Neem oil in ears for vertigo / Meniere's disease

My daughter recently told me she is dropping neem oil down her ear to treat vertigo and/or meniere's. Is there any harm in this? Have you heard of neem being used in this way?

Concerned mother.

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Neem oil for Meniere's disease
by: Birgit

Some people respond to pure neem oil with an allergy like skin reaction. The skin in our ear canals is very delicate and I would only use diluted neem oil for this. (E.g. a 1 in 10 dilution in almond or olive or coconut oil.)

Neem oil does get used in this way for ear infections, but I can't tell you anything about the use for Meniere's disease. This is the first time I heard of it.

I just did some reading about Meniere's, and it appears that it isn't even clear what causes it. Not knowing what causes it it's hard to say if neem oil would help, be neutral, or possibly make things worse. Neem does affect our immune system, and an underlying autoimmune condition is suspected as one possible cause for Meniere's. So there sure could be an interaction, but I can't tell you if it would be positive or not.

Sorry that I can't be of more help with this.

Neem Oil
by: Anonymous

This query is for the lady who is putting drops in her daughter's ears. I want to know if it has helped?

Olive Oil
by: Anonymous

I would use olive oil--its known to be safe.

Neem Oil for winter
by: Asaithambi

My self used pure neem oil, applying inside the ears, with the use of ear buds. First dipped ear buds with neemoil and applying dipped buds inside the ears both sides. This helpfull in morning winter ear pain.

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