Neem oil on parasitic skin conditions

I love neem oil... I used cold pressed pure neem oil on my ringworm. It took a little longer than the antifungal cream from the chemist but with persistence it totally cleared.

I used the same oil on a newborn baby's thrush under her arms... the next morning it was heaps better and healed up over a couple of days. So glad!

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Guilt Free Gardener
by: Lauren

My husband and I have our own gardening business. Although everything that I grow at home was managed organically, my customers often needed chemical sprays to keep their landscapes pest and fungus free. I always felt terrible about poisoning their yards especially when I found out the residual and devastating affects that some of the products were having on the honeybee population! Insecticides are so dangerous, but most people don't realize that fungicides are even more so.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered Neem oil! It has worked on all of my pest and fungal problems in the landscape... scale, whitefly, black spot you name it! For the past two years we have used nothing else. I can finally feel good about controlling pests and diseases. The smell has actually grown on me. That is the smell of my honey bees surviving!!

Also I have used it on my dogs for fleas and for a weepy, mangy looking skin condition that my vet could not identify. She warned that it may be a flea allergy response. Luckily, she is very holistic in her approach to medicine and agreed with my choice of using Neem oil in their shampoo and as diluted oil rubs (10 parts oilve oil, 1 part neem oil and one part lavender oil). We decided against using and drugs at that point. The condition completely cleared up within a week.

Thank you for your informative site. I am looking forward to trying some of these recipes!

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