Neem oil (product) for mites in the house?

by Susan

We have recently felt something biting us in the house. We cannot see anything but are pretty sure it is some kind of invisible mite. I have read a lot about treating animals and plants but nothing about spraying furniture, carpeting, the floor or the walls. I would like to use neem but cannot find instructions on mixing for general house spraying.

I am also wondering if it will stain furnishings as it is an oil. Also, how long does it take for the smell to dissipate? Do mites need to ingest it for it to work?

I would appreciate any information you could give me. Thank you.

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House mites don't bite
by: Birgit

Hi Susan,

"I would like to use neem but cannot find instructions on mixing for general house spraying."

Insects are insects, mites are mites etc. It doesn't matter where they are, you still need to add soap to warm water and then neem oil to dissolve the oil.

(I do mention on several pages that any left over solution can be on floor boards, rugs, animal bedding etc. Looks like I need to make that clearer...)

How concentrated you make that neem oil solution depends on what pest you are dealing with and not so much where you spray it.

Since you don't know what you are dealing with I can't say much. Mites are usually easy to deal with, but the kind that bite you don't live invisibly in the house. They live on you. The mites that live in the house don't bite.

And no, they don't need to ingest it. If you read through the neem and scabies pages you will see that the traditional treatment for scabies mites is a neem leaf paste that you put on your skin. It works VERY well.

Fleas and lice also respond very well to neem. But in all those cases the first course of attack is to use neem products on yourself.

"Also, how long does it take for the smell to dissipate?"

It can take a few days. It depends on the nature of the materials you are spraying, the concentration of the neem solution, how often and how much you spray (depends on the kind of bug and severity of the problem), but also what else you do in the house, how big it is, how much air flows through it etc.

Depending on where neem oils come from and how they were processed they will have different smells. You may just have to try it out with a little and see how you and your family copes.

Another option is to use neem leaf extract instead, or neem leaf powder or granules. That does not smell. However, it depends what you are dealing with. If you don't know what bug you are fighting then you don't know where exactly it is hiding.

Continued from above...
by: B.

"I am also wondering if it will stain furnishings as it is an oil."

You are not spraying oil. If you look at the recipes, you are spraying water with a little neem oil added and the neem oil is dissolved with soap, so it isn't oily.

That doesn't mean it can't do harm. But it really depends what you put it on. You know what furniture you have and how delicate or precious it may be. I suggest you do a test application on any piece of furnishing that you are concerned about: on the underside of that expensive carpet, the back of that antique chest, a dark corner of the wall in the pantry...

Anyway, mites don't live on furniture surfaces or walls, so this is not something I would spray anyway. It's more the wooly stuff... If you have some parasite infestation, no matter what it is, you need a targeted approach, not a bit of general house spraying.

I think what you really need to figure out first is what you are dealing with. If it is something that can only survive if it feeds on your blood, then the priority is to protect yourself.

neem powder
by: Anonymous

can you use neem powder and mix a paste to combat scabies?

Neem powder paste for scabies mites
by: Birgit

Yes, you can. But do read through all the neem scabies info here.
Scabies can be a hard one to eradicate, but some readers have been quite successful and there are some good tips for persistent cases.

mites that bite
by: Anonymous

Hi Susan,

We have the same problem in our house for several years. There are some invisible bugs that bite and crawl on your body. It seems that they like to live on your bed and in the blanket. We recently found that having the rooms well lighted would reduce their population so we put large neon light in every room. Sometimes we see gnats flying in the house so I wonder if these biting bugs are actually gnats. Hope someone can help answer our questions.

Bird mites do bite!
by: Kathy

I have an infestation of bird mites in my duplex from a bird nest in the fireplace chimney. Once the birds left, the mites decided to come down the chimney and infiltrate EVERYTHING in my home, including my small dog and I. It is a nightmare! Some of them are microscopic and you can't see them without a microscope but you can feel them crawling up your legs and biting you. I have tried many things to get rid of them but have not been very successful so far. Bought some Neem oil yesterday as it was mentioned at several times as being helpful. I hope this works or I will have to move and send all my furniture to the dump; truly a heartbreaking thought.
by: Karen

Hi all,

Thanks for all your comments. It helps much for people like myself who are suffering with this problem. My problem started 5 months ago and just about drove me crazy. I went to the E.R. and my so called doctor; a dermatologist, just to be told it is all in my head. This is despite the bite areas on my body and hair loss.

Unfortunately for me I am the only person in home affected to this degree. I would like to be able to show my family what I have been dealing with. Do you know of any products to show the mites (neon spray) any ideas on how to treat thousand square foot home with pets?

Best of luck to all of you who are also fighting this!

Bird Mites Are The Worst
by: Terry

Like others, I have been fighting bird mites for almost two months now. I know they are the Red Bird Mite because I had canaries and saw them crawling all over them. And Entomologist confirmed this. So I got rid of the birds and fumigated the house with Nygard/Onslaught.

The Nygard is an IGR which interrupts the life cycle of the mite. However, this is a very slow process. I have had to fumigate twice since then just for periods of relief. Bird mites are a relentless fairly hard to see mite. And their bite can hurt....a lot.

Some people like myself have a strong reaction to them, as does my little dog. My son (fortunately) is not bothered my them. A strong healthy immune system seems to keep them off of you. My immune system is impaired. I am trying to beef it up. In the meantime as the war continues, I have found that Neem oil is a recommended product.

I have not found out how to use it in the home as a spray, but I am going to start using it, along with other essential oils, like peppermint and lavender and put it on my body. I am treating my dog to a very diluted form of Avon Skin so Soft oil which seems to help her a lot. I am now just trying to wait them out as I too can not afford to toss away all of my furniture and move. I have already gotten rid of half of my clothes. So, they do bite. They do affect some humans. And they are a relentless tiresome pest. Bright lights seem to bother them and oils really slow them down. And they don't like menthol.

Good luck to anyone who is dealing with them.

