Neem oil for pre cancer cells on face

by Dianne H
(Sedona AZ)

I have a small dot of pre cancer cells on my nose. I had a few others two years ago, and I used the harsh cream the doctor recommended. I really do not want to use the harsh cream again as the cells have reappeared on a new spot. I would like to try the neem oil to see if it will help get rid of these cells. What is your opinion on this?

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Pre cancer cells and neem oil
by: Birgit

Hi Dianne,

I am glad you are asking for an opinion and not for advice, because I am certainly no specialist on cancer.

I do know that some people had amazing results by spot treating precancerous moles with undiluted neem oil. The spots just disappeared.

My opinion is that you cannot directly do any harm by trying it.

But,(and that's a big but) every cancer is different. They are different in how sensitive they are to certain treatments. I suspect that may be true for pre-cancer cells as well.

I am reluctant to ignore the advice given by a doctor unless I have a lot more understanding about a topic than I have about this one.

What if all you do by trying the neem oil is delaying an effective treatment of the spot? How big is the risk?

If the doctor says its fine to treat your spot in a month, and if you have a good reason not to use that harsh cream again, then my opinion is you may as well try the neem oil first.

But I think you should also educate yourself about the risks of delaying the recommended treatment.

Neem and Tea Tree Oil Remedy
by: Anonymous

My daughter made a mixer of neem and tea tree oil that I am trying. I hope it works. The doctor prescribed a medicine that cost $400.00 for a small tube which I can't afford.

by: Anonymous

I had a lump in my breast and the the doctor said I'll have to remove my breast. I did not know but neem was recommended to me. I used it for a few months and then went to another doctor for a second opinion. I was fine and there was no cancer. Thanks to neem. God bless.

I tried it and it seemed to work
by: Iris

I tried it and it worked very well when I applied it once a day for several day sin a row. The spot appeared after I'd used some anti-lice chemicals on my skin while at the same time being in the hot sun day after day until I was burned. A new mole appeared at the scalp line -- big, black and awful-looking. The first day I tried it, the skin below the new "mole" became red and gathered a little, so I squeezed it like a pimple and a little bit came out. The 2nd day, the black "mole" part of the spot became dry and crispy. The 3rd day, the black spot was gone, but the skin underneath it was raised. Two more days and the raised part was smaller than a small pimple and I intend to keep using it. I couldn't believe that it worked so fast.

Keep this in mind. I didn't see a doctor for diagnosis, and I don't intend to see a doctor for follow-up other than maybe the normal blood tests during a routine physical. I will use alternative treatments to be sure that any cancer leftover is gone.

I used alternative treatments to beat cancer years ago and would never do chemo or radiation because I know too much about their treatment rates vs. alternative or doing nothing at all. So you can have regular tests before and after. I didn't, but it's worth a try for such a low-priced item.

Neem and Tea Tree Oil
by: Anonymous

Wow! I just happened on these comments regarding the use of neem oil on pre-cancerous skin conditions, and the one about combining neem and tea tree oil surprised me because that's just what I'm doing!

And in about 4 days there has been a clearing up of the roughness that alerted me to the problem to begin with. I consulted with a dermatologist at Mayo who prescribed that cream (carac) that will be very expensive and take 4 weeks to 'kill' the pre-cancer cells, all the while creating a painful and unsightly wound, but she said I could wait until Fall to do it to minimize the amount of sun I'll be getting (I'm in FL).

That gives me time to see if I can clear it up with the neem and tea tree oils. However, I will not trust that it's gone only if the roughness and slight discoloration has disappeared; I will have it checked again by a dermatologist in a few months.

I just thought it was interesting that somebody else had the idea to try neem and tea tree.

recipe for mixing tea tree oil and neem oil?
by: cindy

Hi, can anyone tell me in what quantities to use as a mixture and treatment for pre cancerous cells?

Treat precanerous spots on scalp
by: Anonymous

I would like to know also what is the right mixture for Neem and Tea Tree as I know that Tea Tree can burn if you don't dilute.

Neem and cocount
by: Anonymous

I just a mix of need and Virgin coconut oil. I use 40ml pure neem and 60ml coconut oil. It works to reduce tumors. Neem is a wonderful healing tree. For internal problems you can make a tea out of 10 neem leaves in hot water, drink the tea and chew the leaves, they are very very bitter though!

Now treating skin cancer successfully NEW
by: Anonymous

I have just begun using neem oil to treat pre-cancers. 63 yrs old blond/blue have had much basal cell/squamous cell cancers. Knowing pre-cancers, I had a scaly spot on the inside of my knee and I scratched it off and it was left with a wound. After applying neem on cotton with tape a mere 3-4 nights, the wound healed beautifully and quickly. The scaly patch did NOT grow back. Using on a rough patch now on my face. Too bad it smells so bad.

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