am not a doctor and I don't dispense medical advise. Period. None, I repeat, NONE, of the information on this site is to be taken as medical advice!!!

I don't advise on anything here. All I do is collect and provide information in a way that is hopefully more accessible to the average reader than scientific publications are.

Regarding your question I suggest you read through the page about neem and contraception.

There are no studies that researched the effect of neem on an advanced pregnancy. All the animal studies looked at impregnation and the first days of a pregnancy.


I have absolutely no idea if and how the continuous use of neem at a relatively high dosage would affect a more advanced pregnancy. It may be ok, but... Well, I just don't know for sure.

And as far as neem oil is concerned, the footer is clear and I mention it again and again on other pages on this site: neem oil should not be used internally, period!

If in one place I warn only against the use of neem leaves during pregnancy, then it's because nobody should be taking neem oil anyway! Under no circumstances!

You are in a dilemma. Neem is an impressive malaria preventative (and I am sure readers would be interested to hear how exactly you used those powders, if you can spare a moment to share that in the comments...)

If you don't use neem, what then? And how would those medications affect your pregnancy? How would a bout of malaria?

I am sorry, but there is no help that I can offer. Go and see an open minded doctor, preferably one with a background in Ayurveda, and discuss your options with him.

by: Fagbemijo

Malaria is very serious, especially in pregnant women. It can lead to many problems during pregnancy. I would speak to your doctor and look into possible malarial prophylactics because the risk of getting malaria in sub-Saharan Africa is high and I wouldn't take the risk if I were pregnant. Please think of the baby.

Other options
by: Another Idea

Another option for malaria is MMS or chlorine dioxide. This is used to counter malaria and purify water. Don't know how it affects pregnancy but I know pregnant women have used it.

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