Neem oil for genital herpes/vaginal warts

by Fiona

I have heard that neem oil can cure vaginal warts and herpes? Is this really true? And if it can cure vaginal warts and genital herpes, how do you apply it around the genitals?

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Re: Neem oil for genital herpes/vaginal warts
by: Birgit

Neem has been traditionally used against viral infections and the research results so far are very promising.

There has been a scientific study in 1997 where researchers tested the effect of neem against the herpes simplex virus-2, and found it "provided significant protection".

That study was done in mice and it tested neem's efficiency in preventing vaginal transmission of genital herpes. The way neem was used here is similar to how you would use a vaginal contraceptive. However, preventing transmission is not the same as treating an existing infection.

There have been other studies with other viruses, also some where researchers treated existing infections (but not herpes).

The scientists haven't been able to exactly figure out how it works, but neem seems to make it difficult for viruses to reproduce. This means the impact of any viral infection will be a lot less.

Neem also boosts the immune system and that also helps to fight off the virus. It definitely works.

How neem works and how to use it, now that's a different question...

Most studies involving neem and viruses have been done in vitro, meaning in a test tube. Studies on live animals used mostly neem leaf extract at the highest non-toxic concentration.

And that's all we know, as far as documented clinical studies go.

So what about treating an existing herpes infection with neem?

There is no research data to give you an answer here, so you can only look at the traditional uses and experiment. There are some reports that neem does indeed speed up the healing of cold sores (herpes simplex type 1, not genital herpes).

Herpes is usually treated both internally with neem leaf (either as tea or in capsule form, neem leaf tea is usually more effective) and externally by treating the lesions with neem leaf paste, a neem based cream or neem seed oil at least once a day.

Anything that boosts the immune system (like neem does when used internally) is desirable in managing genital herpes and avoiding outbreaks.

Keep in mind that you should not take neem internally if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, but if not and if you are otherwise healthy, then having two cups of mild neem tea a day is ok. And topical application of neem most definitely can't hurt. Neem has many other health benefits as well so there is no harm in trying.

by: Herpes

Lysine is possible better than neem oil.

Herpes Support

Herpes and Neem
by: Anonymous

I have been taking neem for about 2 months now. I have literally non stop outbreaks of herpes 2. I have had herpes bumps all over my finger for the last 3-4 months. Since I have been taking neem the severity of the bumps has decreased. The bumps appear only one or 2 at a time instead of large cluster rashes or painful sores. I had one really bad outbreak about 3 months ago and I took antivirals for it and it went away within days.
That relief lasted for 2 days.

Since I took the antivirals I have literally not gone a day (other than those 2)without having a bump or a blister or herpes something appearing on my fingers. It seemed like every single day I was getting 4 or 5 new bumps and blisters on my fingers. I was on antivirals for 2 weeks but every time I would stop them, I would get more bumps and blisters, which was never a problem before the antivirals. So I decided to stop the antivirals and let my body take care of the herpes. That wasn't a great idea :-) I was literally having an outbreak everyday. It was like I would get a cluster of bumps and then then next day I would get 3 more bumps to accompany that cluster. It was bad.

Then I started taking neem. I don't know if neem has done something or if it was my body finally responding. But I know that I am not getting as severe of blistery bumps and the bumps are smaller and barely noticeable when they appear.

I only get 3 or 4 bumps at a time (which if you have herpes 2 I feel like 3 or 4 bumps is acceptable considering I have herpes spread across 4 fingers and my forehead) And I would like to tell you I feel like neem has worked great in helping decrease the herpes symptoms.

Unfortunately, I have not been 100% symptom free for over a week for about 3 months now. Don't know why but it got really bad all of a sudden. I have had it for a year but didn't realize I had it until recently i.e. 3 months ago on my first course of antivirals.

Does neem actually cure herpes?
by: Dave


I currently use Manuka honey but I've just come across Neem and wondered if it actually gets rid of Herpes. I have found the honey clears it up in a couple of hours but it still returns when I get the next bout of stress come along I am up for trying neem in all ways to see if it gets rid of herpes so wondered if anyone has had any success.

It works!
by: keys

Hello everyone. I just want to say that neem is the best! I've been using neem for a week now and instantly my bumps begin to clear up and I feel very good, but I am also taking grapefruit seed extract which kills fungus. I've been doing some reasech and saw that herpes is a fungus and it can be cured with anti fungal pills from your doctor but I chose to use vitamins.

Good luck everyone and stay safe.

Try It!
by: keys

Well, so far it has been working very well along with grapefruit seed extract. It will not hurt you to try it. I am not giving up hope on figuring out what will cure this ugly beast called herpes because waiting for a cure can take forever. So I'm just trying to cure it myself by any means whatsoever!

Herpes Treatment With Tea Tree Oil
by: Anonymous

Soaking a tiny cottonball with tea tree oil and letting it soak on the lesion as long as you can will help and eventually dry it up to fall apart.

by: ACE

I have been using Lysine which stopped my outbreaks for a few months, but I had a really bad break out last week, and today I went and got some pure neem oil so I will see how it works out.

I found out I had herpes last year, and I can tell you it is one of the worse things in life to have to go through because the breakouts are so painful.

Neem works
by: orangeblossom

I started feeling a ob starting with the burning and so on. So I applied neem oil to the spot and within 30 minutes the burning went way down. Almost gone. I have applied it twice a day with a q-tip and on the third day so sign of a breakout. It helped a lot.

Cure for HSV & HPV
by: Anonymous

I am suffering from HSV & HPV viruses for seven to eight years now. I recently came across on benefits of Neem which claim that it can fight the virus as it having the antiviral benefits.

Does anyone know how much should it be taken and for how long? Because it has detoxing cell abilities and I am thinking longer intake of it wont be good for my already damaged health.

FYI: Herpes is a Virus
by: Anonymous

Herpes is not a fungus, it is a virus that lies dormant in the roots of your spine and there is not a cure for it. Tea tree oil does help to heal the sores and relieve the itching and burning. Try 'Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom' by Christiane Northrup for info on herpes and suggestions for treatment. Her book is about holistic health, especially how our basic beliefs can help or hinder healing.

No cure? Well!!!
by: Michelle

Check out colloidal silver. People claim to have been cured from their herpes by taking it regularly. And don't listen to those who say that you will turn blue. It would take a ridiculous amount to make you turn blue, more than you could possibly drink. Do your own research about it and come to your own conclusions.

That being said, I'm excited about the benefits I'm reading about neem and will be trying it out.

Where to Buy
by: Anonymous

Where can neem oil and manuka honey be bought?

by: PSIluvU

This is only incidents of PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that I have encountered.
I recommended to a friend to take Neem oil internally, because a couple of friends had done it to cure their cancer. One guy had been diagnosed and the other had not, but had bad stomach issues and lesions all over his body.

My friend had stomach issues and asked me what to do. I said, take Neem oil. I told her to only take one teaspoon. However she took at least 3 fingers high on the glass. I don't know how big the glass was. Somehow she had misinterpreted what I said.

She told me she vomited for 24 hours straight. I did warn her that she would vomit as my friends had done. At the end of her vomiting session, she said a black tar like substance came out.

Well, the end results were nothing short of a miracle! Prior to taking the Neem, not only did she have stomach issues, she had asthma, bad allergies that caused her eyes to be so itchy that they bled and the skin was constantly dry and cracked around her eyes(it really was gross), AND she had HSV1.

ALL SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED and NEVER CAME BACK!!! This is over 5 years now!!
She did however have a bit of a fever the next day and an ear infection - which she had never had before. She got some antibiotics for it but they made her sick, so she stopped taking them after only taking one. All symptoms went away in 4 days and nothing of what she had before has ever returned.

So, I have been suffering constantly with HSV2. Like, it NEVER goes away!! For 10 years! It is always itchy and I have to be careful when I clean myself that I do not touch it or it increased the itchiness and breakout. I had to take lysine everyday just to diminish the symptoms of it. But nothing takes away that I am always aware of the spot. I can always feel it. I have also had HSV1 since I was a kid.

Yesterday, I filled about 16 caps (about 3 tps) of Neem oil and took them all at once. (My friends all took it without caps) Nothing happened except that I felt a bit light headed and the HSV2 spot seemed less irritable. About 4 hours later, I took the same again. Again, nothing happened. I could feel my stomach but not nauseous; like the threat of nausea, but not. I did all this on an empty stomach. I did not vomit like all of my friends had. I had some kind of weird pain in my left leg for a couple of hours after the second dose. I drank plenty of water. I could smell the Neem all day.

Today, I tried wiping 'the spot' roughly and nothing happened. But I am still aware of it, which means to me, it is not 'gone' yet. Since it 'cured', yes, 'cured', my friends HSV1; I am sure that it can cure mine. If it does not go away, I will try a higher dose next time.

Neem oil toxic
by: Anonymous

Neem oil is great as TOPICAL application only but severely TOXIC if taken internally! Only safe method is drinking Neem Tea (from the leaves) or taking neem extract via capsules. The seed oil is poisonous to the human body so pls do not swallow. 15 years experience with Neem & Herpes.

Follow up
by: PSIluvU

Well, as far as the HSV, I think it is completely gone. I did not take more Neem oil, it was not necessary.

The 'spot' was itchy for a few days, maybe a week and then it just stopped and never came back. I have not had to buy more lysine and there is no hint that I ever had herpes. It has been several months now that I took the Neem oil and there is NOTHING to report except GOOD HEALTH.

If, it ever comes back, I will post another message to let you all know.

And to the above poster, please show PROOF that someone had died or become permanently damaged/ill from taking Neem oil, because with my 10 years experience and personal experience with it AND my lifetime of suffering with herpes, tells me that it is perfectly safe. I am living proof of that.

Herpes disappeared in one day - October 2013
by: Deepak - India

I get 3-4 herpes outbreaks in a year which is very painful and lasts about 4-5 days or even more. I tried many remedies. I tried allopathic creams, castor oil, coconut oil but none of them helped.

Earlier I used to be on acyclovir 200mg 1x5 times a day x 7 days a week or till the bumps disappear.

After my last outbreak, I started to read information about neem oil and decided to try it on my next outbreak.

5 days back I started to feel the pain in the morning. I noticed that the bumps have started to form. I immediately popped a pill of acyclovir 200mg and applied neem oil topically on the bumps.
The pain was relieved a bit on the first application. That day I took 5 pills of acyclovir 200mg and applied neem oil trice on the bumps.

Next day to my surprise, there was no pain at all.
All the bumps were gone and it started to heal.
I reduced my acyclovir pill intake to 3 and so on the next day. I started applied neem oil twice henceforth.

In 2 days all the bumps disappeared and new skin started to form. What a great relief.

As a precautionary measure I am taking 2 acyclovir pills a day and applying neem oil twice a day. I will do this for next couple of days.

The only bad part of it is that neem oil smell, but still it is far better than to tolerate the smell.

Will keep you updated after next time.

Neems leaves cured me
by: Anonymous

the doctor told me i need to go for a surgery coz she found root growing in my ovary..i met an indian frend in internet and i told him about my sickness..
he adviced me to take 20 pcs.of young neem leaves in empty stomach and chew it and swallow without water.. i did it for 40 days..after 40 days i went to another doctor for 2nd opinion and the result is my ovary is very health..its really a miracle...

This neem oil
by: Anotherbitesthedust

To psiluvu or however you spell it, is it neem seed oil or is it neem leaf oil that you swallow because let's face it this stuff smells horrible and I tried taking the 20 drops as recommended on the bottle but I only swallowed 3 drops as the taste was to bad to tolerate. How does a person swallow this stuff without vomiting? I have come to the conclusion to go back to the health food store and buy liquid gel caps and make my own capsules as so I can swallow his leaf oil. So 3 tbsp right? Does this actually help hsv-2? I have lived 34 years and contracted this crap over Christmas. How wonderful! I hope this neem stuff works. I tried applying the seed oil to the affected area and other than a horrible odor it kept my genitals nice and soft and it did subside the tingly feeling a little bit. This is my first OB also. I need help bad so any info on how much of this neem I am supposed to take will be most appreciated along with any other info.

by: PSIluvU

I also put it in gel caps. That is probably why I did not barf and maybe why every one else did. It seems to me like the vomiteers had much more drastic results than I did.

It had been over 6 months since I did this self inflicted treatment and I have not suffered a breakout.

This is what I did. I guestimated what 3 tablespoons of oil would look like in caps. Filled them. Then took them internally. I did it on an empty stomach and if I felt nauseous, I drank water. And maintained water drinking throughout. Several hours later I did not vomit as expected, so I took a second gestimation of the dose and took it again. After a couple of hours, when nothing happened, I ate and carried on normally except that the hsv was gone.

Neem seed or neem leaf oil
by: Anotherbitesthedust

PSILUVU did you take the neem seed oil or neem leaf oil? I downed about 3 tsp 2 times of the neem seed oil and 2 days later a small cold sore popped up but it is going away. I have been taking neem leaf capsules for the past week maybe? Symptoms are not too bad there is some discomfort still and I am still nervous about having sex or even letting a girl around my stuff because I do not want to spread this. But I can try the neem leaf oil too....I am just curious about which one that you took. I want to get rid of this stuff so bad. I feel disgusting and it's against my nature to feel this way.

by: PSIluvU

The seed oil. I'm pretty sure that most of the oil you will see, will be from the seed.

I understand the disgusting feeling. Even though mine is gone completely, I still have not had sex and it has been 11 years since I was infected. It has caused real paranoia and I can't see myself having any kind of sex soon. You have to protect others from getting that and abstain from any contact that could spread it. Since mine felt like it was only an itch away, I could never have sex, period. To me, that 'spot', always feels a little itchy. I don't know if it is psychological or what. But it is a constant reminder and so I continue to abstain. Even though, the breakouts stopped. It's been so long for me, but for you, there is still hope at a normal life.

If yours came back after taking 3 tbsp, wow, I don't know. I did it twice in one day about 4 hours apart and I filled about 16-18 caps full. Large ones. The oil I used said it was cold pressed. It was a smaller more expensive bottle that I got at the health food store as opposed to the local Indian grocer. The brand was Divine Essence.

by: Anotherbitesthedust

So have you been to the doctor to get a check up? I have been researching about this disease and it said some people only have 1 outbreak and not another the rest of their soon as I had the first symptoms of a std I went to the doc and they claimed I had a uti because of white blood cells in my urine. Then the next day I received the wonderful call from my last girl I had sex with and she said she thinks she had genital herpes so that's when I started my research. She had sex with her previous about one week prior to me. And at the time I had no signs of herpes, but it felt like razors when I urinated. So the doc treated my situation as another std and never diagnosed what exactly I had or have. I took the meds he gave me then I started researching this neem. Now when I finally took the seed oil internally I had an outbreak and the places are almost healed. Now this has taken a week at least to heal and all the places are not completely healed but well on its way. I have been reading that I should keep my immune system up and so I started taking neem leaf in gel caps and the bottle says take one or 2 a day and I have been taking 2 pills twice a day. It helps clear my mouth up and I am hoping it helps clear my genital herpes. Then days later I took the neem seed oil and a little worried because of the side effects and supposedly one person was saying it was poisonous to the human body. I took it and measured out about 3 tsp in a small medicine cup and did this 2 times within several hours. That's been several days ago and the sores have healed for the most part but curious if this disease is actually out of my system. The next day after I took the neem seed oil I did have bad bad diarrhea and it was quiet unpleasant but if this is what it takes I will do it and I will take this neem seed oil again if need be. I just hope the first time worked. Did you take it between outbreaks? I think in a few weeks I will go back and get retested. I am nervous about this. I have refused sex with my girlfriend as it is not the same person that I received this disease from and I don't know what to even say to her and why. I live in a small town so things get said before you even know what's going on so I am sort of reluctant in telling her and thought maybe it would be better to just break up with here. I want my normal life back

by: Anonymous

I did not have an outbreak on my mouth when I took the Neem and although I guess that I technically didn't have an outbreak on my genitals either. As I said it was a 'spot' that was ALWAYS there. It could never be touched or it would breakout. It was a permanent and constant companion that reminded me every day of it's existence. As I said I controlled it over the years with lysine and when I got the HSV2, I took lysine everyday and if there was ever a breakout, I high dosed it, like 5000 mgs several times a day. This would only 'control' it. Sometimes I could prevent a sore by taking high doses when the tingly feeling came. I could at least reduce it's size. So, I always carried some on me, where ever I went.

