Neem oil effective leaf hopper control

by Nancy
(Spokane Wa.)

I grow grapes and on some two year old plants I had an infestation of leaf hoppers. I mixed 1 tsp of neem oil a little squirt of liquid dish soap in a quart sprayer and went at them. I coated both sides of the leaves and in 1 1/2 weeks there wasn't a single leaf hopper left. I am sold on neem and want to use it to spray my new fruit trees this year.

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100% neem oil
by: marianne

Did you fill the rest of the sprayer with water? 100% NEEM OIL

usage / dosage.
by: Fahad faruqui

Well, it's best to put only 4% neem oil and little soap if bio-safe then nothing like it. 96 liters of water and 4 liters of neem oil, little soap. That's it. Please spray it and see the effect

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