Please help eradicate mites in the house!
by: Anonymous

It does help to read others experiences of this "mite" problem. I started fighting it about 4 years ago. It subsided after using CederCide products, which are expensive. I had the drapes cleaned, the air ducts cleaned and the mattresses professionally sanitized, as well as the carpets cleaned and washing everything in the house. But now the problem is back.

I would like to know if someone knows how to eradicate this stuff for good! How do you use Neem in the house? I've had Clark Pest Control company in several times. They can't even tell me what they found looking at the samples I gave them. One thing was Springtales. Otherwise they want to say it is debris. Well, debris, in the past, never crawled in my hair or made my dog scratch and bite himself.

Does anyone out there have a good step by step solution to eradicate this stuff for good?

Bird mites???
by: Hope

Hi there
I live in South Africa and a year ago I woke up to find black specs coming out of my skin. 10 doctors later (3 of them specialists) cure... I was really battling as were my 2 dogs and cats. We still at times itch like crazy, but I have far fewer lesions on my body and am treating my pets as best possible.
I have however discovered that many people are out there with similar problems, be it springtails, fungi, yeast mites, etc.
Go to (Richard Kuhns).
I ordered his book and keep in contact and receive regular newsletters with tips and updates.
I have been helped to an extent with diet, certain protocols etc. Things are better....still a way to go, but better. I am also going to spray my ceilings, home etc with Neem oil as I believe that the mites may be a vector for other parasites.
I am hoping that eventually life will become that.....Life..... and not existence!

Denatural Alcohol
by: lisa

I have the same problem as everyone else here!:( My husband and son think Im crazy because Im the only one getting bit and my two Boxers! They really start biting at night and look like small black or brown pepper pieces!! I find these things everywhere!!!
They hate Lysol, it kills them on contact. Make sure you buy the name brand and not the off brand though. This will stop them dead in their tracks! Ive also used Bug Stop by Specticide, you can purchase this at Lowes or Home Depot or any hardware NOT!
USE 100 % pure Neem OIL. I was using it last night on my window seal and was amazed how they came popping out. They were invisible to the eye, but when you put the neem on on a cleaning cloth, it brings them out like crazy!! I was AMAZED!!!!!!
It says to dilute in with water, so now thats my next step.
Also they hate denatural alcohol! Spray this alcohol on your bedding and pillows and it brings them out too and kills them instantly!
I spay my bedding every night with it. You can get it in a gallon can at lowes or home depot too and its around $16.00 a gallon. Its 100% alcohol..not the stuff you buy at walmart or these walgreens or CVS's thats only 5 % alcohol! It will not work! Also its a great cleaner, but NOT on any stained wood. IT WILL REMOVE THE STAIN OFF OF ANY WOOD FURNITURE! But will not your sheets or clothing.
I clean my glass top stove with it. Also DAWN DISH LIQUID kills mites. Any kind of mites too! But will dry put your animals hair terribly, so I recommend you not give your animal a bath more than twice a month in it. I bought some oatmeal dog shampoo and added some neem oil into the shampoo for them. Works great and is great for their skin! Pure neem oil also kills the eggs. I really feel for anyone going thru this. We are still going thru it!! And its a nightmare. Starting the diluted 100% neem oil today..please pray for us as I will you all too. This is definitely the worst thing Ive ever encountered! Ive even considered selling my home, but we had it bilt two years ago and I love my home and don't want to get rid of it:(
Good luck all..hope I helped somewhat.
God Bless.

neem oil
by: will

There is definitely a creature out there that bites and seems to elude the doctors. If you have this problem, don't even bother going to see the doctor as they will think you are crazy. Don't give up fighting no matter how frustrating they make u. I have the same problem, and have had it for years. My advice is to pray, meditate to clear and center your mind. Try to stay positive, clean your house and clothing regularly and use neem spray and oil on your body. I have also found out that neem soap also helps. Keep fighting you are not alone and God will help us all. Hopefully someday someone will identify this creature and find a permanent cure for it. Sage smudging has also helped calm the energy in my house. Try it, it works you just have to believe. Good luck in your fight.

by: homelesscat

I have just tried the neem oil, so not sure yet.
I know one thing that works.
it is flea and tick powder. I swept floor and found hundreds out of couch. took them to entomologist and they were just skins.

neem oil, baking soda, salt
by: mitey 1

So, my saga began about three weeks ago. I am not sure what I am dealing with precisely, but believe it is mites of some sort that think I am the most delicious meal ever. I recommend contacting your local vector control office. This has been the only remotely helpful place I have interacted with. Take samples to them and they will look at them under microscopes. The only problem is that a lot of the mites are carrying our skin, so it looks like skin. Kind of like grabbing an ant carrying a crumb of cake. Yeah, my skin cells don't tend to MOVE on their own. Went to three different doctors who only tell me it's not lice. Yeah, no kidding. They then look at me like I am coocoo for cocoa puffs and I'm like, really, yeah, I am just so crazy. Well, it is of course, MAKING me crazy, but I am not imagining it and neither are you.

Okay, done with the rant. So, my advice is to try to beef up your immune system with Vit C, P'de Arco tincture, and use the neem! When I rub the neem on my body I can feel the little white mites/eggs rubbing out and I can see them.

Also, try putting your hair up in a shower cap after covering your head with olive oil laced with neem. It's like a bug bomb for your head. I don't know how long these buggers can hold their breath, but it sure seems like awhile!

Baking soda over the body and then salt seems to do something. This is all very difficult and expensive. I wish us all great luck in the mitey fight!

Cynoff EC Works
by: Anonymous

I've tried everything on the market, and finally found something that kills them in a few weeks.
Cynoff EC works I want to share this with everything because I've been living is misery for over a year.

