Neem oil for body lice

by Margaret
(Scottdale, AZ)

I've read about neem oil for head lice and scabies, but what is the treatment for body lice (not pubic)?

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Skin parasites and neem
by: Birgit

Hi Margaret,
You use neem oil for body lice just as you use neem oil for scabies or even head lice. The principles are the same:

  • Add neem oil to the bath water and soak in it.

  • Wash the whole body with an extra strength neem soap. Even neem head lice shampoo is ok.

  • On top of that you can use a neem lotion on your skin. It helps to soothe the irritation from the bites

  • But, most importantly, you need to meticulously eradicate the buggers throughout the house by washing all clothing and bedding, vaccuuming the carpets etc.

If you follow the instructions and hints for neem treatment of scabies as well as neem oil and head lice, you should be able to get on top of the problem very quickly.

Body lice are nowhere near as hard to eradicate as head lice or scabies mites. Even just the last point in the list above should help.

If you find that you still have problems, despite meticulous washing of everything and despite the neem treatment, then you are likely dealing with something else.

Neem Oil and Body Lice
by: Anonymous

Don't be too complacent. It's possible to have an infestation of body lice where they hatch their eggs in the epidermis, literally nesting in your skin, as well as in the seams of clothing and bed linen. Eradication can be very difficult.

regarding body lice
by: Anonymous

I completely agree with anonymous in saying it isn't always as easy as everyone tries to say it is! I am beyond clean and have done everything and now using essential oils is my last hope! I have had this infestation going on for a month and a half and it is the worst thing ever by far! I don't wish this parasite problem on anyone at all! Some people will start to think you are crazy and you really are not! I have sat there and thought it was gone and boom get hit again way worse so please don't make it seem like body lice is nothing 'cause unless you have dealt with it like some have including myself, I promise you that you wouldn't be saying that at all!

Body lice in personal vehicles
by: KAT

Yes, they are very difficult to completely eradicate! They are in our cars! I have vacuumed my car several times and it's better for awhile, but then they all come back! I absolutely dread driving my car. That's where they started. I salvaged what I could from my storage unit after a bad fire which started one unit away from mine. I used my car to put the stuff that had survived the fire, etc. Sad story is that unit where the fire started had homeless people living in it. There was also another unit where a homeless woman was living and she lost everything she had. The 2 men burned and died. They couldn't get out. It had been locked from the outside. Anyway, we also got bed bugs but sprayed/fogged with cedar oil several times and got rid of

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