It has been about 6 months. When I am one year HSV free, then I will say 'I AM CURED'. For now, it seems to me like I am cured. My constant companion is gone and my mouth hasn't broken out either. Both unusual patterns. And I have stopped taking the lysine.

As for telling any one. DON'T! I never told anyone. I avoided relationships and certainly never had sex. This may just all go away and you can forget about it. Live a normal life. The friend that I recommended to take Neem and it cured her allergies, asthma, herpes, etc. Well, she got a little cold sore right after she took the Neem, but once it was gone, it never came back and it has been more than 5 years for her. Keep yourself away from anyone until there is no sign of the disease at all. Not a hint, even a hint will transmit it. Then you will be the disgusting person who gave it to someone else. At least that girl told you. Doesn't sound like she's to blame. She sounds like a victim too. If this works for you, you can help her with it too.

So wait and see if you still have the tingly feeling or if you get another outbreak. It could have been a reaction like my friend. Did you get mouth sores too? And only just got the HSV2 recently? Whatever the pattern is, wait until that time comes with no sores before you get tested.

The leaf can always help. Neem is so good for keeping you clean. I don't know if constant taking of the leaves will help with HSV, but it won't hurt.

Diarrhoea is a sign that your body is being cleansed of things that were blocking your system. Neem really cleans you out good. If you were sicker, you most likely would have barfed. The people I know that barfed, had more serious immune deficiency syndromes. I did not even get diarrhoea, but I have been cleansing my body regularly. Herpes was the least serious of my health problems and I left it for last. The sicker I was, the more breakouts I had. So, by the time I got to curing the herpes, I was pretty clean.

I did not go to the doctor, because it costs quite a bit of money to get an HSV test done (around $750). I am going by observation. Let me know your results.

by: PSIluvU

Sorry I forgot to use my name on above post.

by: Anotherbitesthedust

Well growing up I would get a cold sore or I am guessing a blister just inside my lip very rarely. So I am really not used to having anything in my mouth. But after having sex with this girl and then her telling me she had symptoms I guess I panicked and started researching. It was after the fact that blisters popped up on the tip of my genitals is when I took the neem leaf pills like 6 a day maybe 8 a day for the first few days. The blisters started disappearing and that's when I said enough and took the neem seed oil. 3 tsp 2 times. A few days later is when maybe 2 blisters popped up just inside my bottom lip. I did panic but I continued to take the neem leaf capsules and within a day or 2 the blisters in my mouth disappeared. Now I have not had another outbreak genital wise but this was just my first outbreak so I don't know if I stopped it completely with this first go around with the neem seed oil or if I should do it again. I am thinking I will take the neem seed oil the same dose as before but maybe for 2 days in a row. I have a piercing in my genitals and it was rather sore to the touch after all the problems started and it hasn't completely went away yet so it has me a little worried. I have had this piercing for many many years so I don't know why it would suddenly be bothering me. And a person with herpes can not even give oral sex can they without passing it to their partner can they?

by: PSIluvU

Yes, herpes is interchangeable from the mouth to the genitals. You can get herpes on your nose, on your eye, your hands. It is a disgusting disease and when you have an outbreak, you can't touch the sore (if you do, wash your hands immediately) and you can't have anything touch the sore that is someone else body or something that they will be in contact with. In short, when you have one, treat it like the plague.

Sounds like great results so far. sores can last for weeks, so two days is amazing. I don't know if that dose worked either. I filled about 16 gel caps and did that dose twice. It may have been a reaction, like my friend... You could wait a couple of months and if you are sore free, you could try it again or go for a test...

You might have to ditch the piercing. I have a few and I find that they never seem to totally heal. Like my body knows there is something different. I guess you will have to wait and see if it is going to be a problem now or if it can heal.

I don't have the cure but I also font have outbreaks
by: Anonymous

I use lemon balm (melissa officinalis) and peppermint tea like 1:2 ratio... fights the shit out of it... also use the neem, echinacea, and goldenseal... hsv-2 and OUTTBREAK FREE... LITRRALLY... VERY EASY AND THE TEA IS VERY ENJOYABLE... DRINK UP

Hmm....another problem
by: Anotheronebitesthedust

So according to what I have read and been told the first outbreak is the worst of the outbreaks. So that was just before Christmas that I suspect I had an outbreak for the first time. And I have also been told the first year there is several outbreaks. How often does the outbreaks happen the first year? I woke up yesterday morning and noticed there were two places on the shaft of my penis that looked like blisters but opened blisters. No pain no soreness, none of this tingly feeling that I've heard happens from so many people that happens before you have an outbreak. I don't get it. And I thought these blisters happen in the same spots as before? I don't know what's going on. I might hit the neem again

another problem - reply
by: PSIluvU

There is no set number of times that an outbreak will occur. It can be several different factors for different people. One guy on another HSV forum said that when he had a BM and water splashed on him, he would get one where the water splashed on his skin.

Stress, lack of nutrition, illness, etc. The list is what it is for everyone and depends on what you experience. As I said before for me it was the mere touch, that would set it off. When I said, 'constant companion', I wish it was an exaggeration. Absolutely no friction could be applied to that spot, which meant, no sex whatsoever.

Sores GENERALLY show up in the same area, but not always. Mine did. It was one spot. BUT on my mouth, the sores did not always show up in the same spot.

When you wake up in the morning and you already have a sore that has even gone thru the process of breaking, then you have already gone thru the initial symptoms during the night, which you would not feel in your sleep. Tingling happens BEFORE the sore shows up. The blister is painful.

Hvw you taken the Neem internally yet? If so, tell me what you've done.

Have you been tested?
by: wanttotry

Hi PSIluv..., how are you? Have you been re-tested for HSV2?

Hmmm again....
by: Anotheronebitesthedust

Well there was no pain even in the morning when I found the two sores....I did go to the doctor and he says I do not have hsv2 but he just looked. I said ok. I came home and this is back in January (I have posted before on this page) I did take about 3 tablespoons of the neem seed oil internally. It was disgusting! I imediately drank a Pepsi to get that flavor out of my mouth. The sores cleared in several days and then nothing. It was like nothing ever happened. So now it is what March and just now something that resembles a blister has appeared and popped and a scab has formed.....this is not like the first time if in fact I do have hsv2. And only 2 sores? And the first time it was on the head of my penis and there was much pain! Now 2 sores on the shaft of my penis maybe 5 or 6 centimeters apart and no pain no tingle no nothing just 2 sores. I do not understand this. I will try the neem seed oil once again, the same 3 tablespoons internally and see what happens. This is the only thing I know to do. I would think that if I could see the blister forming I could take the neem seed oil at that time and see if it does better. Only because I have been told hsv2 stays dormant in your system until certain times then it is activated again. I don't know I'm lost

by: wanttotry

I think you should get a swab of the sores to be sure you have HSV2. I am putting oregano/DMSO on my lower spine. I've read 3-6 months to cure. I have only done a month. Didn't PsILuvu take neem in two doses 4 hours apart? Try that and let us know how you go. Here's hoping!

by: PSIluvU

First to wanttotry. I was never formally tested for HSV. I've had a sore on my lip from childhood. There was no need for a diagnosis. As for the genital HSV, I did go to a doctor about it but I never got tested. I am in Canada and an HSV test is not covered by our health insurance. So, I would have to pay for it, which I am unwilling to do as the cost hovers over #700. It has been almost a year. I have NEVER gone this long without an HSV sore on my lip. The 'spot', can still be itchy, but I have scratched it liberally and - nothing. To me it is gone, but I am still going to do another dose and see if this 'itching' will disappear once and for all. I am still too paranoid to have sex.

@another... I filled about 16 gelcaps and did that TWICE. I think you may have killed the one you had, which any dose of need will decrease the size of any HSV sore. So Neem, like lysine in you smaller dose can be used to 'control' HSV. IF you want to ELIMINATE it, you have to take a large dose and I would even recommend the two doses I took, all at once.

Now, you can do what you did, which I know is SUPER GROSS. Or you can fill up empty gelcaps, size 00. Which is not at all gross, because it is just like taking vitamins. And I would strongly recommend that you no longer consume colas or anything from a can. Pure poison(which that stuff is) puts stress on the body which increases your chances of breakouts.

Now about placement of sores, go to my previous posts....and read them again. Those little gross things can show up ANYWHERE!!!!!!! Not just in the same spot, or the same area, but can transfer to your EYES, NOSE, HANDS, ETC. Get it?

Yes, HSV is a 'dormant' type virus. You have a sore, it goes away, a few months later, it cones back. Like a good friend it will visit you all your life. However, to get rid of this unwanted housepuest, a VERY LARGE DOSE of Neem is needed. A dose that is too small, will ask you unwanted housepuest to shorten his current visit, but he will be sure to return again. So, for me, that 'little itch' that I still feel; to me, it is like that ol' puest, is still knocking at my door and I refuse to open it. I know it is gone, but I will never forget it.

To PSiluvU
by: wanttotry

Hi, thanks so much for your responses. So appreciated. When you said you could smell the Neem all day do you think others could? I'm so worried about that and trying to choose the right time. Do they still charge for HSV testing in Canada? How annoying for you. Did your other friends who took Neem have tests confirming positive then negative for HSV? Thanks again!

wtt reply
by: PSIluvU

I guess everyone could smell it, I did't really care what other people thought. Keep in mind anything you ingest, will come out of your pores. You could always go for a sauna the next day to help flush it out. But, do yours on a long weekend and stay at home alone if your job depends on not offending people with your BO. -Easter is coming up. I stayed home the day I did it bc I though I was going to vomit all day. I set two days aside for it so it took several months before I could get two days alone and the nerve to do it.

Yes, they still charge for HSV testing in Canada, at least in this province. Health insurance is covered by each province separately. No, my friends were not formally tested either. When you have a coldsore, you know what it is and you don't need to get it tested. It's quite obvious. But I do understand your need to see the actual proof with a test that can say...- negative. I want that too.

In 3 months-ish, it will be a year. A whole year without a coldsore. Unheard of, even 6 months (for me). And I will try the Neem again if this 'itch' continues. I almost think that since I could not itch it for a dozen years, that all the itching is a collective itch from not being able to touch that 'spot' for so long. Anyway, my proof for me is mine, knowing that I no longer have this dreaded, disgusting virus.

There is however, another forum and someone posted their results. But it took them 3 months of daily ingesting this stuff called MMS(Miracle Mineral Solution), which tasted like bleach. I tried it and stopped after two months. Good stuff, but gross. There are a whole bunch of home distilling methods now that they have posted to make this stuff not taste so gross. It's a lot of work and you might smell like a pool...

To PSiluvU
by: wanttotry

I don't know if I can even set aside two days for nausea. Did anyone say you smelt?! How long did your nausea last?

I'm ingesting oregano oil 3 times a day and rubbing the oil with DMSO on my spine twice a day and ingesting 4-5 tablespoons of coconut oil a day. I have generally no breakouts but I still get that feeling and was recently tested and it was positive:(. I'll keep you posted on how all this goes. I read that a guy cured himself with the DMSO protocol over 3 months. I'm thinking maybe try for 6 months and then give up.

wtt reply
by: PSIluvU

Well, it took me months before I could set the time aside and I guess you will have to decide what takes priority in your life.

I hardly felt nauseous at all and I don't think anyone mentioned the smell, but I could smell it. Just do it on the first day of a long weekend.

I used to take DSMO and oregano oil (60 drops X 3 day) internally and I did it for longer than 6 months. I used them in conjunction with many other things to rid myself of cancer. That was 10 years ago. I am actually surprised that no one is bothered by the smell of the DSMO. I used to get a lot of complaints about that smell. And the smell of all the spices/herbs that I took, was definitely mentioned.

Everything your taking is really healthy and will control the beast, but I have my personal doubts if it will work as a cure. And that is only bc of my past experience with both oregano oil and DSMO. I don't know everything though, so who knows and putting things on the base of the spine is an important entry point on the body.

To PSiluvU
by: wanttotry

I will give the neem a go of sure. Was your tablespoons 15ml or 20ml spoons? Also did you take it first thing in the morning and then 4 hrs later? Just kept swallowing all those tablets you filled?! Amazing. How wonderful that you cured your cancer. You can cure this too! Sounds like you have already. Did you put the DMSO/oregano on your spine also or just internally? I am using the aloe rose scented DMSO so there is no smell thankfully. Are your fiends who cured themselves using Neem still breakout free?

I wonder...
by: wanttotry

I wonder in the order matters when using DMSO/oregano or DMSO/Neem in the spine? Would it be better to put DMSO first then the oil? Or make no difference since it is a solvent.

by: PSIluvU

My methods are not so exact. I did not measure milliliters. What I did was, fill gelcaps and place them on a tablespoon. I could get 6 on one spoon, so I assumed that 6 filled gelcaps = one tablespoon.

Yes, I took it first thing and then 4 hours later. Actually about 10am and then 2pm. And yes on an empty stomach. I took them all at once, in one go. Then 4 hours later, again, bc I did not get sick as I thought I would. And I only drank water while doing it.

I never put the DSMO or oregano oil on my spine base. I did put other things on it. I think in the beginning I may have put the DSMO on my spine base, but I don't really remember.

Yes, my friends are still breakout free. It wasn't until my friend had told me about the 'side effect' of not having a herpes breakout for five years AFTER she took the Neem that I bought more Neem for myself to try and rid myself of the dreaded virus. I had used Neem in the past as part of my cancer cleanse, but I did not use it in such large quantities. Then it took me several months to work up the nerve to take it.

I don't know what is the best order to put things on your spine. Who told you to do it? Maybe they know. I don't think it matter too much. But since I didn't use this method to cure my herpes, I can't really say.

Thank you
by: wanttotry

Thank you for all help PSiluvu. Very kind that you are helping people even after you have cured yourself. You could have just gone on with your healthy life but instead you are listening. A true comfort. Maybe it is your kind spirit that has in fact healed you. I'm sure I will have more questions so if you have time keep checking for messages! Lastly did the nausea last for a day or more than that? Just trying to work this Neem into my next available day off. I'm thinking of taking the first dose at 6am. How soon does the nausea start? Thanks again for all your support.

re: thank you
by: PSIluvU

Kind words. Thank you. I just want everyone to be healthy. Herpes is, to me, such a disgusting virus probably because it stays in you forever. I just want everyone to to be herpes free and hopefully not have to go thru what I went thru. And I also never want to get it again. The only way that will happen is if, a) I never have human contact again, or b) everyone else has rid themselves of herpes too. There is a cure for every disease on this planet, if I can help anyone get healthy, I will.