Deodex mites
by: Anonymous

I've had the same problem for several months and have not been able to get any help from my primary care doctor or two different dermatologists. The name of the mites are deodex. There are two types. Follicullorm and brevis. They live in our skin, but become activated somehow. Can be due to sress or weakened immune system. I'm trying Neem oil myself and taking Borax tablets. I am also taking B complex. This truly is a nightmare. I saw Richard Khuns book and I am thinking of ordering it.

mites on body and in the house.
by: te

I suffered for 1 1/2 years. severe reactions etc. myself and my cat were attacked. no one else in the house were affected!!!! I will advise u to spray the outside of house or building with neem oil. big bottle from HD. Including up and down trees and all over plants and grass. Spray around windows inside and outside of home. and then sprinkle any carpet with borax! leave in. wash clothes in borax and dawn dish soap. ORIGINAL! vac all beds and wash linens in borax and spray with the neem oil. I put it on the beds too!.
Then spray entire landscape with dawn using a hose end sprayer. 2 small bottles should work! wash the animals with the dawn too. keep the Neem on hand. spray garage ,entrances and plants from time to time . didn't hurt anything here!! don't forget the inside of the cars!! I am free. and now ready for the seasonal treatment. because what they thought was in my head turned out to be harvest mite and spider mite infestation outside. some nights they wouldn't start biting until 5-7 hours after walking out in the garage or to the mailbox! 3 am was dinner time for these buggars! fall is treatment time!!! let me know !! I sure hope this helps. Relief took about two days after first treatment!!!

neem soap for humans
by: Anonymous

My dog seems to have mange. I took her to vet and he said he didn't know what it was. She got in my lap and I felt like I had been attacked by something I couldn't see. So I thought they was mites. I used sevin granules on the yard. Sprayed the carpet and her bedding with Neem oil I bought at the seed store, which was used for mites on roses. Mixture was one lid full to quart of water. I also put in some dawn soap and sprayed it with a sprayer you can buy at the dollar stop. Even sprayed the dog, be sure and cover eyes. Try to keep dog from licking, because it can cause them to barf. Done this several times. I also bought so bar neem soap for humans, and took a little dawn and hand soap with neem oil, worked up a lather, and let soak on her for about 20 minutes. I took a towel and dryed her off somewhat, and didn't rinse off. I took bath with neem hand soap and a little dawn. Problem is a lot better and the dog is beginning to get her hair back. Oil doesn't seem to stain carpet. There is some smell until it dries.

Demodex Mites from contact with Rosaecea
by: Dori

If your immune system is low, you can get these mites from someone who has it or Rosacea. I think the reason some in the family don't get it, is the immune system differences. I use products from "Natural Genesis" online which keep it under control, but I am going to try the Neem also, now that I read about it. I take one heaping teaspoon of their "food grade" "Diatomaceous Earth Powder" twice a day in almond milk. It removes the mites from the walls of the internal organs! Yes, they are inside, as well. Dilute their enzyme liquid for bathing, and soak for about half an hour, including hair. Use a small amount for soaking and then washing clothes. Use a strainer on the end of your washers drain hose. You will be amazed at how much clothes fiber and mites you will keep from clogging your drain. There are days when your scalp is especially irritated! I dip my fingertips in straight apple cider vinegar, with the mother, and massage it into the hair roots. It cleanses, stops the itching, and causes the mites to leave.

by: Anonymous

I too recently found mites in the house. I can see mine barely but when a little brown spot is moving up your arm you tend to notice. I've tried orange oil products, lysol, steam, diatomaceous earth, farm & dairy fly spray (worked great but nearly got me too) & shower with tea tree oil & lotioning with Vicks vaporub. The essential oils, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus, camphor & menthol seem to help the most & soothe my skin. Also tucked bounce dryer sheets in the couch, under the mattress, sheets & pillow cases. Second morning without bites. Please be over! Going to buy neem oil as a preventive measure. Traps with 20% neem oil are supposed to eliminate 95% of them.

using neem and tree tree oil in shampoo to kill demodex
by: Jackie Takala

First want to say thank you for this website. Doctors won't talk to me. Thank God I just happened to go to the eye doc who found the demodex in my lashes. I was everywhere on me. But I never knew what it was. Have tried tea tree oil every day for weeks and only temporary relief. After reading half your site I mixed neem oil with the tea tree oil and feel soooo much better. I mixed 2 cups shampoo, 1 teaspoon tea tree oil, 1 tablespoon neem seed oil. Stood in my shower, dry and doused myself from the top of my head to the soles of my feet then lastly very gently did my eyes, making sure not to get into my eyes then sat in my tub for 15 min. I itched and stung for first 5 min. The halleluia it stopped and I feel freedom from the pin prick sensations at last. Waited for 10 more min. I,m going to do this every day if need be till this is over. Taking good vitamins, echinacia and acidophilus to boost my immune system too. God bless us!

Itchiness solutions
by: Carmen

Hi! I used to have allergies when I was young, every 20 days itching in my face. Years passed and when I was 43 years old, I began to suffer from carpal tunnels.

I did a research and every book said that people that have cured from this problem have stopped eating red meat. That was the first thing I did and itchiness stopped. People have also improved their life style: no more sugar, no manufactured products, no canned food, no dairy products, no deli meats which contain nitric acid, no MSG, no sodas. They also began to have fruit and vegetables blended in water and drink it without sugar. Little medicine was needed for inflammation.

Exercise regular and walking at the beach was good, too. Trying to fix family problems that make us depressed is very important. All of the bad factors affect our lives and immune system.

Then simple things like taking aloe vera sometimes, applying 1 table spoon of aloe vera crystal that you have put in ½ cup water without blending it. You can use as a rinse to get ride of dandruff and itchiness in cold weather when the fungus attack due humidity. Aloe Vera can be applied directly to the skin. Aloe Vera mixed with bee honey can be taken internally, but for 3 to 10 days in a row; it is a laxative. (2 tsp crystal with one tsp of honey) or see "Father Romano info about Aloe Vera.

