Neem oil in vegetable garden

by Johnny Joe
(Central Florida)

I use Neem oil in my veggie garden to prevent pests. Is it OK for the neem oil to get on/in the actual flowers that still need to get pollinated? Can it get on the actual fruits and vegetables? I have been trying hard to only spray the leaves for now. But of course that is hard to do.
Thanks very much.

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Neem in vegetable garden,
by: Birgit

Hi Johnny,

Please do read the page about how neem oil insecticide works. Your questions are all addressed there in detail.
In short, neem is not toxic, so spray it in the evening and morning as to avoid covering beneficial insects in it. (It isn't toxic but it still suffocates them.)

Of course you can spray it on fruit and vegetables. As I said, it's not toxic. And I explain in great detail why on the pages to do with spraying neem in the garden.

Neem oil insecticide
Is it safe to spray neem?

Neem oil vegetable garden
by: Sarah kalis

We have recently sprayed our vegetable garden including our broad beans with neem oil and it has killed them all. :-( Can you suggest what might have gone wrong? :-(

Re What killed my garden?
by: Anonymous

Re What killed my garden?
Something besides the neem oil, provided the application recommendations were followed. Also, never apply using same equipment used to apply herbicides/fertilisers.

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