What I do for everyone, I do for myself. We are truly one. If one suffers, we all suffer.

I really believe this.

Nausea; mine lasted for a few minutes. Really, it was nothing. I took a sip of water and that was it. BUT!!! I have been doing cleanses and detoxes for the past 10 years. Neem does not only clear out the herpes virus, it cleans out EVERYTHING. Which means, and I think I posted this before, that if you have a buildup of toxins and parasites in your body (everyone does), then all of that is going to want to come out. And a large dose will make it want to come out - fast. Since, I had no buildup from all of the continual cleansing that I am still doing, I was hardly sick at all.

However, everyone else that I know who has done the Neem cleanse, has barfed, a lot! None of them had done any previous cleansing either. My friend told me she barfed all day and night, you can read all her symptoms in above posts.

So, nausea, depends on you. Have you ever cleansed before? You don't need to answer me, just deduce what might happen by putting all factors into account. Like any other heath problems, smoking, drinking, etc.

by: wanttotry

Great - I will keep you posted once I pluck up the courage to take the Neem. All the very best to you!

First dose down...
by: wanttotry

Well I have just filled 16 '00' vegecaps full of Neem seed oil an taken them. I'll see what happens over next 4 hrs. Then try next dose.

To PSiluvu
by: wanttotry

So I did the two doses yesterday. 4 hours apart. First dose was ok but taking the second one was so difficult. I did it and then lay down for half an hour. I had feelings of nausea throughout the day a little. Nothing too serious. Anyway I am now up to the day after taking Neem and hoping so much that I don't have symptoms. If I do I thought I would take two doses of 20 capsules.

by: PSIluvU

Now you will just have to wait and see.

I am of the firm belief that taking the Neem in capsules prevents barfing. A little nausea is totally acceptable especially to get rid of HSV. So glad you did not barf. I think people barf because it is so foul tasting.

I figured that if the HSV ever came back, that I would take both of the doses that I had taken separately, all at once. I think the other guy who wrote on this forum, did what I did and his came back a few months later.

To PSiluvu
by: wanttotry

I think that other guy only took 3 tablespoons once even though you mentioned he should do it twice. I thought if it comes back (or never left!) I would maybe even do your protocol twice over two days. So two doses on day 1 and two doses on day 2. 18-20 '00' capsules each time. To try and kill the super strong viruses. My menstrual cycle will tell me what's going on since I ALWAYS get symptoms bimonthly. Just a tingle but I know what it is. Also, have you tried everything that usually caused your outbreaks, to check if any symptoms arise?

To PSiluvU
by: wanttotry

Actually, I'm not sure what the other guy took. At first he said two doses that seemed to be teaspoons instead of tablespoons, and then in his later posts it looks like one dose of 3 tablespoons. I do hope he has healed himself nevertheless.

by: PSIluvU

In my previous posts, I mention what triggered an outbreak, many times. And that I also used that trigger, to try and invoke an outbreak. I am still sure that every time I do it to this day, that a sore will pop up, but it never does.

You get bi-monthly symptoms! That is so great bc you will know in no time whether or not you still have HSV. Can't wait to find out how it works!

Keep in mind, that what I did, I thought that I was doing, to equal what my friend had done, when she inadvertently cured her allergies and HSV along with the stomach issues that she took it for (on my counsel). So, mine was an experiment. For some, perhaps one dose will do it, or a larger dose for others. I can really only tell people exactly what I did and hope it works for them too. Yours is a good suggestion, do it two days in a row and increase the dose. A larger zap of Neem if a smaller dose doesn't work. That's what I would do.

I'm not sure if when he wrote 'teaspoon', if he meant tablespoon. But I hope his second attempt works.

To PSiluvU
by: wanttotry

I remember the itch you mentioned. I'm so glad you don't get breakouts with that spot! I was just thinking other things may have caused you to breakout also that you may not have mentioned. I will wait a month to check for both hormonal catalysts to my breakouts before I can be sure. I have been quite careful with my diet for a while also. Maybe that's why I didn't vomit! The thought of taking the Neem again nearly makes me vomit now though!!!

Not sure what to think...
by: wanttotry

So ovulation happened today and I've been having the same tingle sensations that I always do. This is 3 days after taking the neem oil. I am hoping that this just because it is still too early but I am having a bad feeling the neem didn't work. Feeling down but life goes on I guess.

think positive
by: PSIluvU

When you got the 'tingle', did a sore always accompany it? I still got the itch, BUT I never got a breakout. And if there were other triggers, I will never know. Maybe some type of food item??? Since the 'spot', was sooooooooo sensitive to touch, it was like having a permanent sore. The slightest touch is all it took. So I always had a breakout and at the same time, I rarely had a breakout. EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY I could never forget that I had an HSV sore. And THAT was literally my reality for 12 years. 12 Year a Slave (to herpes).

Actually a couple of months ago I got a 'tingle' on my lip. Usually when this happens, touching it makes it breakout faster and bigger. So I pushed my lip between my teeth and rubbed vigorously. Nothing happened, no sore. Yeah man, I want to know. I am going to try and make it happen.

There are other things that have worked for others, like the MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). Now, that stuff tastes gross. Or you could take an extremely large dose of Neem. Actually, if I felt that tingle, and got a sore, I'd take a large dose of Neem immediately. From other reports it helps to heal the sore in a couple of days.

Maybe the caps helped in not vomiting and it could also be that you have strong immune system. The people I know, who took Neem and vomited, all had 2 things in common. First, they all had weak immune systems. Second, they all took the Neem straight, not in caps. I think that alone, would make anyone vomit. Perhaps people as sick as they were, needed to vomit. My friend told me that she didn't drink water the whole time she vomited (not good, you can dehydrate)and the last thing she threw up was a black tar like substance. I have had people describe to me, the exact same thing while doing a colon cleanse. Every last bit of sickness came out of her. Maybe vomiting is the key....

I just called my friend to get an up to date report on her health. Of course, no HSV, no asthma and no allergies. This winter (5+ years after she took the Neem), is the first year she has had a full on cold, since she took the Neem. She went 5 years without a cold. Wow! This was the reason I called her. I started thinking about every time I have seen her in the past 5 years and I don't recall her being sick at all. and I was right.

I really hope everyone can rid themselves of this gross and disgusting virus. I hoped this could work for everyone.

To PSiluvU
by: wanttotry

I have a feeling you're right about the vomiting being the key for me. Thank you so much for calling you're friend who cured her HSV. Very good to hear she's still well. Amazing! I can't help but feel down. I took 16 caps, then 18 caps. I was so close to vomiting. Since finding out I have the virus have strengthened my immune system. That's at least one positive to take from all this. I can't imagine how you did it for 12 years. I too don't get breakouts but feel something down there quite often but mostly bimonthly. I'm waiting for my period in 2 weeks to really know, but I feel that if I had cured myself the symptoms should be gone already?

induce it
by: PSIluvU

What can I say. My symptoms still show up to this day, less and less frequently, but when they show up, I TRY to INDUCE a breakout. I do things that I KNOW are sure fire ways to have a breakout... nothing. So, don't run from your symptoms, bring that breakout out.

You want to know. If you still have herpes, you will know, if you don't then nothing will happen. Right? If you do breakout, a dose of Neem will get rid of it quick at least. Or if it is of no cost to you, you can go get tested. Or you can wait two weeks and see...

A good suggestion
by: wanttotry

That's a good idea about inducing it. It's just that my last proper breakout between tingles lasted 4 weeks and there was a lot of blood in my urine but no visible sores. So they were all internal. Oh the agony. I'm scared of that sort of outbreak again which was not my first but first with those sort of symptoms. I will just do it since I do need to know, so I can move forward in trying the neem again. It will be over a week before I can do the neem again as I need those two days to myself. I'll try an induce and see what happens.

by: wanttotry

I will definitely get tested once I feel as though the herpes is gone. I won't bother with antibody testing as those antibodies may be around for years. I will do the one that detects for viral DNA if possible. If I get rid of this I want it confirmed so others will know about PSiluvU's protocol and how it worked for me. Now to wait and see.

Did it work?
by: Anonymous


I have purchased pukka neem oil and it has seeds in it, it says to only take 5% with another oil, but i would like to take it internally. It looks completely organic and not sure if it will be okay to take internally... I am scared and not sure if i should as i read somewhere on the internet that it can cause seizures and other health issues. The one i have got seems too strong, is there any other brands i can try? I tried to purchase the divine essentials mentioned here but with no luck! Any suggestions?

I don't think it worked...
by: wanttotry

Well I am still getting a tingle/itch every maybe couple of days. So disappointed. I used neem seed oil 100% cold pressed. The brand was NR. A 50ml bottle. I am about to try again over 2 days and take 20 capsules twice each day. I'll keep you posted.

Neem oil
by: Anonymous

I did a little more research and found that the neem tree has different elements, some can be highly toxic, however the lead of the tree is safe to use (i think) not sure! But i dont want to risk the chances of completely destroying the reproductive organs. Have you tried monolaurine? I have read that it's been effective and really goood reviews! I plan to take this with neem leaf caps, olive leaf extract, Natural honey, oil of oregano, a couple of spoons cayenne. In small doses to begin with as i dont want to completely destroy my insides :/

I had the pukka neem seed oil, only took a tiny teaspoon as i am new to all this, the side effects were horrible, but i am choosing to take the safe option of what i have stated above, still may not be safe but i want any kind of viral diseases out of my body.

To everyone who has taken neem oil, you are truly brave and i hope you have not had major side effects!! I'm acared of ruining my insides as i read its highly toxic :

So for now i'll stick by neem leaves

Please keep us posted on your progress :)

Btw is Ayuuri neem oil safe to consume internally? Pukka one is too scary to try again!!

by: Anonymous

Please be careful with the amount u are taking in and research on monolaurin lauricidin

Who knows...
by: wanttotry

Well I took the Neem 3 weeks ago and didn't seem to have any obvious side effect other than nausea for the day. I read about the kidney/liver damage possibilities if the immune system is working overtime. Hopefully I didn't do that damage. I'm taking 4-5 tablespoons coconut oil, 10g vitamin C, 15 drops oregano oil 3 times a day and rubbing DMSO cream/oregano oil morning and night. No breakouts but often tingles. I have reduced sugar drastically, no junk foods, 2 lemons a day. I'll add monolaurin too.

Sounds like neem oil is the best solution!
by: Anonymous

Sounds like neem oil is working but i'm still not sure about taking it in high dosages, i really dont want to damage any organs and be even more unhealthy :/

Please keep me posted on ur progress

Neem bottle
by: Anonymous

Can i ask what it says on ur neem bottle, the one that u've been consuming internally? Does it say to use it with another oil? Like a percentage or a ratio?

by: wanttotry

It actually says "not to be taken"! Ha. Well I took it! It says 100% cold pressed neem seed oil. The brand says 'NR'. I'm about to try the 99% DMSO with h2o2 on the spine. Google 'healthboards jazzy'. See her story and how she now tests negative.

Neem oil
by: Anonymous

Has your treatment worked, scary thing is that neem oil can make you incapable of having babies. It changes the reproductive system! Neem is going to be put aside for me, i just hope something comes along to treat or 'cure' everyone!

It didn't work
by: wanttotry

Sorry to say it didn't work. I wasn't willing to try again after reading about the liver damage it may cause. I have already had children so I wasn't worried about not being able to have more. I am trying the DMSO liquid/oregano oil on the lower spine twice daily. I'll see how that works and keep you posted if interested.

Wrong info
by: wanttotry

I meant to say google ''jazzye healthboards' and you'll hear of someone who tested positive then negative after a long period of supplements and cleanses etc.

by: Anonymous

Hi all, I am a 24 year old woman who was just diagnosed with HSV-2 yesterday. Honestly it feels like the end of the world to me. I'm not sure who I got it from, only that I have it. My current boyfriend knows but we are both unsure as to whether or not I got it from him or one of my exes.

I am looking for ANY natural cure that will make this be GONE, not just a treatment. Drug companies will tell you that there is no cure but I think that's complete BS. There's no way that this can be around as long as it has been and nobody has found a CURE. My ethnicity is Jamaican and I can tell all of you that West Indians know a natural cure for EVERYTHING. I am going to try each of your suggestions with the Neem Seed Oil along with Leaf of Life tea and use Aloe as a topical treatment. I have faith that SOMETHING will cure this undesirable virus.

Neem IS safe
by: PSIluvU

Many people wrote what I consider a lot of dis-information on this page. First of all, I decided to research these 'Neem related dangers' everyone is so quick to relay. So far, from what I can gather, is that ALL OF THESE WARNINGS are for CHILDREN and PREGNANT and NURSING WOMEN. There was one test where they INDUCED AN OVERDOSE in a rat to cause liver damage specifically. It is ONLY LONG TERM ORAL use that can cause damage. Long term is the key here.

If you have kidney or liver issues, then no, you don't want to do this. Neem takes toxins out of the body. It will not discriminate. And will most likely go for the wort offender in your body. If you have never cleansed before, chances are, you are full of toxins. Eliminating toxins is hard on the liver and kidneys, so if they are weak, of course they are in trouble bc now, a large amount of toxins are exiting the body, by the only way they know how. When I was really sick and did my first liver cleanse, I had been on a kidney cleanse for about 4-5 MONTHS BEFORE they were ready to handle the toxins that came from my liver. That was 9 years ago. And I do continual cleanses and detoxes, not as much as I should though, IMO.

*So, don't take Neem if you are trying to conceive, because it will block it.

*If you are pregnant it can cause a miscarriage.

*If you are a child it can cause seizures and heart attack.

*Patients taking chemotherapy agents should use Neem with caution.

*Concomitant use of acetaminophen (Tylenol®) and Neem leaf extract may cause liver toxicity. But, a fatty liver can be treated with Neem leaves.

*Neem may lower blood sugar levels. Caution is advised when using medications that may also lower blood sugar. Patients taking drugs for diabetes by mouth or insulin should be monitored closely.

I had my son do a cleanse. I instructed him to do what I did for one day, over the course of weeks (with other stuff). He did. I was trying to get rid of his eczema. After I had him increase the dose over 3 weeks. He started to vomit on the highest dose and stopped. About a month later, his girlfriend got pregnant(due next month).

Just because someone write a reply in a public forum saying 'I heard...", before you believe it, at least do a little research. If you are here, that means you are on the internet and you can check it out for yourself.

However if you choose to believe everything you read, I got one for ya. You ready.... the world is flat.

For Desperate: Keep in mind that you are young and you might have the same reaction as children. *Neem is not safe for children because it contains aspirin-like compounds that can cause Reye's Syndrome. This condition results in the abnormal accumulation of fat in body organs and pressure on the brain, with symptoms such as vomiting, fatigue, aggressiveness or irritability, disorientation and coma all possible. It is potentially fatal if left untreated, but when caught early, recovery odds are good.

I wrote many posts in this forum bc it worked for me. As you will read, I also mentioned that I took MMS for a couple of months to try and rid the herpes that way PRIOR to trying the Neem. After two months, I gave up and it is reported that MMS takes at least 3 months. But the stuff tastes like bleach.

Anyway, the reason I write this, for you and the others that have tried what I did is, I had an 'itch' again the other day and I had an thought. Perhaps I had weakened the herpes with the MMS before I zapped it out with the Neem? And all the cleansing I have done, could they have done half the work of the Neem. My kidneys and liver were ready to remove whatever came their way. So, maybe a kidney and liver cleanse is in order if you think they are clogged up.