*Applying castor oil for itchiness and even for herpes zoster pain, a miracle oil you buy in the pharmacy as a laxative. Some people ingest 1 tsp dissolved in juice in the morning only for 2 days. I have never drunk it. However, I have used it topically for itchiness. In case of itchiness in genital area first aid: one little of water with a tea spoon of baking soda to wash genital area when it begins. Then, visit an honest Dr. It is very important to visit a gynecologist, he will prescribe antibiotic pills and creams to treat Candida trichomonas, amebas and pylloris. A 7 days treatment is required. Be aware doctors would give medicine for 15 days. Unfortunately you have to ask about this treatment, because no Dr would like to cure you or stop you from losing money. These unicellular microbes are the biggest health problem and the cause of itchiness, acid reflux in men and the problems you describe in this page. If married, treatment has to be for both, and liquor can’t be taken while on treatment. You attack them internally and externally.

Detoxification little by little is important. Neem oil is very good and this site tells you everything about it.

Last advice: Ask
God for health in your yoga or meditations practice if you believe he can help you. Miracles are always happening.

Warning 1: powders can move in the air and can bother the lungs. Also pesticides, fertilizers and root killers for the garden, old paints can deteriorate our health badly.

Warning 2: Some remedies given here I have tried with good results, but you are responsible for doing your research. I am only giving my personal experience that can vary according to medicines you are taking or other factors. My best wishes for the health of the ones I can reach do to inspiration of this page bloogers.

Been bitten... Here's the cure.
by: Anonymous

Hello, I want you all to know there is a cure and you're not crazy.
This is the same if you have mites or scabies or bedbugs. It's not all in your head as these stupid ass so called doctors tell you. When you do find a doctor that actully listens to you all they do is give you a presrcipt for cream meds that don't really work and or a pill. Doctors love throwing pills around. DON'T TAKE THE PILL. The pill is a poison that has to travel through your body before reaching your skin. It won't kill you but it could cause health problems down the road. Anyway, you are being bitten and they are tiny bugs. Here is what you need to do but understand it will take some time. You don't have to throw all your stuff away. Keep all your clothes and your furniture. The only thing you might have to throw away is pillows. If you can't wash a pillow you might have to throw it away if heavily affected by bugs. So step #1 take a nice long hot shower and scrub your skin. Any soap will do. #2 Use fresh aloe juice. That means get an aloe plant, cut the leaves, split the leaves and rub the juice all over your body. Carful not to get any around your eyes if you have bites on your face. Use this all over your body. You don't want these things moving to another part of your body and biting you again. Leave to dry for 12 hours before showering again. #3 After a day or two use tea tree oil all over body. Leave for a couple days before showering again. Repeat this for a couple weeks. #4 The third week use Neem oil for the body. Make sure to use the right kind of neem oil for skin and not just hair. You will only have to use the oil a couple times at this point. #5 Meanwhile while you'r doing this you should wrap your furnitue in tarp that won't rip. Wrap only the big furniture you sit in like sofas, couch, fabric chairs, beds. Leave tarp on for three weeks. Yes it's a pain in the ass but it works. Make sure to duct tape the tarp all the way around edges and under sofas and beds. The idea is to suffocate these little biting bastards. Deprive them of biting you and they will die. #6 Vacuum and clean floors like three times a week for a month. #7 Wash clothes and bedding a lot. Put unused clothes in bags or storage bins for a couple weeks at a time. And #8 use a product called diatomaceous earth around your home. This will kill anything crawing around. If you have pets consult your vet about this before using around home. This is what all worked for me. Good luck people. Remember this will take time. Be patient and keep calm and keep repeating all processes. It will work.

