Neem oil on small dogs

How do I use neem oil on small dogs for rash from grass ticks and fleas? Thank you.

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not neem oil
by: Birgit

I would not use neem oil at all on skin that is already that irritated.

I suggest either regular bathing with a mild neem soap or shampoo, neem leaf paste or tincture on the rash (good luck, easier to do that on people than dogs), or maybe a very diluted neem oil spray.

Once the rash is under control and the skin has settled down, then you could use more concentrated oil to deal with remaining fleas or ticks if needed.

(Neem oil works great against fleas, ticks are much harder to get on top of. See previous questions for more info, e.g. Will neem spray kill ticks on my dog?)

by: Anonymous

How do you know the ash is from grass and fleas?
I'm not saying that this isn't possible, it is, however when it comes to allergies, it must be taken seriously.

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