No sores have appeared since last year this time but that itch still appears every once in a while. It is a reminder, I can do without. I think I will do another Neem day. Of course, still no sex. The thought of anyone touching me, freaks me out. All I can think is that, they are dirty and will make me sick. I can't imagine living with herpes again. I don't think, I will ever have sex again.

You are right though, there IS a CURE for EVERY disease. You would probably love Dr. Hulda Clarke's books. 'The Cure For All' ....Diseases.... - HIV and AIDS...- Cancer.......- Advanced CANCER....ETC. If it wasn't for her and her research, I would most likely, be dead. An awesome, easy to read and understand, why and how, disease starts in our bodies.

Ah....more heart ache
by: Anotheronebitesthedust

So previously I took the neem seed oil and I can't remember how much I took, I believe only 3 tablespoons....tha was back in January or February. I just went to the doc to get tested for hsv2 and what do you know the test was positive. That was Tuesday and now it is Friday and I believe I am getting another outbreak. Oh such fun not! So back to the store to get more neem seed oil. So here is the question....I should take 3 tablespoons twice a day for 2 days correct? I am so heart broken right now.

by: PSIluvU

If you read my previous post, you will see that I have done A LOT of cleansing for years before. Including 2 months of the MMS that I have previously mentioned.

Why not try and work your way up. Do a 2-3 month kidney cleanse (if they are weak longer [and if they are weak you shouldn't do the Neem]) and then a liver flush. You don't want to stress your system.

At one point I was so sick, I was doing a liver flush every two weeks for several months while I continued with the kidney flush. I had to do a kidney cleanse for about 4-5 months before I was ready for a liver flush. All the while eating ONLY healthy, clean food.

As for your question. I TOLD her to only take 1 teaspoon, but she took 3 finger high on a glass. So, what I did, was fill caps, put them in a glass, till it looked 3 fingers high, then I tried to guess how much there was, in tablespoons. It was about 16 -18 caps full. I did that twice, 4 hours apart, in one day and that was it.

So, everything I did, was a guess. Sounds like a higher dose is in order if you did that and it didn't work. I have done a lot of cleansing, so if that was me; I would do what I did, at least 3 times, maybe 4 times, in one day, if I didn't barf after the other 3.

It's been about a year now, no sores and occasional itching. I can scratch it without worry, but I just want it to stop altogether. Does that little itch mean that I still have HSV? I wonder...

This is what I tried
by: Anotheronebitesthedust

Well I went to the store and purchased gel caps (00 size) and a bottle of neem seed oil (1 ounce). I put every drop of neem seed oil in the neem in the gel caps which came out to about 36 gel caps. I divided the gel caps and took the first half of the pills at around 1030 or 11am and then did not eat anything or drink anything except water and then I took the remaining pills at around 430 or 5pm the same day. The gel caps definitely helped with not tasting the neem oil. I have not vomitted yet and highly doubt I will considering this is the day after. It has caused me to go to the bathroom though this morning (the day after I took the gel caps). I can tell there is something going on in my kidneys...which if the virus is in my spine, I'm not sure how it will pass to my spine but it is worth a try to rid myself of this nasty disease. So hopefully this works and I will try this out again in a few weeks...maybe sooner depending

by: Anotheronebitesthedust

If everyone is trying this one time neem seed oil 2 day treatment, surely you can do this and then maybe for a week continue to take the neem seed oil for a week or so...but maybe not as much considering I took 1 fluid ounce in one day. I am thinking maybe take 3 or 4 gel caps a day for a week that way it gets in your system for sure and it's not really long term and it's not a large amount.....I might try this. Although when I took 1 fluid ounce I did notice I could feel my kidneys not really in pain but I could feel a little uncomfortable sensation but I made sure I was drinking water and going to the bathroom regularly thru out the day so who knows. I just hope this works

Did not work
by: Anotheronebitesthedust

I have taken 2 ounces of neem seed oil. 1ounce on one weekend, the following weekend another ounce. Three weeks later I have had a break out. This disease is terrible. I wish there was an actual cure for it

i have been suffering from genital wart since des 2013
by: Anonymous

i have been suffering from genital wart since dec 2013. i reaD comment about it taking of neem leaf and apply of its oil can cure me from genital wart.kindly help me to get ride of it by mailing me :
thank you!

herpes hsv
by: spain6

last 2 and half years iam suffering from hsv 2, every months at least 1 or 2 outbreaks, so please give me suggestion to start taking neem , to get cure from this virus

I am so sorry
by: PSIluvU

that you are having this problem still. It worked for so many people here. That's why, I am sure there is some kind of toxin or parasite that is protecting it. Yes, the toxins create a perfect environment for parasites which in turn creates disease, like cancer, arthritis, eczema, etc. all of which I had. I cleaned that out, years ago. Continued doing cleanses, am still doing them, I can still see the toxins in small signs. I know how terrible it is, I had it for more than DECADE!!! Couldn't even touch that spot myself!!!!! I am happy to report though, that the itching has stopped! A few months ago actually, in spring and now its fall in a week.

Everyone else I know who has had success with Neem, took it without the caps. None of them had done any cleansing either. They were also violently ill.

So, Anotheronebitesthedust, did you do any cleansing? Look, if you need to get started you can send a saliva sample to someone I know. People from all over the world send her samples. She gets so many that they sometimes dry up before she can get to it. I can give you the info if you or anyone else wants. She helped me thru the whole cleansing. Truth be told, I most likely wouldn't be alive if it were not for her.

I know this is horrible and disgusting, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I had it ON MY FACE since I was a kid and then.... you know. But you have to do everything, clean, organic, farmers market food ONLY, cleanse every system in your body FIRST, no toxic products on you, your clothes, in your home, getting it now.... All of those toxic things that you hear about, create the perfect environment for disease to exist. You can't get rid of a dog if you keep feeding it and giving it a place to sleep, can you?

Getting rid of disease is WORK. Do not doubt it for one minute. When I was sick, it was my FULL TIME JOB. I stopped going to state drug dealers - aka doctors and healed myself. And as you can see, I have not stopped. That was all ten years ago with the initial cleanse I started with. There are still a couple of more very minor issues that I am still working on, but at least now I can go out into society like a normal person.

To Pslluvu
by: Hope

To Pslluvu, you gave me inspiration and hope to heal my newly discovered evil virus. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Your words began a new quest for a truly healthy and victorious future, free from this poison.

I have been married for 12 years and have only been with him. He has HSV1-oral herpes but, I have never had any sores, until last week when I discovered my first major outbreak around my vagina and anus. The pain and shock is like nothing I have ever experienced. Not one sore, not two, but all around my anus, above and inside. The pain of urination is minor to the feeling of glass splitting my skin when I have a bowel movement.

By chance, I discovered Neem oil this summer and became a huge fan of this precious-but truly stinky blessing. So last week, I searched "Neem oil to cure Herpes" and discovered your experience. That night I ingested 4 TBL-tablespoons straight, without capsules!! (Organic cold pressed Neem Oil) I did not throw up. I went to bed, stayed home the next day feeling a bit nauseous. I had an very unusual pain in my stomach for about ten minutes and then I released a large loose stool (not quiet diarrhea). I will wait now, time will tell if the neem worked for me.

Since then, I have researched Dr. Hulda Clark as you mentioned and her great discoveries on "The Cure For All Diseases". She is giving me great insight and I will follow her Protocol.

PSLLUVU: Did you follow her Herpes Protocol using the Zapper for your "constant companion"? Could you please share your experience with Dr. Hulda Clark's Protocol. Also, maybe Neem did cure herpes for "Anotheronebitesthedust" & "Wanttotry" but, they got re-infected by their partner because they too have the virus without knowing it??? Just a thought. Thank You.

Dr Clark
by: PSIluvU

I followed Dr Clark's protocol for curing cancer. I had it, let's just say, everywhere. That was 10 years ago. At that time, Dr Clarke had not figured out the cure for herpes. She may have after I did my cancer cleanse, which also cured my arthritis and excema. It was during my cleanse that she figured out that garlic and onions feed parasites. Which I still have to avoid today.
But I did not do a herpes cleanse, as at the time, she didn't know the cure. What she did know at that time, was that HSV 'hung out' in the pancreas.
As far as the other people trying to do this cleanse, I don't think that they have steady partners to re-infect them.
Please keep us updated if your new evil had left the house permanently. For your sake, I really hope it has. If you want the contact of someone who does syncrometer testing. I can oblige. And thank you.

These days...
by: wanttotry

I haven't posted here for a while because I'm still experiencing symptoms around ovulation. Or actually, it's exactly 10 days after the start of my period. Occasionally I'll get a tingle mid-cycle to remind me that I have not succeeded yet. I have to say that I have mostly good days now though. Some days without a feeling at all that I have this virus. I am thinking about giving PSiluvU's protocol a go again. Also, I read of another one using neem as follows:

For 4 days----2 Neem Caps ( I don't know if I meant Capsules or caps of powder. You eat at your own risk. Also, the advertiser who sell the product said so only, not readers. )
For 8 days----4 Neem Caps.
For next 12 days----6 Neem caps.
For 48 days---8 Neem caps.
For 12 days---6 Neem caps.
For 8 days---4 Neem caps.
For 4 days---2 Neem caps. Cured

Maybe I'll give this a go to!

by: Anonymous

Hi all. I have HSV2 and I was reading articles from this forum. I don't want to say the same thing and depress u all again cos we know how it is. First of all I got it when I was in the US and now I live in Asia that has the Ayurvedic medicine practice. We remember as children when we got chicken pox our parents used to put neem leaves on our beds and chickenpox which is a form of herpes and created antibodies so we won't get it again. I don't know but I am going to go to Check out herbal doctors who practice Ayurveda to find neem or any other cure for it cos they have meds for a lot of our problems. In the meen time I will try the neem tree seed oil treatments. I think from all the replies, that higher doses are the way to kill this menace. I just found out (oct 27 2014) that 5 to 6 pharma companies are neck to neck trying to finish a vaccine for
HSV2 sufferers. Yes it's closer than you think. So do some Reaserch on google key word HSV2 vaccine . May you all be healthy soon.

Its working

I was diagnosed with this Depressing and Horrible virus in July, I got treated and it came back a month later, as a matter of fact it came back twice the next month, because I was stressing and worried about Future relationships as I am a single female. I was told by Doctors that it wont ever go away, and I am terrified more than anything, One of the doctors told me to use the Aloe Vera plant on the infected areas, I tried that, & its been helping extremely well, then I later discovered this site. I didn't know that Neem could of cure anything, whereas I have thousands of Neem Trees in my yard, I picked some, drank it, ate Garlic and woke up the next morning with 2 other growing ones lol, I have faith that it will go away, but i think it will get WORSE before it get BETTER, i am using the aloe through the day and whenever i feel the itching or burning sensation... Hopefully theres a Cure for this MONSTER!!

by: Deva

Has anyone tried Bio-88

Still clear, No new outbreak since Neem
by: Hope

Hello, I wanted to give you an update. I have not had another outbreak since August 2014 (my first outbreak-read above post from Hope) After ingesting 4 Tablespoons of Organic Neem oil, I haven't had an outbreak for 5 months. From November 2014 I have been eating clean organic food, juice every morning, and follow Dr. Hulda Clark's liver cleanse and parasite cleanse. But, I do believe ingesting the Need cured my Herpes.

Thank you again PslluvU for your inspiration and guidance. (Please read her posts above)

I also would like to let you know that I have had Psorasis for 20 years and arthritis for a couple of years now. By 2014 it was all over my back. Since my November diet and cleanses, my arthritis has reduced about 60% and 30% for the Psorisis. I will give this more time. PslluvU, if you can help me, please advise. Thank you so very much.

by: PSIluvU

I am so glad it is working for you. I also had excema, which I had since I was a small child and arthritis. Three or 4 months into my cleanse (| cleansed for a year) I noticed that I no longer had either. I was pretty shocked about the excema. And surprised that the arthritis was gone too, even though I had only had it for a few years. I thought it was fast, but I was also taking so much stuff to get rid of cancer.

My illnesses were life threatening, I was lucky enough to have someone help me thru all of the processes. There is a woman in Canada here that helped me. She does the syncrometer testing, takes several hours and it is non invasive. Only a saliva sample is needed. I know that she has helped people world wide.

I was also taking lots of vitamins, minerals, essential oils and herbs for the parasite cleanse. I literally did every last thing she recommended. I would be at her office and she'd be on the phone with Dr Clark. One call was when Dr Clark discovered that garlic and onions feed parasites. Do not eat them any more, ever!! Only caramelized onions, or really well cooked, no crunch! I have mentioned this woman before, don't recall if |I have given her info, but I am sure I offered it. If you want it I will give it to you. There are others around the world who also do what my friend does, but I don't know them. I think the test is 180 or 200 Can. Although there are general cleanses that everyone does there are some small variations for everyone. I don't want to be like others and send out info on someone unless you want it.

You are right it is the Neem that cured you, considering all I had done before and only the Neem worked, years after my cleanse.

For everyone else, on a side note. I ate a lot of chocolate in Dec., which is supposed to be one of the foods to avoid if you have herpes. I am also allergic to caffeine. Well, I got itchy on the 'spot'. I stopped eating chocolate and the itchy went away, but it made me wonder; Do I still have herpes even though I did not have a breakout?

Alternative possible cure for genital herpes
by: Anonymous

I have been doing some research of my own on genital herpes and trying to find natural cures for it, and surprisingly right before looking at this site I came across another site that states OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT will completely clear up the virus internally, externally and even more.

Neem vs Herpes
by: Sunnyv

Please, I have read all the comments, has any of you tried the neem therapy for a year and actually gone for a clinical / lab test PCR or IgG to check if the virus is still present in the body or not.

There's hope y'all!
by: 5yearsStrong

Hey Everyone,

I'm not sure how old the rest of these posts are or how many people read this (it's April 2015 as I write) but I want to share a message with all those who have HSV.

I'm 28, I got HSVII when I was 22, spent the first 2 years trying many things to cure it completely. I was unsuccessful, though I did not try everything and maybe not the right thing. I know there are ways out there, I wasn’t disciplined enough or didn’t come across the right influences. I dunno. I've heard of people being cured and even met a girl who had tested positive, had outbreaks, then, without even trying, she tested negative a year later.

Anyways, for me, the first one or two outbreaks were the worst. After that, assisted by improved attention to my overall health, they became really not that bad. I sympathize with anyone who has very constant, painful, and recurring OB's. I get 3-6 a year it seems, lasting about a week, but I quarantine for up to 3 weeks.

There are many ways
by: 5yearsStrong

The message I want to share to those for whom this is all very new and terrifying is this: this is not the end! If you can learn to love yourself anyway, love your body, nurture yourself during OB's, and be honest with your potential partners, you can live every bit of a happy and fulfilling life. It may never be "normal" but, honestly, I feel stronger for it. I was never warned by the person I received it from that they had it, and I vowed never to do that to another, but it took me 2 years to build up the courage to have that talk. Since breaking that ice, I’ve 1) had more rich and passionate relationships than before I got it 2) have never been met with anything but acceptance and compassion and never turned away for it (timing and verbage is key, and yes, the one-night stand is sorta off the table) and 3) never passed it along as far as I know. I have a girlfriend now of 2 years and I just let her know very casually when "shark week" is upon us. It’s a non-issue, she actually felt a lot closer to me after I shared something so personal with her. And, yes, neem oil topically is awesomely effective for shortening OB’s and healing the scar.