Mites and Bed Bugs
by: Anonymous

CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL BEFORE USING THESE TREATMENTS especially around kids and pets. I have bed bugs and bird mites. I found blood marks on my sheets, and black specks everywhere that bite hard. The dermatologist confirmed that they were bites from an arthropod. However, I could not get a bug sample to satisfy the pest control companies. So I decided to get rid of them myself. I live in an apartment and am not allowed to use a fogger or high heat because of the fire sprinklers which go off at 150-165 degrees. I do not have a washer dryer in my unit, only a laundromat down the hall. So, I threw out my bed and fabric chair. I bought a TWIN Aerobed, a foam pad, twin sheets, and a 16" zippered bedbug cover and pillow cover (Bed Bath and Beyond). I inflated the bed and put the foam pad on, then zipped the cover around them, and put the cover on the pillow. Then I boxed up my things (banker boxes 10 pack at Staples), and heated everything in a bedbug zapper heater, put the boxes into trash bags (Glad drawstring bags Citrus scent), tied and taped them shut (Use Scotch Brand packing tape as other brands don't stick). I heated everything EXCEPT my fine art, antiques and flammables. The stuff I could not heat, I bagged them and sprayed bug spray in the bag and sealed it. I used wide plastic wrap that the movers use to wrap all the furniture shut. I washed/dried and jumbo ziplocked my clothes, and put the hanging clothes in vacuum storage bags and sealed shut. I purchased a weeks worth of easy care clothes (nylon or polyester) and towels from Walmart and Costco and put them in jumbo ziplocks. I bought Arm and Hammer powdered detergent and lots of Borax, plus SayByeBug Exterminator as a miticide additive. I bought Kleen Green enzymes and sulphur soap from Natural Ginesis. I put 1/2 cup of Kleen Green in my bath water and soaked for 30 minutes daily. It makes the itching stop. I also use the sulphur soap, and TheraNeem soap. I like the TheraNeem cream and Neem oil for the sores. I also put 1/4 cup of Kleen Green in 28 oz. of water, and soak my hair in it for 30 minutes while my body is soaking in the tub. It is supposed to dissolve their exoskeletons. I use a timer to make sure I soak 30 minutes. If you have an infestation, you can wear this spray in your hair all day. A few times I used Nix on my hair, but the mites kept coming back. Then I found non-toxic Vamousse at CVS Pharmacy, and Vamousse Gentle Shampoo that keeps the treatment going. I cover my hair at night with a shower cap and wax ear buds to keep them out of my ears (CVS/Walmart). I use Aquaphor ointment on my forehead at the hairline under the shower cap, to slow them from getting in or out of my hair. I put aquaphor ointment on my eyebrows, nose, under nose, and around my mouth. Recently, I used De la Cruz Sulphur Ointment (Walgreens) chest down for 3 days at 1/2 strength. It is 10% sulphur and very strong, so I mixed it 50/50 with unscented body lotion at night for 3 days only, as it dries out your skin. Sulphur ointment is for adults ONLY. DO NOT use on children or pets. In the meantime get an appt. with your MD, and ask for Selenium Sulphate 2.5% sulphur lotion. Use that on your skin undiluted. It is drying also, but it will give you some well needed hours of sleep. IF YOU HAVE A PET, or SENIORS AT HOME 24/7, A GAS STOVE OR GAS WATER HEATER do not use rubbing alcohol as a spray. Use Kleen Green instead. If you have electric stove and water heaters and A/C, close the windows, turn off the A/C, remove living things and spray rubbing alcohol daily on walls, ceilings, baseboards, carpets, non-wood flooring, (marble may not tolerate rubbing alcohol either, you may have to use the Kleen Green instead) covered belongings, counter tops, tub, laundry basket, etc. Careful that you do NOT spray wood, as it will take the finish off. Be sure to turn off the A/C, remove all living beings and leave the house, run your errands, and when you return, open the doors and windows and air it out fully as the fumes are potent. I mix it 80/20, sometimes 90/10 alcohol to water for the apt. For my body spray I mix 2/3 alcohol and 1/3 water, and spritz from head to toe. DO NOT spray neck, face or eyes. Do not saturate your skin. DO NOT spray animals or young children with rubbing alcohol or windex. It burns. I take it the alcohol and water spray bottle wherever I go in the house and car. I spray my car with it, I spray my legs in the car. You may be able to use the 1/4 cup Kleen Green diluted with 28 oz. water a spritzer on kids skin. The kids should do ok with 1/4 cup Kleen Green in the bath tub water, just keep it out of their eyes. CALL NATURAL GINESIS BEFORE USING KLEEN GREEN ON KIDS! After washing clothes on hot cycle, and drying 90-120 minutes on high heat, I bag my clothes and towels in jumbo ziplocks. I use a lint roller (Extra Sticky by Scotch) on washed clothing and throw them in the dryer on hot before putting them on. Apartment dwellers, try the microwave 1.5 minutes for cotton on 8 power, 1.5 to 2 minutes on 10 power for nylon underwear. Make sure the piece of clothing keeps revolving or it will burn. DO NOT WALK AWAY from the microwave while heating clothing!!! I just got Neem oil (Leaf Polish) by Dyna Gro. I used 2 oz. in a 32 oz. bottle, added hot water and 1 teaspoon of Dawn as an emulsifier. Add the water before adding the Dawn or it will foam up too much. Shake mixture and spray everything with a light spray. Window and door jams, porch/deck, fascia on the eaves, baseboards, carpet, etc. I used the straight line spray to do the baseboards at the carpet edge. It was ok on linoleum, but may be too slick on marble flooring. I was vacuuming daily and then tried sprinkling Borax and salt on my carpets, and I was going to leave the Borax on for 3 months. But I vacuumed it up so I could try the Neem spray. I think the Borax did pretty good though. So I will reapply Borax after the Neem dries on the carpet a bit. I am spraying my car with Neem tonight. I also am boosting my immune system by eating 1 raw garlic clove minced in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, and downing with any liquid except milk. I am taking B-Complex, MSM capsules, Spirulina, Super Greens, Turmeric, and Silver Shield (Colloidal Silver). I am avoiding sugar and white starch and yeast. I am feeling a bit better one month into the supplements, and 3 months into the mite problem. I am not cured yet, but I am making headway. This experience is very humbling. It causes you to examine everything about yourself. I even looked at what was bugging me, what trust issues I had, tested my faith, examined my self-doubt,etc. During all of this mayhem, I lost my attachment to my belongings, I lost weight, I lost sleep, I lost money...But I am closer to God, and that is really good. I work on myself with healers whenever I can. After I cry, I lift myself up, I AM DETERMINED, I AM STRONG, I AM DILIGENT, and I AM THOROUGH about spraying and washing daily. I WILL SURVIVE. Oh, and one more thing. Dust mites don't bite, rat/bird mites do bite, scabies mites burrow into the skin and itch madly and they are contagious, demodex mites invade the follicles of the scalp and face. Springtails do bite. Bed Bugs do bite at night, but you don't feel them bite. Mites bite day and night and you feel it. You are not crazy. Take good care of yourself. Build your immune system up. Be careful with your kids and pets. BE CAREFUL trying online concoctions. Bleach should NEVER be mixed with ammonia or Windex or anything else. Clove oil burns. Do not use clove oil in the bathtub. Do not make clove juice out of ground clove - do not apply to your carpet - very toxic and you could end up in the hospital. Do not use straight Listerine on your skin it burns really bad. NEVER use full strength bleach, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, borax, sulphur powder, benzyl benzoate, rubbing alcohol, or Windex on your skin. If you buy sulphur powder - DO NOT light it on fire - it is extremely toxic - and the poison gas will kill you. For an infestation: A bleach bath once a week is ok. Use 1/4 cup bleach to a tub of water for kids, and use 1/4 to 1/2 cup bleach to a tub of water for adults - once a week - and go back to the Kleen Green baths immediately. A 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar by itself in the bath water is good for the skin mantle. Epsom Salts have magnesium sulfate in them and are good before bed as it eases aches and pains and tension. Preserve the acid mantle of your skin as much as possible. The sulphur lotion and ointment will dry your skin so be careful. Read everything you can about the substances you are using. All of them are toxic at some point. Pesticides, miticides, detergents, chemicals, treatments... don't mix anything until you ask professionals online first!!! Read all of the instructions, read them AGAIN, and check them out thoroughly. A lack of sleep makes one do rash things out of desperation. Take a deep breath, and take the time to do it safely. Be determined, be consistent, and it will get better. Hugs! God Bless You!!!

