Neem oil has helped my uncontrollable acne

by Kari H

I am 35 years old and have had acne since age 16 or 17. I have been on everything you can imagine that the pharmaceutical companies off. Differin, Retin-A, all kinds of antibiotics, and lastly Accutane. Accutane helped short term, but two years later my skin was back to being a mess.

I started going for mild chemical peels which made my skin look nice for a about a week. I am now left with horrific and disfiguring pitted scars. I've gone to a few places to discuss laser surgery on the scarring and was basically told that my face was still a mess and I needed to clear it up before considering scar removal as I would only be making new scars.

Made sense, but two places insisted pn Accutane again, something I refuse to do a second time after being left with life altering IBS from the first round I was on.

I started to look into herbs to help my skin. I have had great success in the last year with tea tree oil, but the one downside is that it really dried out my face.

I recently tried neem oil and it's made all of the difference. It is a thick oil that I put on my face at night before bed. I hate the smell and the taste, but what it has done for my complexion has been nothing short of amazing.

I have had horrible cystic acne and the cysts are under the skin. They are not only ugly, but they are incredibly painful, as though I had been burned with a cigarette. Even without looking in a mirror I was constantly reminded of them due to the burning pain.

The neem oil has cleared everything up and has kept me from getting new ones. It's also done a great job keeping my face moisturized.

The other thing I did was changed my makeup, I hadn't realized the one I used had sunscreen in it which aggravates my already broken out skin.

I am beginning to wonder if my acne was fungal in nature and that's why nothing else helped. All I know is I am so thankful I've found neem oil. Now maybe there is hope of me being able to go and have my scars removed with laser. Before it was pretty much hopeless for me. I will post pictures in the near future. I haven't taken any after ones yet.

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Neem finally solves acne problem
by: Birgit

Wow, Kari, that does sound like a small miracle.

I'm stoked to hear that neem could help with your acne. (And that you did not show any sensitivity to the pure neem oil like some people do.)

How did you use it?
by: Anonymous

How should I use the oil? Should I just put it on my face directly at night? Or should I mix it with something else?

My acne-prone, reactive skin loves neem!
by: Anonymous

A few weeks ago, I began applying 1 tsp of powdered neem leaves mixed with castor oil to my face as a mask once a day. The two-minutes-after-I-wash-my-face oiliness was reduced after two days and new pimples haven't formed in two weeks so far.

I have hormonal acne and am prone to clogged pores and blackheads on my cheeks. When the clogs dried out, I extraced them; no new ones yet. The blackheads will have to be taken out professionally. My skin looks smoother, brighter and hyper-pigmentation marks are lighter but this may also be attributed to my regular use of a lactic/glycolic/kojic acid peel.

I added this to an existing regimen in which I wash with black soap mixed with coconut oil and moisturize with a mix of rosehip seed/jasmine/tamanu oils. Rhassoul clay masks used as needed. The use of oils may seem counter-productive, but experimentation is key.

It took one year but I am completely weaned off OTC skincare products. Currently, there are three post-mother nature trouble spots that my neem mixture has kept under control. Hopefully they will be gone by tomorrow morning!

Makeup and Neem
by: Anonymous

Which makeup products are you currently using?
I am definitely buying neem oil! Thank you so much for this suggestion! Please do respond about the makeup products! I really need some new products!

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