To be happy!
by: 5yearsStrong

Point-and-case: I was absolutely terrified at first, I felt utterly shafted and isolated from everyone else, but, and yes, it took years, I eventually accepted it, and was able to find others who were willing to make the choice to chance it with me, and, we played it safe as shit, which means no sex for sometimes a month, but, nobody’s gotten hurt, I never had to lie, and yes, I still check around the net to see how the search for cures is progressing. I don’t give up on that, but, if I carry it till the day I die, hey, I didn’t let it keep me from livin’. Worst case scenario, I would renounce sex forever and become a monk. There are healers out there that know how amongst native peoples. I’ve kinda gotten over worrying about a cure. To those who have really bad cases, I’m sorry, most of this may not be uplifting to you, but that doesn’t mean give up. I feel your struggle, not for a single day have you been alone in what you bare. Much love!

Which brand of Neem oil should I get
by: Monsy

I have been suffering from frequent outbreaks of genital herpes and I would like to try the neem oil. Someone please share with me the brand that I should get. I have had to discontinue wearing my g-strings because I find they help trigger my attacks. I use acyclovir cream and it helps but I get an outbreak twice a month sometimes. Help Please!!

Brands of Neem
by: PSIluvU

Twice a month. Which means always. Nothing could suck more.

I mention a brand in my post above but I don't really think the brand is important. I used cold pressed, but again, is that important? I bought a small expensive bottle from the health food store (Divine Essence) as opposed to the Indian grocer.

What is important is that you are prepared and old enough (at least 25 and not pregnant) to take the Neem. Caffeine is a MAJOR trigger and aids in herpes growth. Eliminate it from your diet. So does sugar and anything that can stress your system. I used to get a cold-sore every time this one person would talk to me. I had to 'eliminate' him from my life.

Make sure your kidney and liver function well enough to take a large cleanse.

I hope you see immediate results.

Just so that everyone else knows, caffeine is what brought any kind of pronounced itch back. And it was from eating chocolate. This is how small the dose of caffeine is.

Coffee drinkers, sorry to tell you, but the ONLY solution, is to give up coffee/caffeine.

Tested for Herpes 1 & 2 and it came back negative!!!
by: Hope

Hello, (SunnyV) In August 2014 I contracted Herpes from oral sex and had a massive outbreak (read above post from Hope) I took 4 Tablespoons of Neem Oil and I haven't had an outbreak since. (Now is June 2015) I just got blood work done and it came back NEGATIVE for Herpes 1 & 2!!!

Neem CURED my herpes!!!

I am so grateful for this forum, especially for PVLLUVU.

I took Organic Cold Pressed Neem Oil from Dr. Adorable (Amazon) Monsy: I do believe the quality and freshness DOES matter because time effects the potency. I ordered it and drank it right away. 10 months later the oil now looks cloudy and smells less offensive.

I hope Neem will cure others as it has for me.

Another one bites the dust
by: PSIluvU

I am so glad it worked for you, Hope. You give us all hope.

I think (know), that the hsv2 is still here. I feel a bit of an itch when I eat chocolate and excellent quality chocolate makes a sore, I'm sure of it. The person who tested me before for cancer, etc., I went to see her again and she tested me for herpes and said that the herpes is there. This is a $150 test, not the government sanctioned $700+ one. She also has a cure for it so I will be doing that, plus, I am still doing a current cleanse with olive leaf and I am adding essential oils (frankincense and oregano oil) and I will do a big Neem cleanse when I run out of the olive leaf.
I will update again.

BUT, the difference from before to now, if I eliminate caffeine, I will be fine, no outbreaks at all. And ALSO, I NEVER get/got any more face sores, which were at least 3 times a year, which is what I got it down to on a lysine control diet.

Neem Internally
by: Anonymous

Please do not take neem oil internally. Only take neem leaf as tea or capsule internally and use neem oil for external sores. I'm an Ayurvedic Practitioner and neem is an Ayurvedic herb. Internally, the oil can be very damaging to the gallbladder, liver, kidneys. Externally, neem oil works wonders for fungal, bacterial, and viral infections.

there is control but no cure
by: an RN with herpes

I'm an RN with this awful virus. Genital herpes hides out in the actual cells which come together to make a nerve. It hijacks the cell and makes it into a little virus producing factory. It likes to hang out in special areas in the base of your spine, but when it replicates and is active during a breakout, you feel the tingle because is it nerve stimulation and you get OB at the nerve endings, get it? You can keep it away/lower OBs by having a healthy immune system and interrupting its life/replication cycle. I have tried everything and the only "control" for me is enough sleep, exercise, eating very healthy, fermented milk products if you eat dairy, low carbs/no wheat/gluten, no processed sugar, use stevia. Daily: spiralina, chlorella,lecithin, insulin, msm, ACV, 6G+ vitamin C, good multi, ashwaganda, neem leaf caps, B complex. Olive leaf, oregano, dmso, all these help and add to immunity but for me the best thing that's helps is DAILY neem. You have to create an environment the virus can't replicate in. This is the closest you will probably get to a CURE, although I research constantly and try different things and read all the blogs. It's likely that through a healthy gut and therefore immune system you can limit its ability to advance into a full outbreak!!! :)

neem treatment for herpes
by: manikandan

Now I have full confident it is the best result to cure from the HSV 1&2 and come back to the normal life with out any diseases.

how to use neem
by: life

I don't get how you use it not to spread the disease. Should you insert the neem oil into your vagina? Does it burn or anything like that when it touches your skin? I heard it's a strong oil.

himalaya neem
by: Ginkgo

Psilivu, how about Neem capsule under Himalaya brand, does it as good as neem oil that you used and if is how much of it should be take to cure hsv1/hsv2?

by: PSIluvU

I would read what I already said, as far as, how much to take.

Topically Neem oil does not hurt. It immediately reduces and eliminates an outbreak, so dabbing it directly on the sore is best. I guess if it is inside your vagina, you could soak a tampon (please use only organic for anything you put inside you).

Capsules are for internal use only - orally, that is.

himalaya's neem
by: Gingko

Psilivu, how about Neem capsule under Himalaya's brand, does it as good as neem oil that you used and if is how much of it should be taken to cure hsv1/hsv2?

brand name
by: PSIluvU

I have used all kinds of Neem oil. The one that I took orally was a small more expensive one than the ones that I buy at the Indian grocer. But asking me about different brand names... really, I can't say. I'm sure the brand name makes no difference. They all stink. I think the one I had was filtered more than the ones I buy at the Indian grocer.

Question for Hope
by: Anonymous

I see Dr. Adorable Organic Cold Pressed Neem oil on Amazon. Did you use 4 TBLS of the "STRONG, POTENT, UNDILUTED, UNREFINED" oil or just the "ORGANIC COLD PRESSED" version that appears to be diluted?

Neem DID work!!!
by: PSIluvU

OK everyone!! I thought that I'd let you all know... I got tested!! And the results are... I don't have herpes, anywhere!!! The thing that I thought was an outbreak after I did the big Neem weekend, was actually something else.

So, the Neem did work and it worked for Hope as well. I am so glad.

But, I will say, I really think you need to ELIMINATE caffeine (chocolate too) from your diet until you get rid of the nasty.

And I Have to say something to 'an RN with herpes'. Just because you have given up on a cure, don't try and derail other peoples hope by saying that, 'there is no cure'. FYI, there IS a cure for herpes, just like there is a cure for every disease.


Ingesting Neem Seed Oil
by: Fighter

Hi PSILUVU and HOPE, if either of you are still on this website please let me know and answer my question. I am new to the battle of genital HSV 1 and I would like to know if you both are still ok even though you ingested the Neem Oil?

I am really considering of doing it because the virus is driving me mad, however I continue to read about physical repercussions after ingesting the neem. So, I'd like to know if your health(s) is still ok. Please get back to me or if anyone else has had an experience with ingesting it let me know. Thanks.

recent information?
by: Natural all the Way

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for taking the time to write your experiences and tested results with the various things you've used in your treatments of HSV 1 & 2.

It's now November, 2015 and I'm wondering if anyone has any recent testimonies or any updates on the Neem Oil process that PSIluvU and Hope and her friends did ...

I came down with HSV 1 about 17 years ago during a really bad flu, probably the worst I've ever had, and have about 6-12 sometimes more OB's a year since then. Just recently they were getting less in severity and less frequently, as I'm told they do the longer that you have the virus. My triggers are usually stress, low immune system from too much alcohol etc, but this last OB has come on pretty intense due to run down immune system (obviously) and sun exposure which has never happened before. I'm so over it. I've lived with this too long, I'm sure everyone feels in some way the same.

About a month ago during a regular STI checkup after ending a long-term monogamous relationship, I asked specifically for HSV test which I found out isn't normally included on the standard STI check list unless you actually ask for it. It came back positive to HSV 1 which I already knew and had been confirmed via a swap during a previous OB, but also with positive antibodies to HSV 2 which was a shock to say the least since I don't have any symptoms. So at some stage during my relationship history I've come into contact with HSV 2 and developed antibodies to it. I am 100% certain when this happened, but it really doesn't matter, because it doesn't change the result (unless it was a false-positive but that's another story). Regardless of how I got it, my main concern now is passing this on to someone (which I have never given cold sore to any past partner. I'm still in contact with them so I do know and they've been tested neg to HSV 1 & 2 both mouth and Or never ever having unprotected sex in a long-term monogamous relationship again. Ugh.

So after trying just about every product/wives tale available and that I could research and using other peoples remedies for my cold sores, I eventually came across Quantum Health, Super Lysine + Cold Sore Treatment, while I have found that this cuts the healing time in half and by far the most successful of all things I've tried, what I'm really after is a treatment that will kill this sneeky virus ultimately or just stop it from erupting from the prodome stage to begin with. But as I said, ultimately I want it GONE! :) so I won't give up easily ...

In my research I've come across many natural substances that have highly antiviral compounds, so I've made my own salve. It contains quite a lot of organic liquorice root (didn't measure), 4 crushed 1000mg lysine tablets that also contain zinc and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which I put in a glass measuring jug with the 1/3 cup coconut and 2 tbls olive oil which was in a saucepan of water on low heat and for 2+ hours I let it sit and stew and then I strained), I then put the oil back into the glass measuring jug and into the saucepan of water and added the beeswax and waited till it melted, stiring occasionally. I removed it from saucepan (be careful during all this that no water gets into the mixture) and then added maybe 6mls of the highest quality wild oregano but you can put more (highly antiviral among other things), 35 drops peppermint essential oil (makes it tastes good, and hides the Neem oil fragrance, also cools the heat of the erupting CS), 10 drops lavender EO (soothing and healing), 15 drops clove EO (anaesthetic), 10 drops tea tree EO (great for everything really), 1 tbls organic olive oil, maybe 15mls good quality Neem oil, 3 vitamin E caps for preservation in a base of 1/3 cup Organic cold pressed unrefined coconut oil and 30gms/mls beeswax. So basically it's 2/3 oils to 1/3 beeswax, but top the Coconut oil if you need. Note this measurement depends on the consistency that you want. Less beeswax for a more creamy malleable consistency, or more beeswax for a more solid consistency. This recipe is quite solid, but not hard if that makes sense! :) I know Melissa (super expensive though but you can uses Lemon Balm oil also) is highly highly antiviral as is Olive Leaf Extract, and I would have added these but I didn't have any of these in my cupboard for this batch. I'll put these in as well next time. I'm hoping that this will stop any future OB's, but as I said what I'm really looking for is no OB's at all, ever again, and ultimately retesting for no HSV!

On a more mainstream medical note, in my research I came across a Phase II testing trial on humans for the vaccine called Admedus's Vaccine that has started in Australia and has passed human safety trials and in April 2015 started human trials with the results to be published in 2016, then moving onto Phase III, this will most likely be available in 2017 to the public (I'm hoping). This is extremely hopeful. The guy doing this is Ian Frazer who developed the Gardasil vaccine (which has had a decent amount of negative press re side effects, though there is always a risk with vaccines) who has also bought a considerable amount of shares into this vaccine. I found this information on wiki under "herpes simplex research" and it lists all research past and present being done for a HSV vaccine, worth reading ... while all this is great news, this timeframe to me is not quick enough.

So in reading with great curiosity and excitement all the comments below especially "PSIluvU" and "Hope"'s comments, I have ordered the Neem Oil that "Hope" suggested and will be doing the process that "PSIluvU" suggested also as soon as I have received it and have 3 days spare to do it. I'm open to trying anything (bar the vaccine trials) and so I am prepared to endure whatever is required or whatever will happen :)

I will post back once I've completed the process with an update ...

Here's to regaining our health and taking back our power over this disease! :) I look forward to hearing more about your research ...

Natural all the way
by: Fighter

Hi Natural all the way,

Apparently everyone else has left this forum and its just you and I for now.

I did order the Neem Oil Hope had ordered "Mr. Adorable" through Amazon and I ingested 3 tablespoons in 18 veggie capsules and then 4 hours later I ingested 2 tablespoons in 12 veggie capsules. I know I didn't do the full 3 tablespoons in the second batch but I figured that if Hope just ingested 4 tablespoons then the total of 5 tablespoons was going to suffice. I did not feel any nausea or get any diarrhea the next day, however I did feel a little weird that I knew it was wise for me to stay in bed watching a movie and constantly drink water. Keep in mind that I have been eating very healthy on a all-vegan diet and have included milk thistle and burdock root tincture to a morning regiment to clean the liver + I have been on olive leaf pill (with oleoruporin) for the last 1.5 months--I got those olive leaf pills at'm up to 4 pills 3 times a day. At first taking these pills you get a serious die off effect of all the free radicals and bacteria that is in your body--you'll get foggy brain, nausea, headache, clammy hands, and just feel f**k** up--what you would have to do is lower the dosages...I started with 1 pill 3 times a day and worked myself up until I got the die off effect which lead me to lower the dosage and work myself up again. However, its definitely worth it afterwards because you will then feel quite clean and energized.

I've also included turmeric of about 750mg once a day into my regiment and I have been chewing a couple of garlic teeth in the morning and 2 teeth at night. Also, been drinking about 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar a day. Also have included DMSO (rose scented with Aloe), and oregano oil to specific situations (which I will mention below).

Well all and all with everything that I have been doing after ingesting the neem oil I did get a tingle sensation with a small open ulcer about 3 days afters ingesting the neem oil. I was highly upset (but it could have been one of the virus' final attempt in survival), so I immediately mixed neem oil with the oregano oil, and DMSO and applied to the small ulcer and rubbed it in for about a minute with a Qtip...and to my amazement within about 8 hours that open ulcer was gone and I had fresh skin there once again. This was totally the opposite to my first outbreak which happened about 1.5 month ago--it took about 2 weeks for the multiple ulcers to go away and I've read in other blogs and forums that it usually takes awhile for the ulcers to heal so I'm pretty sure that the Neem oil and the combination of everything else I've been doing has been helping alot.

I will ingest the neem oil again and instead of 3 tablespoons I will proceed with 4 tablespoons and stop right there. One thing you want to keep in mind is NOT I repeat NOT ejaculate after you have ingested the neem oil in the next couple of days. I say this because after ingesting the neem oil a couple of days later I decided to have protected sex with my girlfriend (which knows that I have hsv 1). When I ejaculated massive amounts of sperm (due to lack of sex) and yellowish substance mixed in--my guess is that it was the neem oil and the next day later is when I had the small ulcer appear. So do not ejaculate for a while--I'd say longer than a month so that the neem oil stays in your body for as long as possible so that it can do its thing against the virus--thats what I'll be doing next time I ingest the neem oil. That small ulcer incident happened 2 days ago and I haven't had anything else happen thus far but I'll keep you posted.