Mites and Bed Bugs
by: KMoore

If you are spraying a Pesticide, wear gloves, a mask and eye glasses, and follow the instructions carefully. Remove humans, pets, plants, birds, and fish. Do not spray human bedding or pet bedding with pesticide. It is preferable to use a non-toxic spray like Kleen Green, diluted rubbing alcohol, steam clean, high heat, or wash with borax to the extent that your furniture can be treated safely. CVS Pharmacy offers a Lice, Bed Bug and Mite Spray which is .5% Permethrin spray for bedding and non-washable furniture. Make sure the spray is completely dry before using the furniture again. Do not spray pesticide on the entirety of your carpet, as it will harm humans and pets. Use only in the corners, cracks, and baseboards. Do not spray pesticide over your head as it will get on your skin. Wash any exposed skin thoroughly. Get plenty of fresh air, remove clothing, and shower after treating with pesticide.

Home Fumigation?
by: Joe

Hi there - I've been infected with bird mites for some time. I've been learning how to get rid of them, but I cannot find a company in my area to fumigate for specifically bird mites. I know this is what I am infested with. Can anyone at least refer me to a professional who has successfully fumigated for mites so that I can make a referral and find out what they used to spray? Thanks!!! Let's all solve this and help others!

Neem Oil Mixture
by: SFC Deployed

I am a deployed soldier and I have been fighting this battle at my home from a distance and it is so disheartening. Due to some very displeasing situations at home, my fiance was forced to leave her residence. I put her in a hotel for two weeks while she was waiting for a new apartment to become available. While she was in the hotel, she complained of feeling like she was being attacked at night. We figured bed bugs. They tend to be a big issue today. 4 days prior to moving in she was allowed to inspect the finished apartment and it was a total dive. The door would fall off the provided fridge, the toilet was inoperable, the kitchen counters had suffered horrible water damage so they were swelling and disgusting. The only option I could see at the time was to allow her to move into my home due to it being vacant. I was just as hesitant as she was. That's a big step and required a lot or praying and trust. Well she moved in... and immediately stated that she felt like she was being attacked by invisible bites (similar to the hotel). We took steps to prevent the bugs from the hotel from following her, like washing clothes, etc. Long story short, while I was away from my home for almost 4 months, something had moved in or I was just never affected by them. She is fighting this battle and I am just doing my best to help her while deployed. Lots of money has been thrown at this problem, pesticides, dehumidifiers, bleach, windex, vinegar, steam cleaning carpets, cleaning gutters and downspouts of possible bird nests, cleaning vinyl siding of possible mold, replaced the cap stone of a fireplace and sprayed the inside of it for possible mold, AC-heating ducts cleaning, I read a lot, try a lot, and hope for the best, I ran across this article ( and the 2nd reply/comment by ( gave suggestions for the mixing of Neem Oil. It was posted 5 weeks ago and might be of some help. I am currently working on trying this as well. Good luck to all of us fighting this issue. I read that mites do not bite, but the burning biting sensation you feel is them expelling their waste on your body. Yeah that's disgusting. Apparently what I have read about why some people are more tasty then others has a lot to do with your diet. I was never affected by these mites or sensation as I have not eaten bread, grains, or any type of granulated sugar for several years. I started to see the results of old age and they were just too hard to overcome with exercise alone. The old adage you can't out train a bad diet has become very real for me, lol... Best wishes to all of you that are suffering from this horrible situation. Sincerely SFC Deployed

mites on humans
by: lana

I have been battling bird mites for 4 years. What really works is sulfur. There are two kinds I know of and use: MSM and the yellow sulfur.
I use MSM in my shampoo and mix it with my lotion. Neem oil I have just added by mixing with the sulfur grease, clove oil and peppermint oil and lavender oil and eucalyptus oil too. The sulfur grease can be found in some stores selling hair products, or online. It is sulfur 8 medicated the original one has mentol which helps.

I have been battling so long because my family did not believe, until it started to affect them eventually. You have to shampoo your hair, eyebrows, ears inside, nose, because they run and hide when they feel the smallest degree of heat. Use hydrogen peroxide in your ears. Get a loaf sponge to scrub your skin to remove them, add MSM to your wash, and soak in neem powder. Use black seed oil in your nose. To wash your clothes I mix borax, baking soda, washing soda, oxide clean laundry stain remover with my soap powder in a 5 gallon bucket. I put a big scoop in my wash then add vinegar, it works. My church had birds nesting in the bell tower a very long time and did not realize this would be a problem.

Bed bugs etc
by: Anonymous

I recently discovered we have bed bugs and found an article of a man who suffered anemia from them sucking his blood. I suffer chronic anemia so I'm hoping getting rid of these suckers along with anything else will help. I found an article on killing bed bugs that said if the item being treated (book, appliance, furniture etc) is placed in a sealed plastic bag with a cloth soaked in neem oil (doesn't need to be 100% oil) after several days all the bugs and eggs will be killed. This could possibly work for all kinds of mites and infestations.

Mites on gerbils
by: Anonymous

Hi there, we have found that our gerbils have mites. And they are coming out of the cage and getting my daughter. How do we use neem to get rid of them? Is it safe to use on gerbils?? Please help!

Rat mites
by: Rob O

We’ve had a problem with rats getting under our house into the crawl space below the floor. My daughter had the same problem. In my home, they were nesting under the bath tub. I've trapped a bunch of them on the side of the house, yet sooner or later I'd hear the rats under the tub again. Just a couple weeks ago I started getting nasty, itchy, maddening, bites on my legs and waste band in particular. I told my daughter about it and that's when I learned that she had the same problem. She told me that she counted 50 nasty bites all over her body. She called in an exterminator and he told her that the problem was rat mites coming up into the house through the floor. Sure enough he found an empty rat nest in the crawl space. He removed it, then sprayed the house and yard and the mites disappeared. As soon as she told me this, I knew instantly that this was the problem in my home as well. She hasn't had a single bite since. Next week the exterminator is coming to my house and I'm hoping for the same results. I'm thinking that perhaps many of you on this forum may have the same problem and my words may help you. God bless us all, this is a nasty problem.

