Neem oil for my kitten's gums

by Jane
(Fort Collins, CO)

I have a kitten with inflamed gums apparently from viral stomatitis. Today a saleswoman at Whole Foods recommended Neem oil saying she uses it on her llamas, but I don't know if she uses it in her llamas' mouths. Doesn't look like your recommend neem oil for what is essentially internal use, but if it is safe, I would like to use the neem oil on my cat's gums to reduce inflammation and for the anti-bacterial properties. What do you think?

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Neem bark or leaf
by: Birgit

Hi Jane,

First, I definitely would NOT use neem oil on your kitten. Cats are very sensitive anyway, kittens even more so. Viral stomatitis? Is the kitten still struggling with it?

Consider where the warnings about using neem oil internally come from: giving neem oil to children with infections had fatal consequences. I talked about this in more detail in response to another question about using neem oil on gums. You may have read that one already.

So, stay away from neem oil.

Have you read the page about the use of neem for gum problems?

Neem has been used for centuries to keep gums and teeth healthy and to prevent and heal inflammations, but not the oil.

If you want to use neem on your kitten then you need to find a way to apply neem leaf or bark (or rather the active ingredients of the leaf or bark) to it's gums. Ideally you would use a gel that contains bark or leaf extract. The problem is that those may be hard to come by.

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