I am considering doing the garlic cleanse and the 35% hydrogen peroxide regiment as well. Also, I will be doing a series of different cleanses listed in Hulda Clarks book "The Cure For All Diseases" like the kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse, and ending it with the liver cleanse which should be done after all the other cleanses because it tends to be the harshest one of all.

Prior to reading your post, I also had done research on Ian Frazer in Australia and his attempt in creating a vaccine but I'm with you in the fact that I do not want to wait that long.

Plus the benefit in all of this is that we are living a more healthier life...obviously it sucks that we can not partake in coffee/chocolate/alcohol and other great tasting foods because of our situation but I really believe that if we stick through this we will beat this virus. I do believe that we have everything available to us on God's earth--there is a yin and yang to everything so its just a matter of finding the remedy to this disgusting virus.

I will get tested again in April of 2016 to see if I've eradicated this virus with everything that I have done and will be doing.

All the best to you Natural all the way and to anyone else that would like to join...lets keep each other posted--its nice when you have someone else aiding you in the fight!!

Please post date so that we have a time frame as it is not listed on our post. November 19, 2015.

Neem leaf capsules

I just recently found I have HSV 2. I have always had HSV 1. I have an current OB on my anus. It is my current boyfriend who told me about a product called Essenes of Vitality which contains Neem. Has anyone ever heard of the product?!?! I have been reading and researching and this site is a big help. My goal is to completely rid myself of this virus. So far I have purchased DSMO by natures gift but not sure how I should use it. I have also bought lysine capsules (500mg) and Neem leaf capsules (400mg). Now on the bottle of Neem leaf and lysine it says one capsule 3 times a day. I'm wondering if I should take more than that?!?! I am also transitioning to vegan to help. I also want to purchase MMS but need a reputable place to purchase it. Can anyone help me with that and the dosages of Neem leaf capsules and lysine I should take?!?!

by: Natural all the Way



Good to hear from you ... I've yet to do the Neem oil process ... but checked back on here to see what's been going on ...

LADYSINGSTHEBLUES ... with Lysine you can take a lot of it without any bad side effects, much like Vitamin C (except you get the runs which is great if you are getting the flu as it flushes it out, literally). During an OB I usually take more than 3000mg per day, sometimes 4500mg/day (3x1000-1500mg/day), anything that your body doesn't use will just flush out of your body. Stay away from high Arginine foods as listed here -

DMSO - I haven't used, but from what I've read you rub it on the base of your spine near your coccyx (which is where HSV2 hides dormant in your spine) then rub in other oils like oregano oil or with the Herpes Protocol they use MMS. The DMSO increases the absorption (more so than your skin does) of whatever you put on after the DMSO.

MMS - I've been getting from a guy in Australia for the past 22 years, which is great for increasing your immune system. I was on 20 drops/day at one stage during my pregnancies. My mum used it up to 60 drops/day when she had cancer. Currently I'm on 5 drops/day in about 800mls water. One thing I strongly suggest that if you ingest it, take it slowly, increase one drop every 3-4 days and most most MOST definitely take it after you've eaten. I can't stress this enough. If you take too much at one time you will feel nauseous and gasey and it can make you vomit. Trust me, this has happened to me.

Neem Leaf capsules - I haven't taken them in capsule form, only made tea which is bitter and tastes real bad, but strangely you get used to it. I used Stevia as a sweetener and made a large strong batch which I kept in the fridge then diluted it with boiled water and drank a few times a day. I've used the Neem (seed) oil for many things, skin rashes, insect bites, put it in the salve I mentioned above. It is quite pungent, but great stuff. I would suggest googling as much as you can about Neem Leaf Capsule ingestion/dosage but I imagine it's not as concentrated as the oil?

Currently just finished a long month or so of oral OB's ... used my salve every time I felt that burning tingle start which has helped heaps and stopped a few OB's, but sadly didn't stop the last one which erupted like I had really bad wind burn on my upper lip, around the lip line :/ Have been taking high mgs of Lysine, 2 x 1ml Wild Oregano Oil capsules/day, garlic, probiotics, Vit C, Spirulina, have been taking some Tyrosine also for regulating moods which is also helpful for stress, grape seed extract, no alcohol, 1 x coffee/day, 3-4 litres of water/day with 5 drops Oxy-go/MMS/day, I was taking capsules filled with Coconut Oil but need to make up some more along with the Tumeric. I've read that taking a capsule of Cayenne Pepper when you feel the OB starting helps with the burn and stopping it from developing further. Have taken this before but not long enough to notice any difference. Liquorice Root is also helpful to ingest in capsule form too. I just need a decent amount of time to cap these up.

I must try the Neem process, after I order some more as I used the last lot on my Lemon trees to stop the grasshoppers from eating the leaves :) and I was a little hesitant to ingest such a large amount :/ will post again when I have, if not before.

I've also noticed when I say 'gee I haven't had a cold sore for a while' next thing I know ... so won't be saying that anytime soon :)

Fighter - thanks for posting your journey also ... (y)

Hope this helps LADYSINGSTHEBLUES :)


by: Anonymous

To PSiluvu and whoever else got rid of their virus and got retested negative. Can you explain which exact test you took? Wouldn't the antibody test (blood test) still show that you were exposed? If not, and the antibodies diminish, wouldn't this also mean that you are susceptible to re-infection?

replying and greetings April 23 1016
by: PSIluvU

Sorry everyone I stopped receiving notices from this forum because of all the 'my great African doctor' ads. It was too much.

So, I've been tested again. Sept 2015. I did the syncrometer test that Dr. Hulda Clark designed and I did it thru a very, reliable and affordable Canadian site, Health-in-sync - one of the cheapest independent testing available. Saliva sample only.

I tested negative for HSV1 and HSV2. However, I did have herpes in my pancreas. Which, is where herpes lives ultimately in the body.

Conventional testing: I went to the 'doctor' and got a regular test done. I did not go back for the results yet. This was two weeks ago. I already know that the blood they took will show no herpes.

So, at 'health in sync', she directed me to a US company that makes energetic water remedies. I had several things wrong with me but one of the things that I took, was a remedy specifically for removing pancreatic herpes. I literally, just finished taking all of the energetic water remedies and now I am doing a kidney flush. Then I will do the liver flush.
At 'health in sync' she has homeographic drops for removing things from the kidneys before you take the herbs. But she also tests to know what to take out.

Someone mentioned doing Dr Clark's methods as she outlined in her awesome book 'The Cure For All Diseases'. Get a syncrometer test first. It really is a vital part of Dr. Clark's research.

Once I have completed all of the cleanses, I will be tested again. So another few months. Then I can let you all know how everything worked. And I can also post the results for the 'doctors' test too.

As far as re-infection goes. Well of course, if you are exposed to the virus again after curing, I think you can get it again and also, it lives in the pancreas. So, it technically is still living in the body. I think it need to be removed 100% from the body - obvs., but yes, you can get reinfected. However, according to the claims made by the people who make the water remedies, there is a water remedy that you can take while you are taking the others that will prevent re-infection; but I can't say yet, as this is my first experience wit it.

Just to clarify, I mentioned how sick I was before, well I got really sick again but I honestly feel A LOT better. I can tell that these seemingly regular bottles of water, really do work. This is off topic but to demonstrate the effectiveness of the 'water'. I have a curve in my spine, not a large one but perceptible to chiropractors. I just got my posture evaluated and normally it is terrible. The chiro was actually impressed with my posture and then I told him about my scoliosis. I had him check the curve and it is decreasing. So, IMO, this stuff works.

took neem, got results
by: Anon

Just wanted to let people know that I think neem worked for me. Contracted HSV2 in Sept'15, took neem capsules daily (about 1 bottle over 3 months) and applied DMSO with neem oil and oregano oil to bottom of spine daily, from Dec'15 to Apr'16. Apr'16 I built up the courage to take one tbs of neem oil one night, another the next, and again almost a week later. No capsules, just straight neem oil. It must have been slightly under a tablespoon since it took 3 times to finish a 1oz bottle. Just got retested (May'16) and am negative for HSV2 but might still seem to have HSV1. Still haven't seen the results myself, so am not sure which exact blood test they did.
I had breakouts somewhat regularly up until I ingested the neem oil. After the neem oil, no new beakouts. I also have continued to eat arginine-rich foods. Unfortunately I got a rash just about the same time complicating things; good thing it's benign and not herpes, bad thing it's annoying and taking a while to heal.
I'm waiting to see what exact blood test they did, and for this rash to go away - then, I think I will feel right again.
As for the virus living in other places; I'm not sure it matters, as long as it doesn't cause breakouts or any other harm and can't affect/infect anyone else. Also, I highly doubt a saliva test could tell you much about anything, let alone that your HSV is 'living in your pancreas.' It's good to be open to real "natural" remedies like neem and other medicinal herbs that haven't become mainstream because they're less marketable, but stay wary of snake oils and too much self-experimentation with things that are not documented or researched in any true scientific way.
Having said that, Psiluvu, I thank you for posting here, and continuing to, it's really awesome that you've gone out of your way to share your experience with others.

trying 4 table spoons of neem oil
by: HOPE B

Hi, I'm in the same boat as most people here and reading what most people have done here I decided to try the 4 table spoons of neem oil. Just like "HOPE" I went and bought Dr. Adorable neem oil and about 8 min ago I drank 4 table spoons of it. Without capsules. I feel weirdly fine so far. I usually get the OB twice monthly or at least once a month. I just recovered from one today.

I will promise to come back and say if this did work or not. Also if I go for a long while without OB I will do a HSV antibody test and see if this is a cure or not.

God bless,
HOPE B (June 28, 2016)

by: HOPE B

I regret to inform ingesting 4 tablespoons of neem oil internally didn't do anything for me.

HOPE B (July 5th, 2016)

Possible exposure
by: Anonymous

So I just found out I was exposed to herpes. Waiting for initial (blood)test results still but I am beyond scared a wreck if you will. So my question is, would you recommend starting neem products or anything else as a precaution, basically start fighting herpes (hsv2)? I know for sure the girl (ex gf) I was with is positive as she had her outbreak and been diagnosed. I do commend her for reaching out and telling me and we are communicating on the subject, in fact she is new to it and of course possibly me.

Thank you for any info you can give me.

Neem will stop the Asymptomatic Shedding?
by: Anonymous

Hi, anyone can tell me if neem will stop the asymptomatic shedding?

My Test run with neem - Scams?
by: Freedom

September 23 2016
I've been reading and following along this forum for a few days now. I'm suffering from swollen lymph nodes and was diagnosed in 2012. Never had any OB but for three in the following years. However, in July 2016 that's when I became seriously ill with a fever, body aches, sore throat and unable to eat or sleep for days and had the worst OB of my life. It just came out of no where! 😓 Ever since July I have been trying to get my lymph nodes swelling to go down, they are small now and they don't hurt as much as they did in July when they first swelled up. I honestly thought I would die. I am seeing a lot of posts at the end here that look hopeful, does anyone know if these are scam posts or legitimate? I contacted Dr. Lusanda at the email address that was listed just because I am curious as to whether this is legitimate or if it is a scam or not, I am very sick and I have started taking the Neem oil. Today is day 3 of internally ingesting the oil. I bought cold pressed 100% and filled gel capsules I take two caps in the morning and two capsules at night. The only issues I am experiencing now, which I'm hoping the oil will make go away, is itching and the swelling in my lymph nodes in my neck. I am going to gradually increase the dosage of the oil until it affects my body in a bad way then I will reduce the dosage. I am also taking vitamin C thousand milligrams - turmeric 1000 mg - echinacea and goldenseal (one dropper full twice a day) - I am taking olive leaf extract (one dropper full twice a day equals 2000mgs) and I am now taking sovereign silver 50 mcg twice a day since I see some people post about these things. I am also taking elderberry extract once in the morning. 2000-3000 mgs of L-lysine a day as well. I just want to make these two symptoms I am experiencing go away, I am not actually having any blisters but the itching is annoying. I will continue taking these things and update on whether I am successfully cured or not. Thank you all for your posts and for sharing this information - if any of you are reading this please tell me whether you think these posts are scams or not thank you for sharing with me.

Hi Freedom, of course the posts are scams. They pour in by the dozen every day, I can not remove them as fast as they are posted.

Test run with neem
by: Freedom

September 27 2016
So as I mentioned above I started taking the Neem oil.
Five days went past where I would take two capsules in the morning and two capsules at night. On the fifth day my kidney started twitching randomly throughout the day and it literally scared me enough to stop taking the pills. I don't know if the pills were what was causing this because I am taking a lot of other vitamins but I decided to stop taking neem oil internally just in case that was the cause my kidneys have never done this before and I really don't want to end up in the hospital. The downside is I still have a crazy itching/soreness all day long. I was also applying Neem oil to a tampon and vaginally inserting it which did give me great relief but as soon as I remove the tampon the relief would always end. If there is anybody reading this I hope my post gives you some insight, feel free to respond back. At this point I have stopped taking all vitamins due to fear of kidney failure except for oregano oil and L-lysine 3000 mgs a day. I have also ordered a product I used to use in the past called "Prevasure" from Allied Natural which had originally stopped all outbreaks for me back in 2012 but I had stopped ordering the product because I no longer showed any symptoms for over a year while on the product but obviously they have come back so I will keep you updated and let you know whether getting back on "Prevasure" relieves my great distress.

Finally instant treatment to HERPES, cure still to FIND
by: Ankit

06 November 2016
Firstly open talking should be promoted for herpes as it's mainly left untreated due to lack of communication plus guilt plus shyness what other will think?
I got hsv2 positive on 04 August 2016 had a hpv also earlier all over my genital area
Leaving apart hpv coming to topic

As I got hsv 2 positive I started searching for olive leafs as eating any leaf direct gives more nutrients than anything since u took it alive from its stem
But unfortunately in INDIA(DELHI) u can't find olive trees so I headed to government largest plantry where all r&d happens in every area, I was advised to visit there a leading Ayurvedic doctor in one of there labs who has cure for cancer like diseases too and can also find me hsv2 cure.
I visited the lab again unfortunate doctor was on leave but curious attendant cum farmer to those medical plant asked "what are u suffering from?"
I gave him every detail, he smiled and replied its called "pitta"
And said have u every wondered why these sex transmitted problems are less in India even we had Ravana who has 600 wives or Mughals Muslims having many wives or take Hyderabad Nizams, even in era when there were no condoms to protect.
I reply I told "no I don't know"
He told Ayurveda it was, which got way invented before because of these blessed trees we have.
"Eat 3 leaves rinsed in water properly empty stomach n than collect a morning urine in bottle ,wash ur clean hair trimmed or rasored genital part by keeping one hand lower to penis in u shape so that ur lower Part sucks as much urine as needed, do whatever u do whole day just wear elonged underwear with thread no elastic or any loose garment so air comes in genital area, than at night make Neem paste of rest leaves apply it and stay at one place without clothes on than part let it dry, now without underwear just wear shorts n sleep. Do for 7 days it will never come back."