Need help
by: Michael

I don't know what I have, I thought it was bed bugs. I called Pest Control, they say I have bed bugs. I paid to have the house tented, 3 days later come back to the house. I am under attack that night.

I am the only one being attacked, my wife thinks I'm crazy, says I need professional help, it's all in my head blah blah blah. Hurts my feelings, crushes my soul, my spirit. It's been going on for a year. I've spent $34,000, I am flat broke, I am 100% disabled. I use clean green $367 for 5 gallons. I have spent everything, I am disabled, I am alone, everybody thinks I'm crazy. I contemplate suicide.

Now, a year later, my wife is finally being bitten and now she realizes that what I was saying was true all along even though it sounded crazy, but the damage has already been done to our relationship and to our trust and when you tell someone that you love and trust what's going on and they tell you you're crazy and it's all in your head and doctors don't believe you...
I went to the hospital 3 times, they kicked me out, I can't get a doctor to help or nothing because they won't hurt me no more.
Please help.
I am desperate. I don't know what to do. I know I probably shouldn't put my email there but somebody please help me, I don't know how much longer I can take this.

black mould mites
by: brizo

I live in the north east UK. Since I have moved to a bungalow facing allotments (large area for gardeners to have small plots of land ), I am getting mosquito's (not heard of in Britain ) + suddenly these horrible, invisible mites landing on my face. Best answer I have is 'mould mites'. Best way to protect yourself is to bath your exposed skin areas with some warm water + a little bleach... they hate bleach...

@ a Kathy aird bird mites & neem oil
by: Anonymous

Your story w/living in townhouse and birdmites coming down the chimney is my EXACT same experience. I ended up moving as the birds kept rebuilding and nothing kept them away for long. I ended up throwing 3/4 of my possessions away and in the end I discovered KleenGreen by natural genesis. WOW! If I only had known it would have literally saved me several thousand bucks in thrown away stuff and other products. The neem oil just seemed to irritate the bird mites was gen more. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

What I've done
by: Anonymous

Walmart .92 isopropyl alcohol = 91% parts per 100 alcohol. $2.50 for 32 oz; Costco .70 isopropyl alcohol = 70% parts per 100 $3.69 for two 32 oz bottles; dollar stores .50 isopropyl alcohol = 50% alcohol.

My information is that rubbing alcohol kills rat mites on contact and does not stain upholstery. I use disposable plastic gloves and a $33 mask from Amazon when spraying it. If I ever use it on my person I wash it off immediately. It will burn eyes and the fumes are very strong without the mask. Best to check toxicity info on-line.

I also slather on Bronner's peppermint soap and shampoo with it, sold at Costco. Very reasonably priced for 2 large bottles; also can burn eyes and tender body parts and will dry skin.

Study 6-13 day life cycle of rat mites; they bite before moulting and the adult female will bite before she lays up to 100 eggs. You can feel them about to bite, and the itch is infernal. I have found it necessary to have something ready that will kill them instantly when I feel them biting (Home Depot has a good $5 sprayer).

I'm still battling the mites, though I think I'm controlling the population. Pest control companies insist there must still be a rat nest somewhere as I've been bitten by rat mites for 6 months with no rats in sight, and the mites aren't supposed to be able to live this long on a human.

Exclusion is my next big financial outlay. My home is unstandard and I live along a creek, but I've had no problems with rat mites for 50 years. This time the rats were seriously colonizing my home, and I just didn't notice until it was too late. For now, clearing the decks so I can do the maintenance more easily is top priority: Vacuuming with a Shark vacuum (Costco had the Navigator on sale for $130 -- a good purchase.) that won't let the mites out. Call Shark -- They'll explain. When I'm ready to empty it, I dump the debris into a pan of boiling water to kill any mites there and make sure the vac container is totally washed clean in cooler water (it's plastic).

I spray all the floors daily with alcohol. I use .91 for upholstered furniture and .70 for floors WEARING PROFESSIONAL MASK AND GLOVES. The higher alcohol concentration evaporates more quickly; it kills the mites on contact.

They are more active when it's dark, though the only ones I know are there are on me, mostly my scalp and face. I used Victor M144 snap traps to kill 10 rats and then found their nests inside 2 sofas and 2 mattresses. Once they had no rats to feed on, the mites went after me. I'm considering Neem oil as my next step.

neem oil/dust mites
by: amosmilsap

Have been using a spray of one capful of neem oil to 32 oz of neem for about 2 yrs. Put one drop of dishwashing liquid so it will mix better (oil and water). Smells terrible at first, but you get used to it. Can be used on your body and hair. Does not get rid of mites, nothing does except high heat. Hair dryer works ok. I have tried bug bombs, every kind of bug spray, kleen green(works great for dandruff). Neem oil is best I have found and is very cheap. Just get the small bottle 8 oz. of Dyna-gro pure neem oil. It is an organic leaf polish. Yes, use on plant leaves. This is just my opinion. Everyone thinks I use drugs when I talk about dust mites, I have only met one other person with this problem, at least one other person who will talk about it. Dust mites are in every home but for some reason don't seem to bother everyone. Good luck.

Same issue
by: MAD Boston

Thought I was crazy because drs family. Told me it was in my head but there are care reports of bird or rodent mites reproducing on human blood. So I tried for months to capture what was reproducing in my hair and biting me as well. My car is infested as well as dwelling but still could not get a sample. Until one day I was laying down and had a fresh lint roller in hand and got bit. And I had a kids microscope I bought. At 60x magnification there was a red mite, mouth parts and all. Without a microscope you will not be able to see what is plaguing you. The highest magnification my phone would go it just looked like a tiny red dot. I never sent it to a university or anything but still have the sample and have had the problem for a year and a half. If anyone would like to discuss what has and hasn't been effective you can reply on this thread with your email and I'll get back to you. MAD

Now almost 2.5 years dealing with mites
by: Anonymous and Suffering

I was watering my lawn and almost stepped on a dead rat; unknowingly, some of its mites crawled onto my pants and I brought them into my house. The next night I was woken up by what felt like grains of sand being poured onto my face. I have been plagued by mites since. My house became infested before I knew what was happening, same thing at work. I was bitten all day at work, would come home covered in bites. As soon as I got home, I was bitten there too. It was even worse when I got into bed. The bites feel like painful pin pricks. I feel the mites jump onto my skin, run along my skin, then I’m bitten. The bites are either linear or in a triangular shape. The mites are too small for the naked eye.

