Neem oil and trees? Shrubs? Flowers?

Can I spray neem oil on shrubs and trees of ANY KIND???
I have a customer that is having the japanese beetles eating her trees terribly. She wants me to do a bug application and instead of using the chemical Sevin, I wanted to try this organic way. I read a lot of articles on neem oil and how it works, but no one says anything about trees and shrubs.

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Neem oil on trees, shrubs and flowers
by: Birgit

Sorry for this much too late response. I've been away overseas.
Yes, you can use neem oil on trees, shrubs and flowers. No, not on any kind.
Some plants can be sensitive and before you spray a whole tree it's a good idea to do a test application on just a small part of the foliage. This is also recommended for many popular flowers.

If you are spraying for a customer, and the customer expects the problem to be fixed immediately, then neem oil is not the best choice. Please see the page on how neem insecticide works and you'll see what I mean.

Neem Oil
by: Rajni

Neem (AZADIRACHTIN INDICA)Oil is natural. It has the most active ingredient called AZADIRACHTIN, which has a unique multifaceted action. It acts as an antifeedent and repellent. It is a highly effective, nontoxic and environmentally harmless means of controlling or eliminating insects and pests. Azadirachtin exerts behavioral, physiological and biological effects on insects.

For insects and pests, one can use 300, 1500, 3000 or 10,000 ppm Azadirachtin contents, depending on where you want to use it. It can be used for kitchen garden, small farm or a huge farm with any type of crops like; flowers, vegetables, fruits, cotton, soyabean, sugarcane, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, spices, teakwood tree, tea & coffee garden, cocoa, rubber, mushrooms etc.
For more details please contact me.

Pond / aphids / neem oil
by: Anonymous

We have a tree with aphids that is causing honey dew that is attracting a large amount of wasps to the tree and surrounding bushes.
Thinking for next season wanting to use Neem oil. Is there any advise you can give to applying to tree. Tree is next to and overhangs our pond that has fish in.
We do have ivy under the tree.

Maple tree
by: Anonymous

We have an enormous maple tree that is probably 60 years old. Tree becomes infested with aphids every year, dripping sticky resin and destroying leaves. I want to try Neem drenches, could you give me some tips on amounts, and how often to use. We lived in eastern Washington state.

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