Neem on my dog, effects on family

by Casey

If I'm using neem oil in a "bath in bottle" shampoo on my dog on a weekly basis at 2 tablespoons per 17 oz in the entire bottle, will it cause infertility issues to the humans that are constantly in contact with said dog, namely my husband and I?

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Don't drink it
by: Birgit

Hi Casey,

Only if you drink that bottle.

If being in contact with traces of neem oil would cause infertility, that would make it a highly toxic and extremely dangerous substance and there wouldn't be any life left on earth. (Or at least not in India.)

You can use the shampoo on yourself, you can use any neem lotions and potions you like, you can spray your garden and house, just don't drink the stuff.

Internal use of neem products is what may affect a pregnancy. Use, not traces. Using enough so your body notices. So if you are trying to become pregnant, lay off the neem capsules and neem tea etc., and if you want to be extra super safe also avoid neem toothpaste and mouthwash.

Bathing Pets
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't recommend washing your dog weekly.
Fortnightly is fine. There really isn't any need
The reason being, dogs have a natural oil on their skin and if we are washing this off all the time it can lead to skin dryness which can lead to other skin problems.

I can recommend this very good vet which has some excellent resources on skin problems and diet in pets.
Please take the time to read his articles. He also has a Facebook page where he will be happy to answer any questions.

You can start on this link...

Thank you and good luck

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