In almost 2.5 years I’ve tried almost everything, and they have ALL FAILED:
•Green exterminator
•Tea tree oil
•Kleen Green (and the other similar enzyme cleaners)
•Dr. Ben’s Cedarcide Evictor
•ULV fogger
•Peppermint/lavender essential oils
•ZERO, and I mean NO carbs, NO sugar diet
•Daily swimming (2 hours) in chlorinated pool
•UV dust mite vacuum
•and probably a few other things I can’t remember

Sort of helps, but not for long:
•daily vacuuming
•daily swiffering of ceilings, walls, floors
•ozone generator (shock treatments)
•showering 2x a day

Latest things I’m trying:
•Neem oil paste (just started using 3 days ago), seemed to help until today, I was covered in bites, like never before and felt the mites biting me at work.

•pheromones - TBD

•Steri-ban - TBD, I’ll try to follow up later on this.

I have spent thousands of dollars trying to get rid of these horrid mites, left one job with a good income. Moved, and infested my second home and my current workplace. I can’t sit, nor lay down, as soon as I do either, I’m crawled on and bitten. I don’t know what to do at this point.

Bird/rodent/squirrel Mites
by: Anonymous

Seasonal return each September
Skipping the long list of what did not work.

Diatomaceous Earth stops the larger mites which I presume are adults. Live with it. Do not sweep or vacuum unless you re-apply the DE. It should look like there was a minor baking accident with flour that got everywhere. Take the bed apart. Distribute the DE over the box springs more heavily than you would if you were kneading bread dough on a floured countertop. Do this annually.
Again, distribute, as before, the diatomaceous earth heavily, as before, on the mattress. Again, do this at least annually. Place bed linens in a heavy plastic bag with a generous amount of DE — close the bag and shake vigorously. Do this at least once a week.

At the beginning of this "militant campaign" during the first year, hyper-vigilance will show that until the DE works its way through all of the materials you will be sleeping in daily or weekly dusted sheets and blankets. Officials will warn that breathing this dust is harmful to the health of humans. I invite them to live with an annual mite problem before I credit their proscriptions.

In 2020, may it be forever vilified, the MASSIVE fires which came within a few miles of town and persisted for about two weeks drove essentially all wildlife from town. The regular re-infestation of mites expected each September did not arrive. Dec. 23 the mites returned with a vengeance. Overnight I was chewed on to a degree that seemed comparable with three months of the expected attacks, all at once. My room looks like a white duct grenade went off in there.
So much for the adult sized biters!

As for the smaller and presumably juvenile mites, the diatomaceous earth is much less effective. This may be because the DE is not small enough to kill/stop them. Neem seed oil is the thing. Not all neem oil is the same. My guess is the being a natural product it varies by year, locality and producer. Neem SEED oil works the best for me. Unless you drink it with a straw it seems harmless — BUT THERE ARE ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS! So test gently to be sure. Used straight, I like it on my skin. It's a bit heavy for my hair but some folks like it. I add it to a blend of essential oils adapted from online search results because the mites can be managed but they do not stop unless the building burns or similar.

I make a spray: 10 Parts water, 10 Parts neem oil, 1 to 5 parts mild soap as needed. I spray to wet the surface: bed, chair, bathroom, floor, bed-clothes, my underwear, myself after bathing, as needed until I kill or stop that particular wave. Soon more will come in from outside. The mites are seeking me. Clothes not worn recently and put on after bathing are not infested. If I leave for a week — it will take a day for the mites to find me in my home — no pets, no kids, very rare visitors.
I have always attracted spiders, spider-mites, mosquitos, bees, wasps, etc. I am a redhead with acidic skin and my blood type is O, so I have nowhere to run to.

There is another whole discussion for insects and how I kill them. While there are powerful and broad spectrum pesticides on the market, the environmental price is quite high. I limit my regular use to diatomaceous earth, neem seed oil, and a wide variety of conventional essential oils to manage and hold this small part of the planet I stand, sit, or recline on.
In the spring, when the insects return, the mites will go away. It is as if they were taking turns.
I clean like mad but you would never know it. There is rather noticeable white dust everywhere and all the (NO CARPETS or RUGS) floor traffic areas shine with neem oil in the cooler months.
No one will believe you until it happens to them.

Cheyetelliea Mite NEW
by: Barb

We are infested, cant seem to get rid of them, what mixture would you recommend for furniture and rugs?
Not easy to get rid of even though we got rid of our cat, all bedding, throw rug, cleaned every inch of our condo and 2 months later still suffering.

Almost 6 years later…still no relief NEW
by: Anonymous

I naively thought the rat/bird mite onslaught would have gone away by now, but instead I’ve destroyed my body from overuse (cleaning/vacuuming) and standing, my skin from lack of sleep and constant cleaning/rinsing.And still zero help from the grossly ignorant medical community. I’ve had several surgeries due to repetitive use injuries to my hands and feet (standing, they bite less if you walk or stand or just keep moving). There are quite a few studies on pubmed documenting the PRM/D. Gallinae’s ability to reproduce on human blood alone. I have not been able to catch one yet, but very few have, as they are microscopic and very fast. I still feel the pinpricks and they typically bite in a linear or triangular formation. I have thousands of photos. They’re attracted to the carbon dioxide we emit when we breathe, so most of my bites have occurred on my nose.

Don’t waste your money on Kleen Green, cedar oil, nor an ozone generator. DE particles are too big. I’m trying neem oil again, this time my dog is also infested, so I’m even more determined. I’m on home 3, job 3, and have spent tens of thousands of dollars orar I this struggle against the resilient, extremely aggressive red mite.

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