Update -
If u don't have fresh leaves of Neem than take olive leafs n try don't stress or run here n there as hsv don't end in days
Please quit smoking when u take Neem inside as its a holy plant like basil leaves or olive leaves n yes can be toxic if u r smoker
Skip a day if u plan to take alcohol that day
Going on veg diet for rest life can be very effective for Neem therapy
I personally take one garlic piece along with 4 leaves of Neem in empty stomach without brush n drink water in sliver glass
As some said silver is good for herpes rather capsules let body think of it own to take silver or eject via urine so EAT REGULARY WITH SILVER SPOON OR DRINK 12 HOURS KEPT WATER FROM SILVER CUP PLUS SPOON IS GOOD IF U HAVE SORES IN MOUTH
yes in India our every product has Neem in it weather it soap or paste or hair oil even we use hard stem of Neem to brush our teeths so how can it be TOXIC
but yes Neem with smoke and drugs is dangerous
Plus as PSILUVU said
*So, don't take Neem if you are trying to conceive, because it will block it.

*If you are pregnant it can cause a miscarriage.

*If you are a child it can cause seizures and heart attack.

*Patients taking chemotherapy agents should use Neem with caution.

*Concomitant use of acetaminophen (Tylenol®) and Neem leaf extract may cause liver toxicity. But, a fatty liver can be treated with Neem leaves.

*Neem may lower blood sugar levels. Caution is advised when using medications that may also lower blood sugar. Patients taking drugs for diabetes by mouth or insulin should be monitored closely.

Plus liver n kidney patients take it with doctor advise


Congrats u cured it as per blood tests (India hsv 1 n 2 tests are cheap hardly 30 to 35 dollar max full test of igm and igg of both hsv as per antibody WB method and ELISA method is further cheap at 15 dollars) coming to topic
Where u need to detoxify ur totally body by just have vegetables and fruits for whole day we call it fasting in Hindu religion and additionally THIS IS A HARD ONE u need to pee and COLLECT AND DRINK IT REGULARLY for like 2 WEEKS OR every WEEK IN A MONTH make sure u don't take any antibody or hsv or any other pills during those days

Don't worry I will also be doing this same also in some time as its common here since this has been going in here for more than 5000 years back yes I said correct 5000 years and worship it for its being Devine in form of SHIVLING "where a stone is carved in form of ling "private male part" and treated as of Lord shiva and than offered with water fruits n milk while under it we drink it to honor our Lord shiva"
Other u can google "morarji desai" former prime minister of India, being at such high post and powerful intellect do u really think he was fool to drink URINE everyday
And beside my great grand mother used to drink COW URINE every day FRESH yah man FRESH just out of cow VAGINE and STRAIGHT IN MOUTH NO STRAWS NO GLASS

Finally instant treatment to HERPES, cure still to FIND.
by: Ankit

Please NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER use COCONUT oil on your genital herpes as rather this oil is just neutral no positives but main NEGATIVE is as you feel itchy you put coconut oil as being SWEET OIL in nature it gives moisture and nourish ground to ITCHINESS which than turns to herpes OB
RATHER if you don't have any other oil it can be used as carrier oil by mixing it with oregano or tea tree oil to reduce burning on topical application.
Herpes needs air to get killed not sweat or moisture .

Second PSIILUVU advised no caffeine.

A diabetic patient may have serious issue to herpes since insulin discharge is high.

any update people??
by: IHopeForTheBest

Hello everyone! I believe I read all comments here and I must say I am impressed! I'm using homemade colloidal silver (a lady here (Croatia) does it, she's an expert for it for years).
Anyway, I used to have OBs technically ALL THE TIME, and I contracted it like a year ago (now is 28.12.2016.)

I can surely tell that colloidal silver works, I even drank a ton of alcohol and ate shitty foods, coffee, cakes... cause it was pre-Christmas time so everywhere's party.
The point is that despite all that I got only 1 smaaaall OB during this 2 months I've been using it, without juicing, detox or whatever cleanse you do.
My doctor even told me I should be tested negative in like 2 months from now cause I will try to either go raw for some time or totally clean up my diet. My doc (she's alternative doc as well) said that colloidal silver kills it 100% no matter how long you've had it.
I take it 4-5 times daily, each time 0,02 litre (I think that is around 0,7 oz) 1/2 hour before I eat, or 2 hours after I eat and during the day, when active. When you sleep your blood is not as much active as when awake.

I got neem powder as well and I put it in empty capsules and take like 6 of it daily.

I hope I'll turn out negative in 2017!

**silver what I use has 12 ppm**

about these *miracle herbal doctors*
by: iHopeForTheBest

Whoever is admin here I would appreciate if you remove all these similar comments with *herbal doctors* who cure by magic and all these whatsapp numbers and e-mails of them.

Those are money making SCAMMERS and don't fall for that.

Only God can judge to people who (are trying to) make money on others suffering.

No relief in sight
by: Freedom

Today is January 5, 2017

Thank you for your advice not to fall for those scammers I am just so desperate. As I said in an earlier post I would give an update if the " Prevasure" worked for me. I ordered it and I have been taking it religiously once in the morning and once at night ever since I received it two months ago. I no longer have sores that develop but my entire vagina and butt cheeks are completely inflamed with PAIN constantly hurting, but the strange thing is one would never know by looking at it, there doesn't seem to be much redness and there doesn't seem to be much of anything, yet my skin is in so much pain every single day, it is hard to go to the bathroom. This is constant pain, no matter what I do, my skin hurts and my lady parts, my cervix is swollen and I am having a strange unusual discharge. I know that this is from the herpes virus despite the fact that there is no visible sores. I can barely function normally and have been to the ER twice and of course there was nothing they could do for me but charge me $4000 for nothing. As I said in an earlier post I was diagnosed in 2012 and have only had three or four outbreaks with sores since then. I haven't tried the neem again since my last failure that I posted. :-(
I'm in so much pain every single day which fluctuates throughout the day. I saw someone posted about urine therapy and taking neem leaves, I am a female, I understand that this disease affects females far worse than males in most cases. I'm so desperate for help, I'll do anything, can someone please give me more advice on what to do next? Last night I started using apple cider vinegar soaks an application directly on my area - this is my next attempt at trying to stop the intense pain but if I drink my urine and that helps I will definitely do that I just don't know how much and when to drink it? It's so strange that I'm suffering so tremendously and yet there are no sores there but I can feel it crawling in my skin! Please help, anyone, I thank you all for your help.

to Freedom
by: iHopeForTheBest

Apple cider vinegar will definitely help, don't drink your urine, especially not in this condition.

I will advise you this. It is not expensive way and definitely works.

You will need: black seed oil, raw (unprocessed) honey, olive leaf extract (I have liquid form), colloidal silver, lemon and apple cider vinegar.

Every morning the first thing I do is 0,02 litre of colloidal silver, hold that for a minute in your mouth and swallow after that.

10 minutes after that I drink 0,5 litre of warm water with 1 whole squeezeed lemon and 1 spoon of honey and with that I take 1,5 mls of olive leaf extract.

While preparing my breakfast it passes a half an hour which is enough time for body to absorb all of this.

Right before breakfast take 1 spoon of black seeds and squash them and mix with honey and eat it.

I drink 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar randomly with a bit of water. I use it topically as well, it is antibacterial and antiviral. Sometimes I put neem oil on my genital area.

Oh and one more thing. I have antioxidant powders like wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, camu camu, maqui, maca, acai, lucuma and those are great immunity supporters as well.

I would actually say that this, with clean diet and juicing, could be a way to cure this nasty virus.

The key is to keep the immunity turbo high so it can take care of it. Body heals itself, and with all this, your immunity should be like hercules!

God bless and good luck!

to Freedom (edit)
by: Anonymous

I forgot to mention that I use silver half an hour before first and 2 hours after meal. 4-5 times daily. I use homemade, a lady does it, she has a lot of experience so I don't wanna advise you to make it yourself. but here's the link for good quality silver online:

Olive leaf extract 3 times daily, mostly on empty stomach.

Any questions I'm on or
whatsapp +385 97 7901 815

Reply to Ihopeforthebest
by: Freedom

January 7, 2017
Reply to: IHopeforthebest

Thank you so much for the support and the information. I will have to go by these things. Thank you for the website link as well, the apple cider vinegar seems to be helping, I am on day three now, I poured directly on my lady area and soap and water once a day and re-apply with a cotton ball in the morning when I wake up. The AVC really seems to have calmed my skin down to the point where I'm not losing my mind every day :) I'm starting to feel a little bit more hopeful about life now that I feel somewhat of a difference although it's thing severely when I put it on the infected areas. I have a small bottle of sovereign silver and I take one dropper full in the morning. I'm not sure if that's the same dosage that you use though I might have to buy more to get more dosing - Will post updates as progress or failures happen.

reply to Freedom
by: iHopeForTheBest

^No problem at all honey, we all are here for each other :)

About herpes, HPV, HIV, and all other diseases, no matter if they are STDs, it is important to have alkaline diet/lifestyle cause viruses and bad bacteria can't live there. That is why you could get an outbreak when you start detoxing and doing all this. Virus is trying to escape and looking on surface somebody new to infect. Herpes is virus caused/brought by a parasite that protects him --> I'm not sure if parasite protects it but I am sure that free radicals and heavy metals in our bodies do that job. When you knock out that parasite herpes is convicted to death and our immunity clears all the situation up. (as we keep it high with all I mentioned above in comment)

Hey, you or anybody whoever want, feel free to contact me so we don't spam here too much, unless you have some good info that is not already here, I left my contacts 2-3 comments above :)

admin please help
by: iHopeForTheBest

Admin they stroke again. Please in the name of all of us remove last 2 comments (including this) cause they just spam and lie about herbal doctors who ask for 300$ and more for their "miracle cures".

I offer myself for being admin and I would take care of those comments every day :) if not, I will warn you every time to remove comments.

Thanks again!

by: Birgit

iHopeForTheBest, spammers have been commenting on this and other pages for years. (The HIV page used to be their favourite target, currently it seems to be this one.)
I removed about a dozen of these comments in the last couple of days.
Comments get removed on a near daily basis, but of course not the instant they appear. So occasionally you will see these comments.
Thanks for understanding.

Thanks also for the offer of help.
Notifications are not necessary as the system already notifies me when a new comment is posted. And I do check all of them.

Thanks again for offering. Your concern is much appreciated!

by: iHopeForTheBest

Thanks thanks thanks!
I know they just appear out of nowhere but I am glad that somebody is actually with us here and I wish people from older comments could join us with any update.
I guess we will have to continue with coming here every day to see, as usual :)

Reply to freedom
by: Ankit

It was me who advised urine therapy but I replied to PSIILUVU
since he got his test negative now but was worried about herpes being in pancreas.
This is a shiv theory of going on diet and drinking urine to rejuvenate body parts and it build immune system.
Me here in India started drinking cow urine 4 table spoon twice with water plus wash my genital with urine.
Eat olive Neem leaves directly twice a day mainly empty stomach.
Colloidal silver I am not confident on it since we don't get homemade here as it's very difficult to make or rely on any bottle as it can also give serious side effects also like to much zinc can harm liver or too much of manganese can harm kidney functions.
Thus natural consuming of these minerals say in plant or diet is okay.
Freedom I read your comment, you told that you have strange discharge also I believe it also gives nasty smell too.
If yes than it's not herpes as it can be some yeast infection since it's comman in ladies.
As your burning and itching is concerned burning herpes by avc can give pain on skin.
I recommend take tea tree oil and a carrier oil mix in ratio of
1 to 4.
Apply this oil twice a day in day in night on affected area, u will notice after 5-6 days it will start forming some skin layer on your body, it means it doing its job.

CAUTION - don't wash your genital with urine since I believe u have yeast infection that's why it's below skin not forming any bump.
After 6-7 days you may feel intense itching so just rub some coconut oil and reduce it to one time. If itching gets more better stop it and observe if it' worked or remained on same level.
And yes don't drink urine straight way YOU HAVE LIFE FOR EXPERIMENTS just make sure you eat natural herbs with no side effects.
Make sure you get pure tea tree oil it's in like transparent form like more of weight of water.

by: Freedom

I have tried tea tree oil before, all it does is temporarily relieve some pain and I really don't like the smell of it. It seemed pretty useless to use for me, maybe some people have better results with it. I'm still doing the apple cider vinegar directly on my lady parts every night and sometimes during the day. It hasn't been stinging as much as it first did which I think must be a sign that it's killing something. I've just been recently experiencing more itching in the area than burning pain. The discharge that I have does not have a smell and is coming out of my cervix, it's like a sticky, gooey white substance. My butt cheeks still feel some pain but mostly irritation, it still feels like the entire area is infected, it's driving me pretty crazy. I just really hope it goes away soon, I don't know how much longer I can live like this, it's been months.

Reply to PAINFUL freedom
by: Ankit

Serious I am getting more concerned for you like the situation you are in for being in so much pain.
1.) Make sure that you don't have diabetes, kindly check?
2.) Kindly remember since after herpes you didn't had any unprotected sex or oral sex taken?
3.) Please go to veg diet and fruits diet just search for veg high in lysine than low argrine. Don't eat almonds or peanuts or any kind of nuts, avoid chocolate.
4.) In taking In take have you tried olive leaves to eat raw three leaves three times, if not start with low like 1 leaves three times than go high,
Or taking l lysin with B complex 500mg a day,
Or taking vitamin C chewable 500 mg 4 times a day,
Or red marine algae pills.

If you taking medicine consult doctor might the salt of medicine getting you allergic.
Or any new herb if you taking not suiting you so might put it on hold.


and no any serious itching.
Just giving my experience. I had serious itching but no pain like I wanted to cut that part. I went to lady a normal one she gave me one powder which worked just like tea tree oil but in powder plus she told not use soap till after 1 month from day I get healed.
May you try not to rub any soap or shampoo there for a week or so.
1.) Oregano oil mixed with carrier oil in 1 to 4 ratio
2.) DMSO CREAM WITH H2O2 full detail in YouTube just type "herpes dmso h2o2" in search and a fat guy with red t-shirt comes out go through his video and people comments.
3.) Someone on website recommended OZONE THERAPY related to some sauna and temperature kindly search in Google.
One thing about herpes I am pretty sure is that after first breakout which consist of white infection after that usually they occur in two or three pimple either with or without white infection and it's been 4 years no problem, might be reinfected or something else is disturbing it.
In ladies this OB also happens within lady part.
I advice since white discharge is coming don't wait for any herbal help. Visit doctor and get some test done as it's the matter of cervix which is most sensitive part.
Google supportgroups, you will find me and many others with herpes there also.

To freedom
by: Ankit

In your comments you mentioned about Prevasure.
I went into details of it.
1. Heard positive feedbacks
2. All positive feedbacks where found on yahoo and in year 2012
3. It consist all natural herbs
4. Some people commented that while having, sudden no outbreak but after year or so or when stopped, outbreaks started to happen.
What I basically see is Prevasure might have some super suppressing formula which gives instant relief but later makes habitual of itself. Moreover don't kill and when a human stop pills a flood of herpes which have been due on for long years comes in instant.
Just like a pee either you discharge soon no pressure or you stop it so as long you stop you the more pressure it comes out.

CONCLUSION - I might see that since it's not FDA approved drug they must have put some super suppressing herpes formula in cover of natural herbs to make product sell more.


