Neem Oil for hair

by Chelsea

I started dying my hair when I was about 12-13, now I am 21 and my hair is pretty darned damaged. I have split ends, it's frizzy and weak with no shine.

My friend started using neem oil on her dogs and it made their fur soft and shiny, so I decided to give it a go. I mixed about a teaspoon with my shampoo (I use about half a palm full) and massaged it all through my hair, especially on my scalp.

I let it sit for about 10 minutes then washed it out and used my conditioner. After getting out of the shower I let my hair dry and was shocked. The split ends are pretty much gone, my hair isn't as frizzy and it's got more shine and bounce in it than before.

I used the 100% neem oil that you get in a nursery and it smells terrible, but after washing it out and everything, my hair didn't smell. I would suggest using it, it works great!

Also after doing this I checked around on the internet to see if anyone else has used it and of course there were others and they had the same results. It is also supposed to help with dry scalp, itchy scalp etc.

So throw out those expensive shampoos and conditioners! You just need some neem oil and nice smelling shampoo.

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Neem oil for hair
by: Birgit

Oh my, thanks for posting this, Chelsea, and so sorry that somehow I managed to miss it!!

My apologies that it took so long to publish your page :-(. I do really appreciate your input. And I am glad to hear you had such great results!

Keep using the neem oil, and not only will it mask the damage that has been done to your hair over time (nothing can truly repair hair once it's been damaged, since it's dead), neem ol will also help your scalp to grow healthy, new hair!

by: Anonymous

It works! Wow what a treat!

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