Neem oil worked great for strawberry fungus

I'm a beginning-moderately experienced gardener. I planted about 50 strawberry plants in a variety of containers for myself and my son to munch on, since organic store-bought strawberries are a fortune most of the time and conventional strawberries are highly contaminated with chemicals.

I watered daily since they are in containers and tend to dry out, and for weeks the strawberries rotted before they ripened. My local nursery recommended neem, and with a weekly application the strawberries thrived and were delicious.

Apparently they had a fungal disease which neem handled easily. I used diatomacous earth (sp?) for the little slugs that liked to eat the strawberries, though the beer traps sound good too. I think the neem helped a little with the slugs, probably just drowned them in oily water.

Definitely buy neem oil concentrated and dilute it yourself in spray bottles. It is very cheap that way, very expensive pre-diluted and in fancy packages.

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