Thank you for your advice
by: Freedom

Thank you guys for your advice and support - 2012 is the year I was diagnosed with HSV 2. Prevasure I took for one year then stopped because I no longer had any symptoms and for the following years I had no symptoms but then July 2016 is when I got the worst outbreak of my life. I went through divorce and also loss of a job that I had for seven years and I think this is what caused the severe break out - I don't get blisters anymore. I went to the ER twice and they charged me $10,000 putting me on antibiotics which didn't work, doxycycline and Flagyl. I got blood test done, bacterial test done, all of my test came back normal, the doctor said it looks like the herpes infection could be irritating my cervix and pelvis area but there is nothing they can do for me. I am still suffering the entrance to my vagina is the worst, the skin is puffy and inflamed, constantly burning or itching but there are no blisters. I overdid the apple cider vinegar and accidentally burned the entrance to my vagina with it so I have stopped using apple cider vinegar temporarily on the area because it is very acidic, it burned me after I left it on for four hours but I am still drinking apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons a day because I was seeing some positive results at first before I overdid it with the direct on skin contact. I am going to try other things now, today I spent $130 on Kylolic aged garlic extract, Paul D'Arco pills of 500 mg, liquid all of leaf complex 95% oleuropein, Garden of Life brand vaginal care 50 billion, l-lysine 1000mgs, grapefruit seed extract liquid form, turmeric with curcumin 500mg. So I am now taking all of these plus I'm already taking Vit C 500 mgs methyl B-12, zinc, copper 50mgs, and the Prevasure pill twice a day - keeping all of this in mind I also just finished my antibiotic treatment of doxycycline and Flagyl three days ago. I will update you all on if these new treatments work.

by: iHopeForTheBest

Hello and God bless to all good people here who read this! :)

I am very, very, very, very close to a definite and absolute solution for this issue but I don't wanna bother you now with my stages and researches cause I wanna submit my final result. But! If you feel that you need to know where am I at the moment and you think it can help you, feel free to message me if you want on
I'll be happy to help you in your journey.
I am not a doctor, I am just a rambling soul like you are, and I personally think a lot of doctors might learn a lot from me now :)

Anyway, for new readers and for older who forgot, I want you to remember you that I contracted genital herpes around a year and 5 months ago and now I'm wanna update that I almost forgot what an outbreak looks like!

People, one more time God bless to all and keep growing, physically and spiritually.
Much Love, B.

Herpes, neem explained & the best supplements
by: Olive

Hi everyone, I have done extensive research on neem for years, for many important treatments for both humans, plants, dogs, cats and reptiles. Please educate yourself here and read further.

First, it is the neem seed exclusively, though cheap companies will put leaves and stems in their product. Second neem oil is NOT meant for human consumption. It is meant to be put on your body. Neem repels all biting insects. It is used increasingly as a non-toxic for crops. Bugs become infertile, and at all stages, die. They fail to breed. They would rather die than bite the beloved plants they love because it is so bitter.

Second, neem for human consumption, should be by neem supplements or home made neem tea drunk all day long.

I order neem oil by the gallon from a distributor in India. It is organic. I used it to keep bugs out of my reptile room, but must be very careful as it is toxic to insides in oil form and if ingested, reptiles and fish will die.

Oil is meant for humans and dogs/cats. It is the BEST repellent of fleas and eggs. But must rub all over dog/cat face, neck body, work into skin, belly, around genitals, tail and feet legs. And rub on dog beds, your bed, and carpet. Fleas die, infertile. Tick repellent too!!! So put on before hiking on every square inch of yourself, your clothes, hair, shoes, face and skin and your dogs. Yes it has smell. Deal with it!

As for herpes: neem oil on wounds is quite good, rotate with lemon balm salve.

As for supplements: red marine algae (Pure Planet is the only brand that has both algaes in it. Buy at Vitacost, and only both types work), take 3 in am and 3 in pm every day. Lemon balm supplements with NO filler (I use Oregon's Wild Harvest lemon balm), neem supplements with no fillers, I get from India (Organic India-take one twice a daily), vitamin C water drink all day long from Healthforce Superfoods, comes in powder. This is 100% available to your body and a pleasant taste. Mix in 1/2 gallon of water and drink all day long to boost immune system. Now get enough sleep between hours of 10pm and 2pm (when body heals self), it is the only time melatonin needed to boost immune system so if you are missing that window, you are screwing yourself and get 7-8 hrs, eat healthy food, not fried, dark green veggies, lots of water, low stress, breath and meditate, qi gong and AVOID sugar at all costs and you have the very best recipe. Also women, nothing with strong seams around genitals, which irritate.

what is wrong with you???
by: Anonymous

Why are people insisting on ingesting oil??? It does NOT heal herpes!!! The leafs, bark and stems are for internal use and come in capsule form, or you can order leaves and make tea. The OIL is for external use ONLY and is used to rub on the affected area to sooth and expedite healing. Any person on here who tells you to drink neem oil is uneducated. There is NO REASON TO do this. Again, REPEAT, take the neem capsules of bark and leaf, and put oil on skin.

There are two excellent sources for neem to put in mouth: Neem Tree Farm's Six-Way Neem Capsules, and Organic Inida's Neem Capsules.

For the oil, I get a pure neem seed oil with nothing else in it. I import organic neem in a gallon container, since I also use it in my hair, body, face, clothes when hiking, and on dogs and house/floor...

Geranium essential oil works - certified organic only
by: Anonymous

Organic geranium essential oil applied straight onto outbreak, or on skin as soon as there is the tingling sensation works. The oil has a warming sensation, and is hugely effect in stopping an outbreak, or quickly reversing and healing one. Only use quality certified geranium essential oil. Non organic may not be effective, and may contain dangerous solvents or other things added. I've used geranium oil for a repeated outbreak on my lip. It stopped it immediately and healed quickly. After using it, my skin has been healthy & it hasn't returned. Use a few drops straight, a few times a day on the skin. It has a warming sensation, but doesn't burn skin. After that, apply an ointment that contains a mix of menthol & camphor, to protect the skin. Geranium oil alone works, though the menthol & camphor ointment soothes the skin if it is broken and speeds healing of the sore. Bonus is geranium oil smells good.

Help Please
by: Anonymous

Please don't judge...I need help

I think I have had genital herpes for more than a year. The first outbreak I can remember is when I was with my ex. We always had unprotected sex but never when I had an outbreak. We broke up & I was discharged from the military earlier this year. Before getting discharged I got tested for every STD (urine & blood). Everything came back negative. I have had unprotected sex with other women since. Even from my ex to the other women, none have told me they have a disease.

I didn't have sex from July-November (estimates). My last outbreak was in September. It is now December & this outbreak came the day after I had unprotected sex. I had sex with this same girl twice before but protected. I pray that I have not transmitted this disease to her. I went to a VA hospital last night & they drew my blood & took my urine. They give me Acyclovir but I don't want to take it. I have an appointment tomorrow about my test results.

I've read all the comments about what you all did but I need more information. I'm only 23, I haven't told anyone about this. I'm so embarrassed & depressed to tell any of my family fearing how they will look at me. I really don't have money but I want to be cured from this disease. Can someone who is cured please help me. Please.


Should I?
by: Silvers

There has been no outbreak for a while and can go a year or two. I am wondering if you are not experiencing anything try it anyway?

Neem oil
by: Anonymous

Yes, Neem stinks! Yes, Neem tastes disgusting! YES! I love neem oil. I use it several ways, I anoint my head with oil, meaning I insert it into my nostrils and suck it into my nose (like a bad drug habit!) I use it to break down mucus and protect myself from airborne pathogens, it drains back into my throat adding additional protection. I do this daily. Today I had my first herpes outbreak in over two years - on my lip. I put neem on it and YUKK!!! squirted a bunch in my mouth for pulling. I also take neem guard capsules and neem tablets.

Hello HSV 2
by: Green lady

Long story short. I recently contracted HSV 2 (About one month ago) I knew i had it before the doctors believed me.

I began dosing with oil of oregano far before my first outbreak.

Since then, I have been eating a high lysine raw vegan (began alkaline vegan with eating ONLY teff as cooked.. and then adapted to raw vegan diet ( limiting all arginine higher foods including cucumber+ winter squash+ the obvious high arginine foods etc) . I have been applying DMSO and oil of oregano + intervals of colloidial silver acv, and magnesium, hydro peroxide therapy.


1) I oil pull with ozonated coconut oil + colloidial.

2) I tongue scrape.

3) I prep my ozonator ... I ozonate the water for 40 mins.

4) I take stabilized oxygen hydrogen peroxide therapy ( colloidial + aloe + hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade and wait to drink water or food for atleast 50 minutes.

5)I take a bath in salt water w. 3% food grade peroxide.

6)I get out, I pat off excess water.... I spray a combination of magnesium salt, colloidial silver, acv onto my vagina.
I blow dry it in.

7)I apply DMSO in manuka honey + essential oils such as peppermint and teatree ( I do intervals with myrhh)

8) I thoroughly rub my lumbar vertabrae with dmso and 3 drops of oil of oregano.

By that time, ozone water is ready.
8) I then take my first dose of oil of oregano in coconut oil .
9) I take time to rest and integrate that treatment via
pranayama and gentle meditation or laying down.
10) I make a juice (cold pressed) out of greens ( cilantro parsley + specific super food combinations ... like diatamaceous earth + spirulina or other combos)
11) I do gentle yoga + really focus on spinal lifts.
12) I make a smoothie or eat fruits whole, avoiding high arginine fruits ( or only having them every once in a while) I add more specific super foods to this.

I also make the base of the smoothie a tea combo of :

Lemon Balm, Pao Darco, Licorice, Dandelion, Burdock, Nettle, St Johns Wort and Comfrey.

13) I take my probiotic
14) I get my tasks done. ( Work)
15) I make lunch ( raw, and only sauce I use is coconut oil and olive oil with black cumin seed, oil of oregano and nutritional yeast. ) Ive gotten pretty creative with it.
16) I either take L-Lysine + supplements orrrrrrr I take a second hydrogen peroxide treatment ( AN HOUR AFTER EATING) depends.
17) I drink collodial silver throughout the day on emptier stomach. I hold it under tongue for 20 mins if possible.
18) I also drink water with grapefruit seed extract + chlorophyll
19) I tend to take my second dose of oil of oregano under tongue for 10-15 mins
20) Clean dishes blah blah blah.. work flow, food prep for supper.. blah blah
I then digest a bit and then
21) I go to the beach and do a turmeric suppository.
I flip myself upside down ( on a rock) and then I swim in the ocean, dry off and apply salve.

21) Eat supplements with supper if i didnt at lunch : those include l lysine, selenium, zinc
22) more work done...
23) Last treatment of oil of oregano under tongue
24) Last treatment of Colloidial.
25) Drink tea... get work done / study internet for alternative healing treatments...
26) Take final bath with salts + dry off.... apply spray, blow dry, apply salve + spine massage and oil of oregano at base of spine.

This has been my life....


I've been recovering from a highly traumatic abusive relationship trauma from 1 year ago in a small hamlet where he still lives. I basically have felt incredibly isolated by the situation as my body has a huge stress response around him ( went into convulsions last i saw him)

I got this thing from a friend who just decided not to be intimate with me after infecting me.

I've been choosing not to let any of it really get to me... cause stress will ignite this thing.

My first outbreak was more intense than many i've heard of.
My whole nervous system would have convulsions unlike what you could imagine ( shocks throughout whole body).
I have lived a life of constant trauma but have retrained my autonomic nervous system as a yogi over years.
I've also done alot of parasite cleansing for 7 years. That helped.

Long story short. I'm heavily underweight... (now at 98 lbs , 5-9 ) ... thats 40 lbs under the underweight limit for my height.

Since having HSV, I've lost 17 lbs which took me 1 year to gain after the breakup...

I hear great things from this forum about neem seed oil and im interested but wondering what dosage would be like for me as I am small and have a very weak immune system ( strong mind, weak form) ...

Any ideas?

PS. Being raw high lysine no arginine vegan has helped diminish extreme convulsions + lesions , now its just an itch/ feeling of invasion to my spine + tingles.

I'm going to try the neem
by: Green lady

I bought a bottle of neem and will be trying it tonight. Wish me luck. 4 tbl spoons tonight. And 4 tomorrow? Didn't get the gel caps because I heard from this forum that there's greater success without them?

I did it
by: Green Lady

Okay folks, I don't know if anyone is on this anymore or not but I did the treatment.
I did 12 tablespoons straight over 2 days fasting (4 hour intervals). It was pretty full on and I did end up puking and having some crazy vaginal discharge and fever, dizziness etc but now I feel great.

I still have itching and inflammation but the lesions went away and I definitely felt the virus freaking out (tingles and pain in lumbar vertebrae). I will continue with my original protocol after 1 day of fruit fasting (today) and 1 day of eating greens (tomorrow).
So far, no kidney damage, no liver damage and only a feeling of feeling clear.

I hope that this has eradicated a great load of the virus and that eventually I will no longer have any symptoms. Wish me luck!

To GreenLady
by: LifeByDesign

Today is Sept 13 2019.
Hi GreenLady or anyone the tested negative.

Did you have any luck? Just found out I was positive with HSV2 this week. I have been super depressed and lost maybe 10 lbs due to not eating. I feel so disgusting. I just want to feel better at this point. But I’m planning to try this. I hope it went well for you. I have been vegan for almost two years now and know this can be eradicated. I believe my ex passed this to me without saying a word. He has since passed. I’m a little over 100 lbs so 4 tablespoons seems to be a lot at once for me. I may try it over several nights while eating clean.

Wishing everyone negative results! I refuse to listen to the "doctors" that would like to do a pill regimen for the rest of my rest my life. Smh!

Neem oil has worked for me.
by: THB

I've been reading all the posts on here and have another success story, based on what others have done on this network.

I took 1 tablespoon of neem oil, (it said on the bottle not to be ingested). This was on Saturday, at about 2pm. I didn't take it on an empty stomach. The smell was absolutely disgusting, it took some guts to actually swallow the stuff. I immediately felt queasy, and then 3 hours later I took another large tablespoon.

I had to lay down a while, and felt really dizzy. After a while, I got up and went to the loo, and I vomited most of it up. But for the rest of the evening it was still in my system, and I felt absolutely awful. However the tingling feeling had gone by bedtime, there was no visible signs of HSV 2, just a tingling sensation.

The next morning I took 3 capsules of neem oil by Health Aid, little green looking capsules. The HSV 2 sensation was totally gone by lunchtime. That evening I took another 3 capsules. (The thought of swallowing the neat liquid I found abhorrent)

It has also helped lower my diabetes blood sugar levels. It is Monday now, no sign of an outbreak down below at all. I feel normal again. I am also sugar free.
The reason an outbreak was brewing was because the Saturday prior to the first treatment, I had eaten a sweet cake. It took 4 days to feel the tingling, but luckily the neem worked for me. I will now continue to take 6 neem capsules per day, 3 in the morning and 3 at teatime. This stuff works on a sugar free diet.

Query on a possible neem cure for genital herpes 1 NEW
by: Last hope

Hello all, it's been a tough ride for me since may 2021, I contacted herpes 1 but was diagnosed in December after my herpes 2 test returned negative in September, my only symptoms are genital itches and a few pimples that pops up from time to time, no cold sores, I wish I could have a perfect neem oil protocol to help cure my herpes 1.

Hello friends NEW
by: Tracie

Hello friends I'm here to share how a herbalist cured me from genital herpes virus by using his herbal medicine, I thought it was all over until the medical doctor confirmed severally that the virus of 3 years is gone, I have never in my life believed that herpes virus could be cured by herbal medicine. you also try him out' it might as well work for you. reach him today via his website

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